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Extending the Life Value of Golf Chart with Powder Coating

Posted on: March 20th, 2016 by byersbushblog

Golf carts are expensive and in northern climates or out by the sea, they tend to wear out faster than they would down south and inland. That is because there is more salt exposure, more moisture, and just a better environment for rust to form.

If your country club or general golfing facility is suffering from rusty golf carts and short lifespan, it might make sense to look into powder coating treatments to take care of this issue before the next round of replacements has to be made.

Coating New Equipment

A great way to extend the lifespan of golf carts is to have them all powder coated before you even start letting customers make use of them. Have the carts coated right after you get your hands on them and the frames will last years longer than they otherwise would.

Coating new equipment is often a hassle though, because the existing paint must be removed in order to make the application possible. That is why many people prefer to wait until after the carts are aged a few years and then have a powder coating applied, so they can take advantage of that paint coating until it begins to wear.

Coating Old Equipment

It really makes a lot of sense to spend money having older golf carts protectively coated before they begin to rust heavily and wear out. Any carts that suffer from chipping paint and a generally worn out look should be given a protective coating to extend their lifespan out.

These carts will be stripped of all paint and then coated with the color of your choice. After the coating they are put back together and benefit from a new and improved appearance. Simply having a powder coat put onto golf carts will make them look like new in many instances while helping to fend off rust and corrosion for many more years.

The trick to getting the most of your money is to carefully choose the right time to apply the coating; right after the old paint coat is beginning to fail.

Changing the Color to a Custom Scheme

It is expensive to pay for custom painted golf carts straight from the factory and it’s often much more affordable to simply have carts recoated later on to meet the color scheme you desire instead. If you were hoping to get all of your carts and equipment to look the same, and to match the color of your club it might make sense to have them professionally coated.

When you do that you will have complete control over the color of all the pieces of each cart and that makes it possible to achieve some pretty high quality custom looks that you won’t find from companies selling carts.

You will spend a bit more money by protectively coating all the equipment that you get at your club, but by doing so you also prolong the lifespan of your equipment so that you can enjoy it for many more years.

You should expect to double the lifespan of your equipment with a simple coating, even adding five or ten years onto a cart’s life, it would be more valuable than just justify the price of powder coating. You need to stop and consider how much your company spends on each cart every year without the protection of powder coating and compare it with the protection of powder coating gives.

Before you invest in a new round of golf carts, take a look at the current equipment you have and consider whether or not you could just have the existing carts recoated and continue using them for longer. You might realize just how much you could really be savings with the right protective coating service.

Contact Byers Bush to get the protective powder coating for your company golf charts and customize it to your company liking. With powder coating you can ensure to extend your golf chart life value and save more money for your company.

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