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Powder Coat Your Products for a New Look

Posted on: May 27th, 2015 by byersbushblog

Most people know the benefits of powder coating an item to protect it from weathering and corrosion. What those people often don’t realize is how beneficial the work is visually as well. Not only will powder coated railings, benches and other metallic objects last longer but they will often look better as well.

Choose the Colors You Like

When you are trying to customize items for your business it’s disheartening to only have a few color options to choose from. People notice color almost immediately and one part of branding for a business is matching color patterns of equipment and d├ęcor to business colors. This can be pretty difficult when you are left to purchasing stock equipment. That’s where powder coating really shines.

When you powder coat an item you’ll have a huge list of colors to choose from. This means that you don’t have to compromise on an items looks any longer and instead can enjoy that custom color that you always wanted.

Want a lime green bench? No problem, just get a standard bench and have it changed to the lime green that no manufacturer is willing to offer. That’s the true benefit of custom powder coating services, and many businesses are more than happy to pay a bit extra in order to have it.

Longer Lasting Results than Paint

Many companies that want a custom look resort to paint, and that’s a good short-term tool to getting a customized look. Unfortunately over time paint chips and starts to stop looking so good anymore.

This is much less of an issue with powder coating and that’s why the companies that want a true professional image go with powder coating services instead.

A good powder coat looks fresh and clean for years before it begins to degrade. This will help you keep your brand looking fresh and professional. Chipped paint will only hurt a company image and that’s why it’s better to avoid paint when you can, unless you don’t mind paying for maintenance every few years to keep the look up.

Customize Stock Items

Sometimes it’s too expensive to custom order a bench, a railing or another piece of equipment just to get a custom look on it. Other times there simply isn’t a custom option available that can meet your current timeline or that meets your purpose. In any of these instances it makes a lot of sense to just order a stock item instead. Unfortunately stock items will rarely match your brand and you won’t be the only one to own them either.

When you want to diversify this type of equipment a bit more it makes a lot of sense to pay for a unique powder coating on a standard piece of equipment. This way you still get the same reliability and low price of equipment, but you get a custom look that nobody else will have. You can ask for multiple colors to be applied to different areas of the equipment and often come up with a highly unique piece that will stand out and show off your brand.

Creating a custom look for your company doesn’t have to be pricey and you don’t have to buy custom equipment all the time either. Simply rely on a good quality company, like Byers Bush, to customize the equipment that you already have. They can remove any old paint with sandblasting and then give that equipment a true professional look with powder coating instead. It will cost a bit more upfront, but the results last longer, and will save you money over time.

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