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Ebonygrit Enhance Sandblasting Results

Posted on: May 29th, 2015 by byersbushblog

Sandblasting your products or equipment is a great way to quickly smooth it out and make it ready for a nice new finish. Unfortunately sand blasting is not an easy process.

There are loads of different tools and application techniques on the market today. The whole process becomes even more confusing when you consider all the different abrasive materials that can be used for sandblasting today.

There is sand grit made from metal waste, glass beads and a variety of other materials that can all be used to achieve smooth results. Ebonygrit is Byers Bush’s tool of choice, and it’s one of the most effective in the industry. It’s what allows the company to achieve such high level results when cleaning an object, and why so many customers continue to have their equipment cleaned by Byers Bush.

Fast Results

Ebonygrit is fine metallic particle that works to clean and smooth surfaces quickly and effectively. Byers Bush makes use of this material to get its jobs done faster so that customers can enjoy quicker turnaround times.

The material works better than traditional sand and it doesn’t produce nearly as much dust or harmful particles in the air to deal with. You might be surprised at how quickly the company can have your items cleaned up for you after you get in touch with them. Even with a large work load that is common with top level companies, Byers Bush offers competitive turnaround times.

Removes Thick Paint Effectively

Customers with paint removal tasks can enjoy more affordable pricing thanks to the ebony grit particles. Even thick paint can be removed effectively and standard coats of paint can be taken off in less time. The material is highly effective for creating a nice smooth paint-free finish that can be painted or sealed in the way the customer desires. You can feel confident bringing paint removal tasks to Byers Bush because they can get the job done effectively and with less effort than many of their competitors.

Surface Rust Removal

Removing rust from old metal parts is an important part of restoration. Getting rid of the rusting material stops the oxidation process and helps the rest of the part last longer. When removing rust it’s important to only remove what’s necessary and leave as much of the underlying material intact whenever possible. Many sandblasting operations take off an excessive amount of material leaving the equipment weaker than necessary. Byers Bush removes only the necessary surface rust and leaves the rest of the material to be refinished and prepared for reuse.

Different Roughness Levels for Greater Control

Unlike many sand materials Ebonygrit comes in a variety of grit levels. By choosing different roughness levels the technician can accurately control how much surface material is removed.

Think of it like pieces of sandpaper with different grits. The very rough grit material is used to clean off a high amount of surface residue quickly and then finer grits are used later on to achieve a nice smooth finish. This is the same process that Byers Bush uses and why they can achieve a top level finish each and every time.

Whether you want to restore some old car parts or industrial machinery Byers Bush can make the process easier and provide higher quality results than many of the other professionals in the industry. This is because they rely on the highest quality grit and use advanced application techniques to make the most of the material. Ebonygrit sandblasting is one of the most effective solutions for cleaning metal products, for removing rust and taking off paint. It’s not the best for every application, but Byers Bush makes good use of the media and can offer superior service because of it.

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