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Properly Handle Powder Coat Re-application with the Expert

Posted on: August 21st, 2016 by byersbushblog

While powder coating tools, equipment and other materials is an excellent way to protect them against weathering and other harmful environmental conditions, the coating will not last forever.

Eventually it’s going to need to be replaced, and it is important that the task is done properly when the time comes. Unfortunately fully removing an old coating, and then successfully applying another layer isn’t as simple as it might first seem. That is why the task is best left up to professionals that know how to do it properly.

Removing the Coating

The most difficult part of refinishing a coated object is removing the old coating. They are designed to stay on for years and years, and when the time comes to replace that coating there is going to be plenty of it left for you to get rid of.

Unfortunately for whoever is given that task, a powder coat is even more difficult to remove from objects than most paints are. Some people will take them off with sanding or scraping, which is very difficult to do completely, but professionals rely on strong solvents such as acetone to do the job.

These chemicals shouldn’t be used by those without the proper training, or they could be harmful. Working without the proper safety equipment or in the wrong environment could create very dangerous conditions for everyone involved. That’s another excellent reason to go with a skilled company that knows how to get the job done properly.

Applying a Fresh Coat

If you have applied a powder coat in the past you know how difficult it is to do the job properly. Not only does it take a great amount of time to prepare the surface of the material for a proper application, but special equipment is necessary to apply a coating that is going to be complete and that is going to last for years after the initial application.

In order to do this job properly you will need a large enough oven to heat up the parts to create the finished coating. You will also need experience running such equipment and doing the job in order for it to turn out properly. This all takes time and money, something that most companies aren’t interested in wasting. That’s why it makes sense to rely on professionals to do the work for you.

Staying Safe

In order to effectively pull off an older powder coat and put a new one on, you need plenty of safety equipment and training. There is always going to be some risk of exposure to harmful chemicals or dangers like burns, but those things can be avoided with safety equipment like gloves, and the right indoor and outdoor conditions.

That’s why so many businesses are capable of offering powder coat services, but they invest a significant amount in order to make sure the job gets done safely and completely. If you can’t afford to do the same, it makes sense to pay the pros to do the job and to keep yourself safe in the process.

There are plenty of businesses like Byers Bush that can take on this sort of work for you. They will save you money while helping you stay safe in the process of restoring your tools and equipment back to like new conditions.

Sure you will spend a bit more on professionals than you would do the projects yourself, but only over the long-term. Small or short-term projects are usually more affordable when hired out to pros than when they are tackled without the proper tools or equipment to do the job properly. That’s why you should rely on professionals and save yourself the trouble.


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