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Using Ebonygrit to Clean Heavily Soiled Steel

Posted on: September 2nd, 2016 by byersbushblog

There are few materials tougher to get completely clean and nice and smooth than heavily soiled steel. It is a hard substance that rusts badly and becomes heavily uneven over time. It takes some serious work to clean off properly so that it can be protectively coated once again and made into a useable product for whatever your needs are.

If you have steel that is in rough shape, you don’t want it being cleaned up with actual sand, you want something coarser like ebonygrit being used during the process. It will get the job done faster, and also leave you with a smoother end-result.

Many companies don’t use this media to clean with, so it is worth the time to track one down that does to make sure you end up with the best quality finish that you can in the end.

What is Ebonygrit?

Ebonygrit is waste material left over during copper production. It’s a sandy and dark powder substance that is much heavier than standard sand and less dusty as well. It’s a good strong option when it comes to working with steel, but it’s also more expensive than many other abrasives.

The added expense isn’t an issue though, because there is very little waste during use, and the material can be reused several times before it is no longer viable.

Operator Benefits

Operators love to run ebonygrit for a few different reasons. The substance produces a very low level of dust and silica, making it safer to use for the employees and meaning that less safety procedures and equipment must be utilized during the cleaning process.

It is also very hard, so it cuts through impurities quickly and efficiently without doing damage to the underlying metal, as long as it’s something hard like steel. Finally, the material can be reused up to three times before it is no longer useful. That help lower the cost of the product dramatically and make it into an excellent value overall.

Cleaning Heavily Soiled Steel

There are few substances like ebonygrit that are up to the task of cleaning heavily rusted steel to a smooth and bare finish. Whether you have a rusty old door or body panel that’s coated with rust, grease and oil, or you have a railing that’s been out in the elements for 20 years that you need restored, you’ll get the best results with this substance.

It cuts through all the impurities fast, but doesn’t go through bare steel nearly as fast. That means that even very difficult-to-remove substances can be peeled right off with a blaster running ebonygrit, but you’ll get a nice smooth finish in the end.

Lower Cost Overall

Since ebonygrit can be reused, and it doesn’t take too long to clean up even heavily soiled metals, it’s a good cost-effective solution that you won’t mind paying for. Operators don’t have to charge as much as they would for other sandblasting media options, because they aren’t spending quite as much in materials and they won’t spend as much time working on your piece of equipment either.

That means you can enjoy affordable costs with superior results each time that you need something cleaned up. That’s a serious benefit that you won’t enjoy with many substances used for sandblasting.

If you have some steel that you want cleaned up, it’s a good idea to look for a company that uses ebonygrit. You’ll enjoy better quality results if you do, and you likely won’t end up paying for as much labor costs as you would with another substance. Just take your time and find a quality company to make sure you get the best possible results.

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