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Powder Coat Animal Cages Instead of Using Zinc Cages

Posted on: June 23rd, 2016 by byersbushblog

Whether you are the owner of a kennel, a pet store, or any other business that deals with animals on a regular basis, you probably know just how expensive cages can be to replace.

That is why it is so important to ensure that they last as long as possible. You can do this in two different ways. You can either purchase zinc cages that won’t suffer from corrosion over time from all the moisture that comes with working with animals, or you can go with a powder coated metal.

Many experts decide to go with zinc under the belief that it is either more rugged, or that it looks nicer, but it is shown to wear out faster than properly maintained coated metal, and it can be potentially harmful to the animals as well.

Zinc is Dangerous

Although you may not realize it, Zinc is a dangerous metal for many small animals, but especially for birds. That is because zinc is likely to be ingested by these animals over time, and the metal is known for building up in the body in areas such as the pancreas and the liver.

It is difficult to rid the body of this metal and even small accumulations can grow large enough to be dangerous over time. Birds have been poisoned by zinc in the past, and that is not something that you really want to expose your animals to.

Powder Coated Metal is Durable

A good powder coated metal is likely to be even more durable than zinc bars are over time. That is not because the metal underneath is somehow superior, and it isn’t because the powder coating itself is longer-lasting than zinc is.

It is because you can apply coatings again at a later date. If you apply a powder coating to the cage once every five or ten years, you are looking at a pretty minimal investment, and you will have a more durable enclosure as well.

After just the first or second coating cycle, the powder protected cages will still look like new, and the zinc equipment will be showing signs of age.

Keep them Looking Nice

Powder coated cages are not only healthier for the animals, but they also continue looking nice over time, even when used regularly. While zinc cages slowly begin to look worn out, a cage that is protected by a powder coat can be refinished once again later on and left looking like new once again.

This is especially important in pet stores and other locations where appearance really matters. If you plan on keeping your cages and enclosures over a long period of time, and you should to make the most of your investment, then you need to consider having them coated with a rugged powder instead of relying on exposed zinc.

Buy More Expensive Equipment

When you know that your cages are going to last longer you can spend more money on them. You should have no trouble buying one of the top-end cages that cost two or three times as much as a budget zinc cage would, and still making the most of that investment by protecting the cage over time.

You end up with a superior product that’s more reliable, and you don’t have to spend any more money over the long term than you would have with the lower quality product. That’s the power of relying on protective coatings and properly caring for your cages.

That is also why many owners are beginning to avoid zinc products in favor of safer powder coating procedures that don’t put animals at risk, and offer the opportunity of improved protection over time as well as a better looking setup over time.

Contact Byers Bush to powder coat your animal cages with protective covers that are harmless to animals and ensure your animal cages last longer without rust attack.

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