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Extend the Life of Quality Hand Tools with Powder Coating

Posted on: March 20th, 2015 by byersbushblog

Any experienced construction worker, craftsman or mechanic knows just how expensive quality hand tools can be. Unfortunately, with time and enough help from the elements even the best tools will start to rust and corrode. This leads to early failures and expensive replacement costs. For these professionals it makes a lot of sense to invest in powder coating protection to keep tools in good shape longer and to help prolong expensive investments.


Coating Most Tools

Most tools that you have can benefit from powder coating if they have a metallic surface. With some tools like an Axe or saw blade it doesn’t make sense to have them coated because the coating will chip off over time with heavy use, but for things like the handle of a hammer, and the body of a saw, it makes a lot of sense to pay for a protective coating. If you purchase expensive tools that are designed to last for years, having them powder coated against the elements is probably an excellent investment worth considering.

Enhancing Organization with Color

If you have a large number of similar looking hand tools you can use a powder coating service to make them easier to manage as well. By putting a different colored coating on different tools you can quickly and easily tell them apart. For instance, you could make all of your metric wrenches orange and all of your standard green to easily tell them apart while working. You can apply this idea to a variety of different tools to make decision making quicker and organization easier than before.

Spend Less on Storage

With a set of quality powder-coated tools you won’t have to worry about spending money on expensive storage solutions to protect your equipment against the elements. Sure it’s still a good idea to keep your tools away from moisture and adverse weather, but you don’t have to worry about keeping them in airtight containers, or storage trailers all the time for fear of rust. It’s okay to leave your equipment outside once and awhile and this makes the tools a little more convenient to use. You can put them away when you have the time, but if you are running behind it won’t be a big deal if they are left out overnight either.

Get Professional Powder Coating

If you decide that you want to protect your tools you can do it easily with a professional powder coating service. These services allow you to choose the items thatyou want coated and they will give you a price for them. Then you simply bring in the items and leave them at the location and you will be notified when they are all finished and ready to be picked up. Most of the time you can expect your equipment back in just a few days and then you can begin using it once again. Compared to doing the coating work yourself, or letting an amateur handle the process a good experienced company is much more reliable and easier to use. They can offer an expected deadline for the work to be completed and know how to apply a quality coat that is going to last for years before it wears off again.

Sure it will cost a little more to get your equipment covered with a protective coating, but when you are protecting pricey tools and equipment the added expense makes a lot of sense. Just be sure that you have a reliable company do the work for you, and you can enjoy the more durable equipment for years after it’s initially protected. A company like Byers Bush can offer reliable corrosion protection you can count on.

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