The PPA 571 coating protect metal fencing from corrosion for 15 years

Extend the Life of Your Properties with Powder Coating

Posted on: April 22nd, 2015 by byersbushblog

Whether you rent out apartment buildings, single family homes or business properties there’s a good chance that you have metallic decks, railings and other surfaces exposed to the elements. All of this equipment has to be replaced on a regular basis because of corrosion and wear.

A good way to reduce this expense is to protect those materials with a layer of powder coating. Sure you’ll spend a bit more money initially to have the equipment protected. But the added years of operation of your railings, window and door frames, or outdoor benches and park equipment will save you money over time.

Extended Use

Each time that you have to replace equipment, appliances and materials in your rental property you are losing out on valuable profit that you could be using to invest in something else. By figuring out ways to extend that equipment, through regular maintenance and protective coatings, you can generate as much profit as possible out of your properties.

It might not seem like much to replace a few railings every couple years, but the costs add up over time, especially when you have more than one property to deal with or multiple family homes to maintain.

A good protective coating can add as much as 10 to 15 years to the life of your equipment. That might mean doubling or tripling the life of your railings and outdoor equipment in more moist locations. While you’ll spend a bit more in the beginning, it’s easy to see how you would end up saving a lot over time.

Improved Look

When you’re in the business of renting out properties appearances are everything. If your homes look polished and clean they will have more interested buyers.

One of the easiest ways to turn off new buyers is to have a rusty railing out front up the stairs to get into your home. This shows that you don’t maintain your properties well, and that other problems are likely present throughout the home.

By protecting any exposed metal with an attractive protective coating you can customize the home any way that you like and give it a clean and polished look.

When visitors see the level of work that you put into protecting just the simple railings out front of your property they will assume that you take care of everything and that your property is in great condition. Of course you’ll have to maintain the rest of the building as well to keep that idea going, but the point is that you have to get the exterior look right as well as the interior if you want to get as many tenets as possible.

Getting the Work Done

If you decide that you would like to have your properties protected against corrosion the best thing you can do is wait until you’re purchasing new equipment and pay a bit extra to have a protective coating applied.

There are some railings and other equipment that comes with a powder coating already, but if you want the ability to customize things a bit more it makes a lot of sense to have the work done on the equipment that you pick out.

When you are having a coating applied you can pick and choose from any railing, or piece of playground equipment that you want. After you decide on the one you like you simply bring it in to a coating specialist and have them do the work for you. Then you have the equipment assembled in the location just like it normally would be. The added protection will make your investment last for a longer time, and you can enjoy the added profits that result.

When you’re investing in rental properties it makes sense to focus on long-term profits, unless of course you’re flipping houses or something like that. Most of the time you are going to squeeze out profit from your properties for many years before you do anything with them, and taking the time to protect your investment can only help with those goals.


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