The PPA 571 coating protect metal fencing from corrosion for 15 years

Plascoat PPA 571 Provides Corrosion Resistance in Harsh Environments

Posted on: December 31st, 2014 by byersbushblog

Whenever you put structures outside there is a problem with corrosion and exposure to the elements over time. Most metal materials rust with enough time, while many woods eventually rot and crumble away. A Plascoat protective coating helps keep corrosion at bay in some of the most extreme and hostile environments.

A Long Lasting Finish

Compared to other surface protectants PPA 571 or Plascoat takes twice as long to abrade and twenty times the standard rate to fade in the sun. This extended life finish helps keep equipment lasting longer and functioning more effectively. That means that products continue to look better over time and you can depend on them for a longer period as well.

Protect Equipment in Damp or Salty Environments

Locations by the sea are some of the harshest for building materials such as fences, lamp posts and railings. They corrode quickly in these areas under normal circumstances, costing quite a bit to maintain in good shape. PPA 571 is one of the few coatings that can be relied upon to keep equipment safe and protected on Marine vessels as well as around sea locations. Plascoat is so effective because it creates an impermeable surface that resists abrading during use. What you end up with is a long-lasting piece of equipment that is very difficult to corrode. It’s used heavily on railings, bridge supports, and on automotive equipment that is going to be in contact with damp conditions on a regular basis.

Bury Pipe with Confidence

There are few areas in the world more difficult to maintain metal in than in underground locations. That’s why many older-style pipes are so susceptible to corrosion problems that have to be repaired. To correct this issue, or solve the problem before it ends up being a major issue add a PPA 571 coating to the pipe before burying it. Pipe coated with this material can last up to 200 years buried down in the damp dirt. That means you can be confident that your pipes won’t spring a leak in the coming decades after completing your installation, and that confidence is worth a lot.

Long Lasting Seating

Stadium seating or bleachers are costly but necessary upgrades that need to be made to football fields and stadiums around the world. Why not protect this investment with a durable treatment process that is going to slow corrosion way down? PPA 571 or Plascoat is nice for bleachers because it improves the grip of the surface while providing a soft and smooth feel that’s enjoyable to sit on. An entire set of bleachers and most of a stadium seat can be protected using this powder-coat product. Then when the snow, rain and ice coat the surface of these structures they will remain in good shape for years, when they otherwise would have to be maintained carefully, or replaced due to heavy corrosion.

Extend the Life of Your Automobile using Plascoat

Few personal possessions take more of a beating than the automobile. It’s driven over damp, snowy and muddy terrain on a daily basis for years, and expected to continue running and to remain in good shape over all this time. Cars and trucks typically rust away before a decade of steady use in some of the harsher sections of the world during use, and that’s no thanks to the protective paint coatings that were applied at the factory. Adding a layer of Plascoat to the underside of your vehicle is a good way to push back the hands of time and beat corrosion. The coating also helps the vehicle withstand rock chips and minor impacts while driving.

If you have any questions about a Plascoat protective coating, or you simply want to learn more about how you can protect some of your own equipment from harsh environments contact Byers Bush. Their experts can help you protect your possessions and keep them looking new for a lot longer.

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