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Enhance Your Ceiling Tiles with Powder Coating

Posted on: May 28th, 2016 by byersbushblog

Ceiling tiles are remarkably convenient over other suspended ceiling materials because they can easily be removed in small sections when you need to get at something up above. Unfortunately these tiles end up looking dated and worn out over time and most people don’t believe there is a good way to improve them.

Water-based paint can’t be used on the tiles because it can lead to warping. Oil based paint is dangerous and a potential fire hazard. For those two reasons many companies and homeowners toss out their tiles when they don’t like the look any longer.

That is a simple solution, though not the most efficient or environmentally friendly. Instead of replacing your tiles you should consider refinishing them with a durable powder coat finish. This preserves the function of the tiles while giving them a while new look.

It’s Affordable

One of the biggest benefits of protectively coating your tiles is that it is very affordable. You will spend a fraction of the money that you would have spent replacing your tiles to give them a brand new look.

Instead of tossing your money out the window, consider using this cost-saving process to give your tiles the look that you now want. You can make your tiles look more modern and help them blend in with the rest of your home or business in the process.

Completely Customizable

Even when you buy brand new ceiling tiles you are limited a bit on the colors that you have to choose from. Typically it is going to be quite difficult to find the color and design that you want in your building, unless of course you want something very generic.

When refinishing the tiles you can choose any color that you like. You can pick and choose from dozens of different colors until you come across the one that is going to look the very best in your home. With so many different options available to you it will be easy to get just the look that you want, and you might end up with an end result that you enjoy even more than any new tiles could have given you.

Enhanced Durability

Standard ceiling tiles can be damaged by a number of issues. Humidity and moisture easily ruin even high quality tiles over time, and a clumsy maintenance crew can easily mar tiles causing them to need replacing.

That poses a serious problem when you’re relying on tiles that aren’t being produced any longer and you might end up with mismatched tiles if one becomes seriously damaged. When the tiles are protectively coated they will be much more durable than they once were.

This means they will be harder to damage and more likely to stand up to regular use. Even a clumsy maintenance crew would have trouble doing serious damage to the tiles, and most of the damage would likely be to the coating itself, which could be reapplied if necessary.

If you have some ceiling tiles that need a new look don’t just toss them out, consider having them powder coated instead. The high quality tiles are worth keeping for years and years and shouldn’t be thrown away unless absolutely necessary.

Adding a protective coating will save you money and give you a nice new set of ceiling tiles in any color that you desire. What’s not to like about such a procedure compared to the more wasteful replacement process that most companies go through?

Take a look at your local powder coating experts and see who can work on your tiles. With a bit of searching you should be able to find companies that can help you breathe new life into those aging tiles.

Contact Byers Bush for a high skilled coating crew to give your ceiling tiles a professional and protective powder coat shield with colors customization as you wish.


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