The PPA 571 coating protect metal fencing from corrosion for 15 years

Help the Environment While Saving Money with Powder Coating in Hamilton

Posted on: March 16th, 2015 by byersbushblog

When you decide to go with powder coating in Hamilton to protect some of your larger equipment you’re not only going to save money over time, but you will also have a smaller impact on the environment than you would if you used other protective means such as paints or finishes. That’s because powder coating releases fewer harmful particles into the air.

Reducing Your Environmental Impact

Many businesses don’t stop and think about how their actions are affecting the environment, but making some simple changes, such as how you are protecting your equipment, can have a major effect on the environment overall. Liquid paints and protective often release harmful VOCs and fumes into the air. Because of this their use harms the atmosphere while also requiring great amounts of energy in order to exhaust all of the harmful air out of facilities and pump fresh air in. Powder coating does not release these fumes into the air and that means much less air has to be exhausted and treated. That enables the process to be completed using less energy. So on top of keeping harmful fumes out of the air, a powder coating treatment utilizes much less energy as well helping the environment in another way.

Extending Equipment Life

No matter what business you are in there is probably metal equipment that you want to protect and preserve for as long as possible. By having a low cost powder coating treatment added to your most expensive pieces of equipment you can greatly extend the lifespan of that gear and save yourself money by improving your investment. If you live in a humid environment most of your metal equipment probably suffers from rust and corrosion. This is the main killer of metal equipment around the world, and a powder coating treatment in Hamilton is one of the best ways to protect against corrosion available. The treatment can be completed in just a few days and will add years to the life of your equipment.

Not only does this treatment improve the lifespan of your gear, it can also enhance resale value if you ever decide to part with it. A good coating will hide imperfections and make equipment look newer and of a higher quality. All of these factors work in your favour when trying to find a buyer and will ultimately lead to you bringing in a bigger payout most of the time. Then you can put the additional money toward future equipment and enjoy more affordable purchases.

Spending Less on Protection

Powder coating can be applied in a very thin layer, and that means it’s very economical when used on large objects such as long lengths of railing or big pieces of metal machinery. It provides a solid layer of protection that prohibits corrosion from occurring, and you’ll often spend less money to have the coating done than you would with standard liquid paint protection while obtaining a more effective protective layer. The treatment can be completed quickly and easily, but is usually completed in a factory or warehouse so you have to be prepared to transport your equipment to the location.

Powder coating treatments aren’t for everyone and they don’t make sense for every purpose, but when you have expensive metal equipment to protect there aren’t too many other options that can rival the effectiveness of this treatment. Every business owner should at least consider coating their equipment to see how well it works for their needs. Try coating a piece of equipment to see how much longer it remains in good condition. After initial tests most business owners are convinced that powder coating in Hamilton is worth the expense.

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