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Extend the Life of Medical Equipment through Powder Coating

Posted on: March 30th, 2015 by byersbushblog

If you work in the medical industry one of your main concerns is probably how long your expensive equipment is going to last. In hospitals and doctor’s offices the equipment and tools are the biggest investment involved and many of them are priced at very high levels. When you are investing so much of your company’s income into medical equipment you need to make sure it is going to last and that it won’t fail prematurely. Buying expensive equipment often ensures that it’s going to last for many years, but spending a bit more to add a powder coating to the outside of the equipment will help it last even longer. This is an expense that makes a lot of sense when you consider the prices of many sensitive pieces of medical equipment.

Protect Expensive Equipment

Let’s face it, most medical equipment is expensive to replace and pricey to maintain as well. Having the delicate instruments protected by adding a durable coating to them can reduce the cost of ownership for the equipment over time. The added layer will help keep the gear from wearing out as quickly and it also gives it an attractive appearance. The coating helps prevent chipping and scratching from occurring to your equipment and helps it stand up to impacts regularly without taking damage.

Avoiding Corrosion

Corrosion is a real issue for equipment that comes into contact with the human body or liquids on a regular basis. While most medical equipment is made from stainless steel, or some other metal that resists corrosion, there are always going to be pieces that do wear out and corrode over time. These products can be protected and reinforced to last longer.

Clean Equipment More Easily

When metal equipment has a smooth layer of powder coating protecting it, it’s much easier to clean. This can make maintenance of medical equipment easier than before and help cut down on the amount of labor that is necessary to keep the hospital or doctor’s office up and running. Most medical equipment will last much longer and continue to look fresh and new long after standard equipment would have worn out.

Examples of Devices to Coat

While it doesn’t make sense to coat every piece of medical equipment in a hospital, there are plenty of opportunities to enhance the durable of expensive tools. For example, the chest-piece on a stethoscope works just fine when given a powder coating and will stay in good shape many years longer when given this protection. The exterior of radiological vessels as well as most component toolkits can also be powder coated with good results. Taking a moment to look around a medical office makes it easy to see all the equipment that can benefit from the added protection of powder coating.

Using Professional Services

While you can find some medical equipment that is already powder coated, only shopping for this type of equipment limits what you can purchase and removes some options from you. If you work with a specialized company like Byers Bush they can powder coat any of your equipment. That means that you are free to purchase the equipment that you like, and can have it protected to make it even more durable and valuable than before. Top services can be relied upon to coat equipment quickly and to provide smooth and reliable results that will hold up to the heavy-use environment of a medical office. When you have equipment that is going to be used on a daily basis it’s important that it’s durable enough to last, and thick protective coating will help that goal.

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