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Powder Coat Your World: Items We Can Finish

Posted on: August 28th, 2014 by byersbushblog

Powder coating is a durable and attractive finish that can be used on an immense number of decorative and functional objects. The only limit to the number of things that we can powder coat is your imagination. In order to stir your imagination and offer some inspirational ideas, we have compiled a list of items that the professional powder coaters and sandblasters at Byers Bush can finish just for you.

Appliances: In the past, washers and dryer and other types of appliances were finished in a porcelain enamel that was easy to chip and damage. Powder coating has made appliances durable and lighter in weight, too. We can easily powder coat vintage appliances to make them look new and modern.

Art: Interior and exterior art pieces are often powder coated to increase durability and to provide interesting textures. Powder coating will protect art pieces from corrosion and damage from the elements. Powder coating also adds a contemporary look to art pieces.

Automotive items: Other than powder coating the entire car body, there are many car and motorcycle parts that can be easily finished. (There are some car makers that are actually testing powder coated finishes on entire car bodies.) These are a few car parts that we can and have powder coated: window trim, valve covers, brake assemblies, bumpers, shock absorbers, windshield wipers, mirror brackets, and trailer hitches.

Boating equipment: Any objects that can corrode, like handrails, ladders, anchors, cleats, and engine parts can be powder coated to help them withstand tough marine conditions. We can also powder coat marine research tools, too.

Construction applications: The architectural industry enjoys adding powder coated finishes to projects. It is common to see powder coating on light poles and fences, as well as guard rails on roads and hiking paths, and on signs and posts, too. In residential projects, powder coated finishes are found on mailboxes, gutters, and satellite dishes, too.

Everyday items: There are several items that you will find in your home that can be powder coated to add to the durability. For example, we proudly extend the life of fitness equipment like golf clubs, bikes, ski poles, and snowmobiles, too. We also will powder coat light fixtures, metal furniture, and metal antiques like old bread boxes. Other household objects that can be powder coated include wheelchairs, animal cages, strong boxes, model railroad parts, fans, fishing lures, pet dishes, hunting chairs, and free weight equipment.

Family treasures: Items that have passed through the hands of generations often begin to rust and deteriorate. We can powder coat special treasure so they can be passed down to new generations and actually used, too. These objects include metal cribs and baby strollers, hand tools, metal cups and spoons, wagons, and toys. Some customers have also asked to have war medals and other memorabilia.

Outdoor accessories: Without powder coating, outdoor accessories have short lifespans. Unless accessories are brought inside each day, they tend breakdown quickly. With powder coating, outdoor lifestyle products will last. Some popular outdoor items that benefit from powder coating include barbecue grills, and garden tools, as well as lawn mowers, garden tillers, patio umbrellas, hammock swings, and residential playground pieces.

Retail and office spaces: Retail fixtures and office necessities benefit from being powder coated. Since powder coating increases the durability of metal items, items that have heavy use will last longer when powder coated. Retail fixtures that are often powder coated include display shelves and clothing racks. Office spaces often have powder coated metal desks and filing cabinets as well as desk accessories that need to be built to last.

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