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Deciding When to Handle Powder Coating in House

Posted on: April 22nd, 2015 by byersbushblog

Many people don’t want to spend the money to hire professionals to take care of their powder coating needs, especially if they are going to be coating their own parts or equipment on a regular basis. For some people it makes a lot of sense to begin taking care of the work themselves, but for others it’s simply a waste of time and resources and it may not even be possible to handle the coating on their own.

Take a moment and learn which camp you fall in before making the mistake of trying to handle this task on your own.

 Learning the Application Technique

When you are trying to handle powder coating on your own you’ll soon realize that directions for coating one type of metal do not apply to other types as well. Depending on the smoothness of the surface, and the type of metal you are coating, you’ll need to take a different approach when applying a powder coat layer.

While there are general guidelines to know how the job should be performed, you’ll have to adjust settings on your powder coating gun, and tinker with the preparation and curing steps until you get good results. This can be time consuming and waste a lot of material to perfect.

 Achieving a Safe Environment

While applying a powder coating isn’t extremely dangerous, there are some health risks that you have to worry about due to the nature of the fine particles being applied. You need an air-tight system to coat your parts in, or you need a very good respiration and ventilation setup. If you don’t have the right setup you will put yourself or your workers at risk.

It makes sense to buy a professional coating system, or to have an expert in the industry help you setup your own equipment to operate safely, and this is all quite expensive.

 Pricey Equipment

One of the biggest barriers to entry when you are trying to go the DIY way of powder coating is all the expensive equipment. While you might be able to get a setup going for very small parts without spending a fortune, any longer pieces, or larger pieces will be very costly to powder coat on your own.

 Deciding if it Makes Sense to DIY

Now that you know most of what is involved with getting a powder coating setup going, you can take the time and decide if it makes sense for you or not. If you believe that you will be powder coating parts constantly, and you can achieve a good quality setup without spending too much money then it might make sense for you to handle the work at your company for very small parts. If you have any doubts about the process, or you need larger items coated you’re only real option is go with professionals.

 Benefits of Professional Services

When you deal with professionals all the stress of powder coating is given to them and you can relax and wait for results. Sure it will cost you a bit more money to have the work performed on an ongoing basis, but you won’t pay for your own employees to do the work, the jobs will be finished faster, and you’ll enjoy higher quality results.

Byers Bush offers additional services as well like Silk Screening that you can have performed at the same time to save even more time and money.

Make sure that you know what you are doing before heading the DIY route, and that it even makes sense to do so. If you aren’t sure, or you don’t want to risk it there’s no shame in paying a professional to do the work. You’ll often end up with better results, more peace of mind and parts and equipment that you can use the first time.



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