The PPA 571 coating protect metal fencing from corrosion for 15 years

Extending the Life of Outdoor Equipments with Plascoat PPA 571

Posted on: August 25th, 2016 by byersbushblog

Many companies that pay to have equipment powder coated don’t realize that there is more than one coating option to choose from. Some professional coaters just recommend a specific product for the task, without talking about all the other options available.

While a standard protective coating is probably fine for outdoor equipment in low moisture climates, or locations far from the beach or snowy conditions, it is important to get something a bit more durable when rusting is common in your location.

That is why you should consider a metal corrosion prevention coating for your outdoor equipment if you want the highest level of protection.

What is a Metal Corrosion Prevention Coating?

A good metal corrosion prevention coating like Plascoat PPA 571 is highly resistant to moisture, UV radiation and salt water. The very best coatings are tested against severe temperatures and moisture conditions to see how well they stand up over time.

These coatings are the ones marketed to businesses in harsh environments and the ones that companies are glad they went with. Sure they cost a bit more money than a generic coating does, but they will last substantially longer as well, making them the cheaper investment.

Fends off Rust Longer

When you compare outdoor railings and other pieces of equipment that are subjected to salt water spray, or similar harsh conditions, there is a clear difference between products coated with a generic coating and products protected by Plascoat PPA 571. After years of sitting the generic coating almost always lets moisture through and rust results.

You will have to have the items stripped back down and re-coated once again after several years of use to ensure that it stays in one piece. That often isn’t necessary with the higher level of protection offered by a proven corrosion prevention coating.

Holds up to Stone Chips

In automotive or ATV applications it’s important that the protective coating can stand up to stone chipping without an issue. There are going to be lots of flying rocks and harsh debris flying at the protective layer. When that happens you need a surface that’s going to hold up to the ambush and keep functioning properly.

That is why PPA 571 is a good option. It’s put through stone chip testing to ensure that it’s hard enough to stand up to most flying rocks, sand and other debris that would be encountered during use. Sure eventually it will wear away, and a large enough flying object can potentially crack it, but it will take a lot of pressure and wear to get through the layer, offering you excellent protection along the way.


While you may not be too concerned about whether or not the coating can be washed off if you are using it on the bottom of your ATV, if you are protecting a fence or railing you’ll want to be able to keep it nice and clean.

A good smooth finished coating should wipe right off, and any graffiti should come off as well. That means that you’ll be able to keep things looking fresh and new, even if someone else decides to tamper with your equipment.

When you want the maximum level of protection for your equipment, it makes sense to pay a bit more to gain access to this highly rated product. Plascoat PPA 571 is known for holding up against salt water, rock chips and harsh temperatures that other coatings simply can’t handle.

If you know your equipment is going to be facing those kinds of conditions, do yourself a favor and get the better coating right away, so you aren’t paying for it on top of the original coating later on down the road when the first fails.

Contact Byers Bush to get your outdoor equipments professionally powder coated with Plascoat PPA 571, the most durable coating materials in preventing corrosion and extending your equipments’ life.

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