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Powder Coating Benefits in Car Restoration

Posted on: February 6th, 2017 by byersbushblog

Have you ever tried to powder coat a car that is being restored?  If you haven’t then you may be missing out on something great.  Aside from giving you plenty of color choices, powder coating also offers numerous textures that can virtually match any type of finish that you want.  Regardless of the era, you can be sure that powder coating will deliver a finish that will match the original.  Let’s take a look at the powder coating benefits in car restoration compared to other processes.

Powder Coating

Let’s tackle powder coating first because you may not believe how magical a solution it is.  Visually, powder coating offers an excellent finish that is so durable that it will protect the metal parts from rust.  Less expense on anti-rust treatment is already a plus for you.

Now, what’s the take cost-wise?  Half a pound of powder normally runs at about $7 and the clear coat is priced the same so the total is $14.  That is the baseline for the materials that you will need.  Let us concentrate on this and assume that the cost of labor is the same for all restoration processes.  Cleaning the parts to bare metal will be part of the media blasting that should be covered by the labor.

Applying the powder coat on a clean bare metal, you have to put it in the oven for 20 minutes and allow it to cool down after.  Since we assumed that we would be using clear coat as well, that would be another 22 minutes of baking to completely coat the material.

So, for $14 and 44 minutes of coating, you get a beautiful and durable finish that will stay that way for at least 20 years

2 Parts Automotive Paint

This is an excellent choice if you’re going for an amazing look that is durable.  Rustproofing will also be covered due to the protection from the paint.  Price-wise, it is comparatively more expensive.  A quart or pint of automotive paint will cost you roughly $30.  You will also need to get a harder, which is another $30.

Depending on the type of finish that you want (glossy, semi-glossy, flat) you will need the matching type of clear coat.  Clear coats for automotive paints also require hardeners.  You also would need to spend for the primer.  At this point, the cost of the materials for the restoration is well over $100 for every gloss-level or color you want to use.

Several coats have to be applied and the paint gun requires cleaning in between the coats.  The time you have spent is already far beyond an hour considering that you also need to give the paint time to completely dry up before applying the next coat.

For more than $100 worth of supplies and quite possibly a whole day’s work, powder coating still seems to be the better choice.


Many of us are familiar with plating using materials like cadmium, zinc, nickel, and chrome among others.  If you choose chrome, you can be sure that it is expensive!  So you go down a bit and make use of chrome plating.

You can do the plating yourself with the use of a plating kit or have a plater do it for you.  Using a plater requires that you fill up a minimum order price.  So if the minimum for example is 100 brackets, it does not matter if you have only 1 or 10 brackets, you still pay the minimum price for 100 brackets.  Get the picture?

Durability-wise you have to be aware that the finish will eventually tarnish or get dull.  This means it will not last at least 20 years.  So powder coating still comes out on top.

Spray Painting

This is perhaps the cheapest and easiest option by far.  Will it look good?  Honestly, it will look cheap (just like the price you paid for it) and durability is questionable.  So if you truly value your car and you are serious in restoring it, you wouldn’t even be thinking about this option.

So when it comes to car restoration, there is no better option and value for your money than powder coating.  And when it comes to powder coating, there is no one else to turn to but Byers Bush Powder Coating Inc.  Contact Byers Bush to restore and protect your car parts to be more durable against rust with powder coating.

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