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Extend the Life of Expensive Rims with Powder Coating

Posted on: December 4th, 2014 by byersbushblog

If you invest in a nice set of rims for your car or truck the last thing you want to see happening is the chipping and eventual rust and corrosion that occurs. Even when used carefully quality wheels will eventually wear out and you’ll be left looking for a new pair. If you’d like to extend the life of your nice wheels you should consider having them powder coated.

Choosing the Color You Like Best

Powder coating is offered in a variety of different colors. This gives you the freedom to pick and choose the finis that you like the best for your vehicle. What that really means is that you can be a little less picky when picking out a new set of rims and focus more on the pattern and the shape than the color itself. After you get the rims that you like the best you can have them coated in a color and a texture that you prefer giving your wheels a more customized look that goes even better with your vehicle.

These coatings can be both metallic and flat colors depending on what you prefer. You open up a wide range of options when you decide that you want to add additional protection to your wheels, and for some people the added level of customization is worth the extra cost all by itself.

Enhanced Durability

Most high-end rims are finished with a durable paint coat that is designed to stave off corrosion and stand up over time, but those thin finishes aren’t nearly as durable as a powder coat would be. Powder coating goes on thicker than paint, and offers a stronger protective layer than even top quality paint coats can. The material is UV resistant and designed to stand up to hard use for a long time.

Save Money Over Time

If you’re the type of person who likes to buy the best rims for your ride, getting a powder coating put on them makes a lot of sense. While it isn’t cheap to have this type of protection applied to your rims, the extended life that you provide to them could end up saving you more than you spend, while giving you the ability to customize things further. Each year that you extend the life of your wheels you are going another year without spending the original amount buying a new set. After you consider these possible savings it can make a lot of sense to make the decision to add a powder coated layer to your wheels.

Use Your Wheels Throughout More of the Year

It’s a bad feeling worrying about bringing your new wheels out into the rain, sleet and slush throughout the year. You want your car to look its best, but you want to protect your investment as well. This is why so many people decide to switch to their cheap wheels early in the season before weather gets bad. Having a durable coating over your precious wheels will make you feel more confident about the safety of your purchase, and allow you to enjoy the improved look they provide for more months out of the year.

While it doesn’t make sense to pay for a powder coated covering for cheap wheels that you aren’t concerned about, when you make a large investment that’s something you want to protect. Save yourself time and money and find an expert that specializes in powder coating to make sure your quality rims stay safe out on the roads. If you would like to learn more about powder coating and its benefits, or you have specific questions about your rims or other projects the experts at Byers Bush can help you out and answer any questions you have.

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