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Deciding between Powder Coating and Spray Painting

Posted on: November 15th, 2016 by byersbushblog

Powder coating allows metals and other materials to achieve a beautiful finish similar to what can be done with spray painting.  Although both can achieve the same high quality and beautiful results, there are some differences that can be observed between the two processes.  Let’s take a look at some of these differences.

The Process

One of the most distinct differences is the process of application.  For powder coating it relies on a clean electrostatic process that is commonly in the appearance of microscopic particles.  Wet spray painting on the other hand makes use of a spraying action on the material that needs to be coated.

Comparatively, powder coating is a more environmentally-friendly process compared to wet spray painting because of the absence of harmful chemicals involved.  It also takes a shorter time for powder coating to dry up allowing you to work faster.

It is also easier and more economic to use powder coating because only a small amount of powder is needed to achieve a uniformed painted look on the material.  If done properly, over coating should not be a problem.  The material that will be coated will take an opposite charge to that of the powder making the material drawn naturally to the object to achieve a beautiful finish in shorter time.

The Finish

Compared to spray painting, using powder coating on applicable materials can result in a uniform finish that is versatile and durable.  This means that the final product takes on the characteristic of being resistant to heat damage, abrasions, stains, extreme weather, UV rays, and impact.  It is also easier to apply different colors and textures to materials using powder coating.

The Application

With spray painting, the material is commonly prepared for application by cleaning it off and ensuring that no oily reduce can be found on the surface.  This will allow the paint to stick better and more evenly.  It is then allowed to air dry.

For powder coating, there is a 5-step pre-treatment washer process to ensure that the powder sticks to the material.  Dirt or anything that can prevent the powder from sticking is removed.  When the part to be powder coated is cleaned and completely dry, an electrostatic process will be used to apply the powder to the material.

The Baking

For powder coating it is necessary to bake the coated parts to a specific temperature.  This is done to allow the powder to melt and create a plastic coating that will bond with the target area of the material.  The temperature of the oven is regulated constantly to ensure that the finished product comes out correctly.

The Cost

In general, the cost for spray painting and powder coating would depend on the color and its availability.  For powder coating, if you intend to apply texture and luminescence effect on the finished product, this would be considered as an add-on cost.

Choosing Powder Coat

Why should you choose powder coat over spray painting?  Aside from the superior quality of the finished product, powder coating is considered as a cheaper solution.  When it comes to durability, it does not chip quite easily like spray paint.  There are no toxic chemicals to worry about when using powder coating.

The entire process is quicker to finish because there is less time involved in waiting for the powder to dry.  There are also a lot more variety of colors and textures that you can choose from.  So with all things considered, it is quite clear why powder coating can be a hands-down choice.

With all these advantages, it is equally important to point out that the quality of work would depend on the skills of the one handling it.  It is also quite reasonable to look for a powder coating service that is willing to cover their work with a warranty.

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