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Breathe New Life into Your Radiator with Powder Coating

Posted on: May 26th, 2016 by byersbushblog

Radiators are known for lasting for decades upon decades and performing just like new all the while. Unfortunately they don’t look like new throughout all this time. The radiators slowly discolor and rust with time and eventually you get a worn down looking product that isn’t something you’d want to show off to anyone.

That doesn’t mean you have to live with the worn out look or worry about replacing the unit. Instead you can simply refinish your radiator to give it a like-new look once again. Some people resort to painting their radiators, but for many people a good solid powder coating is more reliable overall, and provides longer-lasting protective benefits as well.

Start with a thorough Cleaning

The first step to properly refinishing a solid radiator is with a sandblasting treatment. A large company like Byers Bush can sandblast radiators and apply a powder coat to them once finished. The sandblasting works to remove any rust as well as paint and other coatings long since worn out.

Only after the radiator is down to bare metal can it be properly coated to last. That is why a great deal of care must be taken while going through this process and why you want an expert doing the work. Not only that but blasting a too-thin radiator too harshly can lead to leaks and problems with your unit, and care must be taken.

Choose your Color

When you decide to have your radiator refinished it doesn’t matter whether you decide to go with paint or a powder coating, you get to choose the final color either way. When working with a professional company you will have more than a dozen different colors to pick from, and often many more than that as well.

Choose the one that is going to go with your décor the best, or that is going to blend with your changing needs throughout time. Many people choose to go with a neutral color to keep the radiator looking good for years no matter what the house looks like throughout that time.

Whatever color you decide on, it will be nice to have complete control over the final look and the ability to get a new looking radiator that blends with all your other décor just the way you like.

The Final Coating

After you have chosen the color of your coating and the cleaning process is complete you can have your radiator recoated. This process will likely take a few days to complete and will leave you with a thick protective coating.

The coating helps to smooth out the overall finish of your unit, leaving you with a smooth and like-new finish that you won’t be able to help but admire. The new coating will help fend off rust and should look nice for years to come. A solid powder coating will help protect your unit, but it won’t fix a radiator that isn’t in good shape.

Make sure that you only pay to have this process performed on a reliable unit that can be counted on despite its blemishes. Don’t waste your money trying to improve a radiator that doesn’t perform properly, because there are likely underlying issues that you have to solve first, or problems that simply cannot be fixed.

Once the coating process is complete hook your radiator up and test it once again to be sure that it performs properly. Once you know that it does you can enjoy the new look and the fact that you’ll have an excellent looking product for years to come after the work is complete.

Not only will your radiator look nicer, but it will be more durable and perform just as well as it did before the work was ever completed. That’s something worth getting excited about.

Contact Byers Bush to get the benefits of custom powder coating and make your radiator looks new again without rust attack.

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