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Extend the Life of Hardware Property Door with Powder Coating

Posted on: February 7th, 2016 by byersbushblog

Anyone with experience maintaining rental properties know how much of a hassle exterior door can be. These seemingly simple devices need regular maintenance to stay in good shape and over time the hardware in them begins to wear out so that you have to replace them all.

Paying for the hardware itself isn’t a big deal, but paying for the labor to change out all that hardware can be. Instead of dealing with regular replacements every few years because of rust and wear, you’re better off spending a bit more initially to have all the hardware powder coated before putting the doors on to begin with.

The Cost is Negligible

Paying to have hardware protectively coated is more affordable than you might think. You can have this done for a small investment and then you’ll dramatically cut down on all the hardware replacements and sticky door problems that you run into later on.

Sure it requires more of an investment up front, but all the time and effort that you save from this investment makes it more than worth it.

It Looks Nice

While you may not notice too much of a difference now when the door hardware is fresh and in pristine condition, it will be readily apparent in a year or two after corrosion has set in. That’s because the unprotected hardware is going to get all dinghy and start looking worn, while the hardware that’s powder coated is going to hold up nicely and will likely look brand new with a minute of washing every year or two.

Not only will the hardware look nice longer, but you’ll have control over the color of the hardware as well. That means you could have red hardware to match that red door, or yellow hardware to accent a black door nicely. Whatever look you want to go for, you’ll be able to accomplish it with a protective coating.

Years of Added Operation

When you pay to powder coat door hardware you’re extending the operating life of that simple equipment by years. You prevent corrosion and really make your equipment much more reliable. It’s simple to have this procedure done at most locations and the best part of all is that you can have your existing hardware protected if you already have all the door hardware for your facility.

Most companies like to buy extra hardware ahead of time to prepare for eventual failures. Send that hardware into your local powder coat expert such as Byers Bush and they can protect the hardware so that when you do start using it, you have many more years of use before it must be replaced, compared to standard timelines.

Fewer Calls

The last things you want to deal with are calls about doors that aren’t opening and closing like they used to. It’s tiring to have to drive out to a property and change out door hardware or worry about greasing it up.

This won’t be as much of an issue on properties that change tenants regularly, but any of your long-term properties are going to require that sort of attention eventually because you won’t have all that maintenance time that you have with open properties.

Do yourself and your business a big favor and either invest in powder coated hardware right away, or pay to have it protectively coated the next time that you have to work on one of the doors. It’s nice to have the added strength and stability, plus it’s just a nice touch that will make the property seem well-maintained, and give it just a bit more class.

Few people are likely to rent a place just because it has well-maintained doors, but it’s often a combination of these little details that eventually leads to more people renting.

Contact Byers Bush to get your door property a high performance powder coating to maximize your investment in your hardware property from corrosion attack.

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