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Powder Coat Enhance the Durability of Your Gym Equipments

Posted on: June 25th, 2016 by byersbushblog

Weight plates, benches, and other pieces of gym equipment are constantly beat up and put to hard use. They wear out over time if used regularly and must be replaced with newer pieces one by one.

Buying new weights, benches and other equipment isn’t a welcome expense when each one costs so much, and gyms should look for every way to extend the lifespan of their equipment to reduce costs and improve investments.

Powder Coat Weights

High quality weights not only look nice in a gym, but they offer high level performance as well. It is important to avoid weights that chip or start to fall apart during use. Not only are those weights a safety hazard, but they lower the overall aesthetic appeal of the gym.

Having a set of quality weights custom powder coated to match the colors of your gym is the perfect investment to improve their look while also making them much more durable.

Once coated the weights won’t chip or scuff as easily as they would unprotected. Not only that, but they will be smoother and more comfortable to hold, and more pleasant to use overall. Even lifters that drop the weights regularly aren’t likely to damage the finish severely, and the weights should hold up nicely over time when coated properly.

It is important that you make sure the company that does the coating has the necessary silicone plugs to keep powder off of the inside rings of the weights. If plugs are not used, it’s likely that the weights will no longer slide onto the bars properly, and this can cause serious problems. Always ask the company if they can protect the holes properly, before paying to have the work done.

Protect Metal Benches and Machines

While weight plates are expensive, they aren’t nearly as pricey as all those machines that you have set up. The machines are designed to stand up to heavy use over time, but eventually the paint will begin to wear and they will be more susceptible to rusting, while also not looking as nice as they once did.

Once your equipment starts looking a bit worn out, it’s a good idea to take it apart and to bring it to a company to have it powder coated. You can pick out any colors that you want to have added to the machines, and you’ll enjoy knowing that the equipment is going to last longer and perform better because of your investment.

Not investing in a protective coating for worn equipment means having to replace it instead. When you consider the costs of either of your two options, it just makes sense to make the minor investment on protection rather than getting a new product at your gym.

Refurbish Used Equipment

Another major benefit of protectively coating your equipment is that you can afford to buy used products instead of having to go out and buy everything brand new.

You can save money on equipment needed for the gym, and then hire a company to coat the equipment to the colors that you want. Not only will you save money doing this, but you’ll get custom equipment out of it at the same time.

Once your equipment is powder coated you won’t have to worry about it wearing out as fast. Your customers will enjoy using it more as well. Just be sure that you have the job performed by a reputable company so that you don’t have chunks of the coating falling off just a short time after having the work done.

By making a minor investment today you can improve the quality and the appearance of your equipment for many years to come.

Contact Byers Bush to enhance the durability of your gym equipment and get the benefits of powder coating in fighting against rust attack.

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