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How Metal Sandblasting Services can Improve Restoration Results

Posted on: January 25th, 2015 by byersbushblog

Whether you are restoring a railing, a car part or anything else made of metal, metal sandblasting services can help you achieve higher quality results than many other methods of surface preparation. Sand-blasting is a well-known stripping technique that is useful for removing paints, oils and other materials from the surface of metals.

How Sandblasting Works

When an item is sandblasted, sand is projected over the surface of that item at a high pressure and at a fast rate. That means that a stream of sand is continually rubbing up against the surface of the metal and grinding away the exterior of the material along with any imperfections. After the process is complete the only thing that is left is bare metal that can easily be treated against the elements.

Fully Strip Metal Effectively

This method of stripping metal is useful because it gets every little bit of paint and rust off of the surface. Since fine grains of sand are used there isn’t any section of the material that isn’t abraded in the process. That helps you achieve an even stripped look and helps improve the look of the finished material after all of the coatings have been added to it.

Clean Dirty Materials Quickly

Sometimes metal is just too dirty to clean effectively using most methods. If you have a piece of metal that’s covered in soot, grease, or water deposits you’re better off having it sand blasted clean than trying to wash it by hand. A sand blaster can clean off the material in mere moments and in a few minutes of work leave you with a fresh looking and smooth piece of metal that you can work with on your projects.

Enhanced Durability of Your Project

After metal is stripped down it’s made highly vulnerable. It can rust easily and quickly. That’s why it is so important to cover over the bare metal once again with a new surface protectant such as powder coating or paint. When the surface has been protected once again the surface is safe from rust and corrosion as long as the integrity of that exterior coating remains. The more carefully the metal is cleaned before the coating is applied, the more effective the coating will stick to the metal and stay on during regular use. That’s why so many people decide to have sand blasting performed, because it allows them to treat their product more effectively than they otherwise would be able to.

Fast and Convenient

Metal sandblasting services are usually pretty affordable because they don’t take too long to apply and get good results. Depending on the size of the piece that you need cleaned off, you can expect to have the work done for an affordable rate. The process doesn’t take long and it’s common to get the piece back in just a few days after dropping it off at the shop.

Byers Bush offers a quality sand blasting service that uses a very fine grit sand known as “Ebony grit”. This sand is very effective at removing dirt and grime as well as layers of paint, but it’s so fine that it leaves behind a very smooth and pleasing surface to work with. This makes the final piece of metal easier and more enjoyable to handle, and leaves you with a product that you can treat any way that you like, or have treated by a professional for quality results. Whether you are restoring an old car, or an antique hand rail, sand blasting services can help you get the desired results that you are looking for, without spending a huge amount of time stripping and preparing the surface for that attractive finish that you’ll be showing off for years to come.

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