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Find a Large Company to Handle Your Powder Coating Tasks

Posted on: March 22nd, 2016 by byersbushblog

It can be tempting to go with that small powder coating service from down the street. After all they charge low rates and offer quick turnaround times that are not often offered by the larger companies.

These few perks don’t really add up to much though in reality. When you decide to have some of your equipment or a company product powder coated you will want to have the work done by a large company nearly all of the time, for the following reasons; they can handle bulk work better, you will have more color options to pick from, workmanship tends to be better and warranties are more reliable from large shops.

Bulk Work

If you do have bulk work that needs to be taken care of, you will prefer the project handled by a large facility rather than a small one whenever possible. You will enjoy a faster turnaround time and you will likely get a better rate for the work as well. That is because the company has enough workers to take on the bulk project and they are appreciative of all the work that’s now coming their way.

A small shop is likely to be overwhelmed by such a large project and will end up charging you more to get it all done in the timeframe that you are hoping for. You will spend more time waiting for the project to be completed in the end.

Color Choices

It’s better to have more color choices than less when you’re trying to decide what color your equipment or products are going to be. This is one of the best benefits of working with a large company. They tend to keep many more powder colors in stock and have relationships with more suppliers overall.

This means you will have many more color options available to you for similar prices. If you work with a smaller company you will have to special order those other colors and likely pay a bit more for them as well since they aren’t in stock in bulk.

Better Workmanship

The small powder coating shops often have very talented employees who really know what they are doing, but their equipment simply isn’t as good most of the time and this leads to lower quality results in the end.

The best work comes from the best equipment and large companies have it. When you hire a major coating company to take care of work for you, it doesn’t matter if the item you want coated is large or small, there will be equipment to handle the project effectively and to ensure that the results are high quality as well.

More Reliable Work

When you work with a large company they stand behind their products better than the small shops do most of the time. This is because they have a major reputation built up and plenty of workers to help correct any errors that occur during the coating process.

Smaller shops might try to get out of a mistake they make and they might not offer an extended warranty on work, but most large companies do offer these warranties and honor them. Major companies are good to work with for most of your projects and they typically offer good rates on powder coating jobs.

Don’t be misled by the rates quoted by the tiny one man operations or the turnaround times quoted. Most of the time these aren’t realistic, and even if they are you aren’t getting a reliable service that you can count on each time you need work done. Instead you’re getting a provider that will be able to do work when it suits him and when there isn’t already a bunch of work that needs to be done.

Contact Byers Bush, a large powder coating company to handle your project for you and give you the assurance of quality result powder coating with no unexpected charge.

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