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Benefits of Powder Coating vs Spray Painting

Posted on: June 30th, 2015 by byersbushblog

When comparing the cost of a good powder coating service to a couple cans of spray paint it can be pretty tempting to go the spray paint route to save money. Unfortunately spray paint simply doesn’t have the professional appeal that a powder coating does, and it doesn’t do its job of protecting the product underneath as well either.

If you are interested in extending the life of your tool, product or equipment for as long as possible it makes sense to go with powder coatings. With such vast price differences between the two options it still makes sense to consider the differences between the two coatings before you make a decision.

Enhanced Flexibility

When you’re trying to protect thinner metal that will flex a bit during use it makes more sense to rely on powder coating, because the finished layer is more flexible. Dry paint tends to crack and can chip when it’s bent too far. This isn’t as likely to happen on a powder coated surface. That means that you can protect those flexible surfaces freely without worry.

Extended Durability

When comparing the outer finish of spray paint and a powder coating the paint is much softer than the coating is. That means it’s easier to scratch and simple impacts can leave scratches and cause major problems. When you’re protecting metal a simple scratch isn’t just a blemish, but a chance for corrosion to seep in and start causing serious damage.

A powder coat stands up to impacts, scrapes and scratches much more effectively than paint does and that’s why it’s the better option for high impact situations that would wear away standard paint quite quickly.

The coating also helps keep corrosion from occurring for a much longer period of time. For the most part that’s because the protective coating lasts longer, but it’s also because a powder coat is thicker than paint and more water resistant overall.

Improved Adhesion

One of the main things that keeps a coating from chipping away is how well it adheres to the surface it’s put over. When an item is powder coated it’s prepared very carefully and often sandblasted to make sure that the maximum level of adhesion occurs.

When you compare a powder coat to a layer of spray paint it’s clear that the powder coat adheres to the surface better. Part of that is because there is more surface preparation that occurs before powder coating occurs, but it’s also just the way that the coating is applied in general.

The enhanced adhesive properties of the coating help keep chipping from occurring more effectively, which results in one solid protective covering on the surface of the object for a longer period of time.

Better for the Environment

The final factor that works in favor of a powder coat finish is that powder coating is a relatively environmentally friendly process. Not as much of the material is wasted because the powder can be collected and reused many times.

The process also doesn’t emit any harmful VOCs or rely on potentially harmful chemicals. That simply isn’t the case for spray painting. Large quantities of VOCs are emitted and a variety of harmful chemicals are used to create the product. Not only is it worse for the environment, but the paint is worse for the applicator of the product as well, which is often the owner.

When you consider all the benefits that Powder Coating has over traditional painting it makes a lot of sense to consider spending the extra money. You’ll likely save money over time and will be able to enjoy a more professional look for years.

If you decide that a powder coat finish is the right option for you, Byers Bush is a reliable company that you can turn to in order to get the job done. The business has a variety of color options available and can create a professional finish each and every time.

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