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How to Maintain Finished Powder Coating to Always Look Good

Posted on: November 19th, 2016 by byersbushblog

Powder coating may just be the best finishing choice you have for all your metal furniture and structures.  Why?  Because this type of finish provides both the visually appeal and durability that you would want, especially for metal furniture that is exposed to the environment.  You also get the bonus of avoiding toxic chemicals that can be dangerous to your health.

But how can you make sure that your powder coating will remain looking great for many years to come?  Consider these maintenance tips to maximize powder coating finish.

Avoiding Damage

How can you avoid damaging the metal coating?  The most common cause of damage to metal coatings is the wear and tear that normally comes with age.  To avoid this and preserve its beautiful appearance, it is suggested to cover the decorative elements in your yard before doing any work like mowing the lawn.

When stacking powder coated lawn chairs, make sure that they are not slammed together.  For tables, avoid dragging and dropping it.  The same goes with deck hand railings, keep them smooth and perfect by ensuring that heavy items are not clinked or dragged along side it.

Protection against the Elements

Even if they are outdoor furniture or structures, this does not mean that they will not be affected by the elements.  Therefore, they should never be left to suffer under ravaging weather no matter how great the powder coating is.

Keep in mind that heavy snow, extreme heat, and even lashing winds will all have a negative impact on the finish of your metal furniture and structures.  Damaging the finish can happen at a single instance or over a prolonged period of exposure.

How can you protect against the elements?  The very basic thing you can do is to cover your deck furniture (including the patio) with strong and weather resistant materials that are designed to minimize the potential exposure to damaging weather.

It does not matter if the furniture is positioned under a covered space or in the open, protecting them is a must.  You can also store the powder coated furniture when extremely harsh weather comes.  The same can be said with other metal structures like metal stairways.

Regular Cleaning

Another important maintenance tip in protecting and maximizing the powder coating finish of metal furniture and structures outdoors is regular cleaning.  It is not enough to ensure that they are stored, covered, or protected against the elements.

Even if the best powder coating service does the job of applying the finish, without proper and regular cleaning, it will eventually fade.  This may sound simple and easy, but quite honestly, how many of us actually do this?

You do not have to contract anyone to do the cleaning, you can do it easily from the comfort of your home.  Start by spraying all the metal objects, furniture, and structures with a hose.  Dilute non-abrasive liquid detergent in warm water and apply it on all metal surfaces using a sponge.  Thoroughly rinse off the mixture with water and allow the metal objects to air dry under the sun or with the use of a clean dry cloth.  Do this regularly as part of your preventive maintenance.

Refinishing the Pieces

No matter how durable and beautiful the finish is, the powder coating will eventually face.  Perhaps you would want to change the color of your metal furniture to better match the outdoor spaces in your home.  What is the best way to deal with these scenarios?  Refinish the metal object by starting with a good sandblasting followed by powder coating and everything will look as good as new.

After knowing these maintenance tips to maximize powder coating finish, it is also good to entrust your metal furniture and structures to a powder coating service that offers substantial warranty on their work.

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