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Powder Coat Your Vehicles

Posted on: August 28th, 2014 by byersbushblog

Powder coating is not just for fence. Car parts can easily be powder coated and attractive powder coating makes vehicles look fresh and sleek. It does not matter if you have a classic car, huge truck, gas-sipping moped, or a rough and tumble motorcycle. If it has wheels, an engine, and body parts, it can be powder coated.

Here are a few ideas to get your imagination thinking of ways that you can modify your vehicles with powder coating:

Wheels: Powder coated wheels add a modern look to any car, but especially to sports cars and vintage cars. If you have a set of wheels that have a few flaws or you simply want to update, we can make them look like new. When you modify your wheels with powder coating, you keep them out of the landfills or junkyards.

Exhaust systems: If you are involve in a rebuild of a classic car or you want to make your current vehicle stand out from the crowd, powder coating the exhaust system is a unique option. Instead of the typical chrome finish, a black powder coat finish will set your car apart from the rest, especially if you pair the exhaust with black wheels.

Motorcycle parts: Whether you want the frame, exhaust, or wheels, powder coating your motorcycle will certainly turn heads. The fun part of powder coating motorcycle parts is that they can be done an eye-catching colors. Why not add bright red wheels to match a custom paint job? Or striking blue to coordinate with a blue frame? Bring your ideas in and our designers can help you customize your motorcycle.

Bumpers: Pickup truck bumpers last longer when they are powder coated. If you use your truck for business or you regularly move things in and out of your truck, investing in powder coating can make your bumper look good for a long time. At Byers Bush Powder Coating, we can help you keep your bumper looking like new and help your bumper last through a heavy workload.

Luggage racks: Whether you have a classic cycle or an older car with a decorative or functional luggage rack, a little powder coating will help keep it look new and clean. You can add an accent color or choose to match the luggage rack to your wheels and exhaust. If you do use your luggage rack, powder coating will help prevent any damage from the luggage or other items you place on it.

Door handles: An attractive way to increase the value of your car is to color match your door handles to the rest of your car. While many modern cars come standard with matching hardware, older cars usually had chrome door handles. On a restoration project, don’t buy new handles, bring the old ones to Byers Bush so we can clean them up and getting them looking like new.

Logos and name badges: Imagine the front of your classic muscle car with the logo powder coated to your customized color choice. No one will ever wonder what type of car you are driving. If your name badges are chromed and you want to white out or black out your car, we can help you get the look you want.

Small engine: If you have a moped motor or a motorcycle engine that weighs under 400 pounds, we can add powder coated finishing to it. We can bring life back into a tired, dull looking engine and add flash to your moped or cycle.

At Byers Bush, we take great pride in helping our customers get the look they want on their favorite items. Let your imagination flow and bring your ideas to Byers Bush today.

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