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Going Green: Powder Coating and the Environment

Posted on: August 28th, 2014 by byersbushblog

Being environmentally friendly is an important part of our business. For 40 years, Byers Bush has built a strong commitment to our customers and to the environment as well. Powder coating is a choice alternative to traditional painting and the latest trends in powder coating are continuing to develop more environmentally friendly materials and methods which make it a greener process than liquid painting.

Powder coating includes paint in an electrically charged powder form that is sprayed on and cured in a large oven. The powder melts and the polymers in the paint create a smooth finish that lasts. The fact that powder coated finishes require very little maintenance is one reason why it is an environmentally friendly finish.

There are several other reasons why powder coating is a green finish:

1. There are no VOCs in powder coating. VOC stands for volatile organic compounds and they exist in liquid paints. VOCs are responsible for creating smog – especially the ones that come from car exhausts, about 15% of emissions from VOCs come from paints and other solvent coatings. VOCs are dangerous to human health because they release vapor at room-temperature, which makes them prolific in the environment.

2. Powder coating is free of solvents. Without solvents, fire risk is reduced and waste is reduced, too. When metals are powder coated, they can be recycled much easier than metals that are recycled because the powder is recyclable.

3. Powder coating has less waste and any other type of finishing. Because powder coating is usually done in a closed setting, it produces significantly less waste. Studies show that less than 1% of powder coating is wasted. This is a small fraction when compared to liquid finishes, that have a much larger percentage of wasted product. Powder coating also is free of heavy metals as well as carcinogens; so unlike other finishing processes, powder coating does not play a role in creating cancerous cells. The process of powder coating does not produce any by-products, either.

4. Powder coating is easy to recycle due to affordable extraction systems that remove extra powder to be used in other projects. Liquid paints cannot be extracted and recycled – which is why there is so much waste in liquid paints. By recycling powder in the closed systems, powder does not end up in groundwater or in public waterways.

5. Liquid coating requires more time and energy to process and cure. Powder coating moves into and out of the oven rather quickly. This results in requiring less space for powder coating processes, which results in the need for less space to be heated and cooled, cleaned, and maintained. The fact that powder coating is more durable that liquid coatings makes it less expensive, too. The process of powder coating usually can be completed in sixty minutes and in most cases, only one coat is required. Liquid coatings require several coats with several hours of drying time in between each coat. Time is a raw material that many people enjoy saving.

6. Powder coating uses fewer hazardous materials than liquid painting. Powder washes off so it does not ruin clothes or require any special clothing to be purchased.

7. With the latest research, the materials that are used in powder coating require a low temperature, which ultimately uses less energy.

8. The latest powder coatings have better resistance to the elements and to chemicals, too. This results in lower costs, especially when it comes to transportation and storage expenses. Many powder coating processes will last for up to 20 years, which means that no extra energy will have to be expended for that entire time!

Why would you choose any other finishing product when powder coating is only eco-friendly and affordable option? Contact Byers Bush today to talk about the options for you powder coating projects.

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