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Myths about Powder Coating

Posted on: August 28th, 2014 by byersbushblog

Byers Bush has been in the powder coating industry for four decades and we love to share information about this useful and attractive process. We understand that there are many misconceptions about powder coating and sandblasting along with thermoplastic technology and corrosion protection. Here are some common myths and the actual facts:


Myth: Powder coating is only available in industrial colors and black.

Truth: Powder coating is available in decorative colors, as well as industrial colors, and black. You can choose to have objects powder coated in a glossy or matte finish and you can choose textures, too. You can choose functional finishes that will provide corrosion protection from the elements and from excessive use.


Myth: Powder coating is mostly used to prevent corrosion.

Truth: Powder coating can be used to prevent corrosion, but it can also be used for several other reasons. Many people choose powder coating to decorate outdoor furniture and often, those decorative finishes have a porous powder coating that does not protect from corrosion. You can choose to have powder coated finishes done to the level that provides corrosion protection, but that usually involves two or three extra steps. When you purely need powder coating for corrosion protection, you should ask for a functional finish to avoid the porous decorative finishing materials.


Myth: All powder coating companies provide the same services.

Truth: Byers Bush is a unique powder coating company that has provided services for 40 years. We take pride in our pretreating and coating processes that have kept our customers coming back for more. Our pretreatment processes involve rigid control processes so that the objects we powder coat are handled, masked, and cleaned beyond the standards that our clients’ expectations. Other powder coating companies cut corners, but at Byers Bush, we do not. Our standards separate us from the rest.


Myth: Anyone can powder coat with a kit from a hobby shop.

Truth: This is the truth, but the hobbyist kit will make the powder coating look like it was completed by a hobbyist kit. Professional powder coating and sandblasting use materials and tools that manufactured to strict standards. Our curing ovens are designed just for powder coating and residential convection or conventional ovens will not cure objects at an even level. A $100 powder kit will never produce the results that a $6,000 powder gun and $85,000 oven will. But, we never want to discourage anyone who wants to try powder coating to give it a try!


Myth: Objects can be powder coated in special designs, like flames.

Truth: Powder coating is best done in one color. Because powder coating requires masking, it is not easy to bend the masking materials to get complex designs. It is also difficult to blend different colors into each other. While a painter can blend where colors meet, powder coaters cannot because the different colors have distinct edges due to the thickness of the coating.


Myth: It is possible to powder coat a small part of wheels, like the spokes.

Truth: When car wheels are powder coated, the parts that are not coated need to be masked. When it comes to powder coating just the spokes or another small part, it is difficult to mask the parts that are not supposed to be coated. If the small pieces can be removed from the wheels and then put back in, then it is possible to powder coat smaller parts. If you need too many pieces masked, the price of powder coating wheels is more expensive than buying new wheels. The best option is to have the entire wheel powder coated and when you choose this option, wheels look amazing.

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