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Should I Paint over a Powder Coating Finish

Posted on: June 28th, 2015 by byersbushblog

Whether you get a new powder coated product in a finish that you don’t like, or some of your powder-coated equipment is getting old and the finish is finally starting to wear, it can be tempting to try to paint over top of the coating as a cheap solution to your problem. While it is possible to paint over the coating you’ll only be weakening the product and leaving it open to potential corrosion or chipping problems later on.

Paint isn’t as Reliable as a Powder Coat

Paint is a protective solution that’s used on a variety of equipment today, but it’s simply not as reliable as protective powder coating is. If you’re removing a perfectly good coating on your equipment to paint it, you are actually making your equipment weaker in the process.

Paint is prone to weathering and chipping much faster than a proper powder coat will. That means you could potentially be taking years off the service life of your equipment when you decide to damage a powder coat in favor of paint.

Sure you could remedy the issue with regular upkeep by adding new layers of paint over time, but that’s more work for you to deal with, and reduces the cost savings that you’ll experience as well.

Doing the Job the Right Way

Paint is cheaper than powder coating, especially when you are adding it to an existing product. That doesn’t mean that paint is the right option.

If you are only trying to protect your equipment for another year or two before replacing it, it may make sense to paint it rather than having a new powder coat applied. But, if you are trying to protect your equipment for many more years of use it’s much more effective to have it powder coated once again.

A skilled company can completely remove the top layer of powder that’s already protecting your item without doing any damage to the underlying equipment. After it’s all cleaned off it can be coated once again with the coating that you prefer. The new protective coating will last much longer than paint will and will likely look more professional as well.

Switching to New Color Finishes

If you decide that the coating you have simply isn’t a color that you enjoy you can easily switch between a variety of different colors at an affordable rate by working with Byers Bush.

They have a wide variety of colors to choose from and you can decide on the one you like the best for your new product before having it applied. Byers Bush can remove the original coating with sandblasting for a clean surface quickly.

After the surface is cleaned off a new coating can be applied to offer maximum protection and a more attractive finish. This service is excellent for rebranding equipment and for adding an exciting new look to your items.

Instead of trying to protect your equipment the cheap way, do yourself a favor and spend the time and money to have it protected the right way. Painting over powder coated equipment is only a short-term solution that isn’t right for most applications.

For slightly more money you can have a new protective coating applied to your equipment that you can be proud of. It will be more reliable and last for a longer period of time, which is a great benefit worth paying for. Consider this the next time that you are thinking about putting a layer of paint over that powder coated item. It may seem like a good idea at first, but most of the time it’s simply not worth it.

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