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Giving New Look To Your Kitchen Sink With Powder Coating

Posted on: April 25th, 2017 by byersbushblog

Do you have an old kitchen sink that you want to refinish? Are you aware that there are other options than simply top coating your old kitchen sink? If you have not considered it yet, powder coating is an extremely viable solution to restoring the beauty of your old and possibly stained kitchen sink. To ensure that the refinish is done properly, powder coating kitchen sink should be done by a professional. Take a look and explore this possibility.

Powder Coating Finish

The reality is that simply applying a top coat to refinish an old kitchen sink will not work. The top coat is a softer type of coating that will not last much when subjected to the bump and grind of daily kitchen work. So you need to explore better alternatives so you don’t end up wasting your money.

A kitchen sink makes use of the same type of coat that you see in an enameled steel bathtub. This type of coating is known as porcelain enamel, which is a type of powder coating. Surprised? This process allows the powder coating to be melted into the steel so it comes out as an extremely hard finish that is air dried. It is similar to moisture cure polyurethane paints or epoxy paint that delivers the hardest type of coating. This is why powder coating finish is a good choice for refinishing your old sink.

If you pursue the top coat route, yes the sink will have that great new look for a while, but you will have to refinish it again after a short while since the coat will simply not be hard and durable enough. Powder coating kitchen sink is the way to go.

The Technology

When it comes to powder coating, the existing technology will involve the electrostatically spray painting process. This means a combination of electrically charged plastic resins and colored pigments that are sprayed on an object surface that has an opposite charge.

The plastic resins and pigments will mostly attach to the surface of the object to create the thinnest possible coating layer. The highest electrical charge will be used to ensure that the sprayed particles will be attracted to the surface. This will result in an extremely uniform coating surface over the target object.

The coated object will then undergo a heating process until all of the plastic resins are melted and fused together. The colored pigment particles will remain suspended within the molten plastic. As the coated object begins to cool down, the plastic will be begin to solidify. You will then get a powder coat that is at least 3 times harder and stronger than any air dried epoxy paint coating.

Different Coatings

Is there any difference between powder coating, ceramic coating, and porcelain enamels? The main difference among all of these coating types is just the temperature used for baking the coating. When it comes to baking coating, the general rule is that the higher the temperature, the harder and more durable the coating becomes.

In an average home, the hardest coating may be the ceramic coating that is found in your oven. This special form of powder coating is baked at 1300 degrees just like porcelain enamels. Standard powder coating is baked at around 350 to 400 degrees while porcelain enamels are baked anywhere from 700 to 900 degrees. To apply ceramic coating on large objects like kitchen sinks you will need a huge high temperature oven, which can be quite expensive.

Powder coating technology has gone a long way since it started. The technology now even allows powder coating on non-metallic objects like wood. And this has just contributed to the increased preference and popularity of powder coating.

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