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Byers Bush Powder Coater & Sandblaster: Developing the Skills

Posted on: September 22nd, 2014 by byersbushblog

When we look for new employees at Byers Bush, we take pride in hiring highly skilled professional powder coaters and sandblasters. We know that our customers want their parts perfectly finished, so we search high and low for professionals who can meet their needs. If you are looking to develop your powder coating and sandblasting skills, you have many options.


What Powder Coaters Need to Know

Powder coating specialists need to not only know how to use the tools and technologies, but they also need to be able to learn about the newest procedures and media. Some powder coating professionals need to be able to communicate clearly with customers as well as in-house management. It is also important for powder coating specialists to be able to perform physically, because the tools and technology can be rather complicated and heavy.


Technology for Powder Coating Professionals

Many powder coating specialists need to be able to use computers and applications, along with their specialized technology. They need to be able to follow safety procedures and care for their safety gear and clothing. It is important that powder coating specialists also have good eyesight to be able to see the details on the parts and they need to be able to work well with their hands, too.


Degrees for Powder Coating Specialists

Powder coating applicants often earn associate’s degrees or bachelor’s degrees in related fields like metallurgical engineering or materials engineering. Many powder coating specialists also have certifications in different aspects of coating, technology, and safety from a specialty organization that represents powder coaters and provides high quality training. There are several different paint and coatings organizations that help set and maintain standards for the industry and they offer trainings and certifications in Canada and the United States.


On-the-job Training Pays Off

Even though we appreciate it when our applicants have experience, we do provide training so our new employees know exactly what we expect from them. Unfortunately for applicants, our powder coating specialists and sandblasters enjoy working for Byers Bush so we have very little turnover in house.


Training to Become a Sandblaster

Becoming a sandblaster has a different set of requirements. Unlike the powder coating career track, sandblasters do not usually have associate’s or bachelor’s degrees. Many of the best sandblasters have only a high school diploma or equivalent. We do appreciate it if our applicants have a few years of experience and so other employers in the same industry. Sandblasting is a physical job, so those who wish to find employment in this industry need to be able to lift 35 kilos or more. Professional sandblasters also need to know how to prepare the parts that are going to be sandblasted.


Quality Sandblasting Practices at Byers Bush

Like our powder coating specialists, Byers Bush do provide training for our sandblasting employees. We feel strongly that all of our employees understand the way that Byers Bush likes to have business done, so we take pride in training and encouraging our employees.


Certification Programs for Sandblasters and Powder Coating Professionals

There are no any recognized sandblasting standards organizations, but there are several organizations that do provide safety training for people who are powder coaters and sandblasters. The safety training is vital for sandblasters due to the media in the sandblasting mixtures and the need to protect the body, eyes, mouth, and lungs. Many of the finishing trade organizations provide high quality training programs in safety, communication, and operations. Earning certifications in these training programs can help sandblasters find careers that not only pay well, but are also rewarding, too.

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