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Customize Your Outdoor Seating with Powder Coating

Posted on: September 20th, 2016 by byersbushblog

Outdoor tables and benches need to be protectively coated against the weather to prevent corrosion. Why not give them a nice custom look in the process of protecting them by working with a powder coating professional?

Getting such a coating done is cost-effective and offers you the ability to really customize the end look of your tables, chairs and benches. It’s really a no-brainer after you understand all the benefits that it offers.

Decide on the Surface Texture

The type of coating that you decide to have added to your tables and chairs will determine the final surface feel and texture overall. That means that you can pick between a more rubbery feel for added grip, or you can choose a harder exterior shell for a smoother finish and more durability overall.

Unlike other methods of protection you have greater control over the final feel of your tables, benches and chairs, when you rely on powder coating and you will pay a similar price.

Choose From Many Colors

The color of your furniture makes a big difference and can really alter the final appearance. That is why you should take your time and thinks about what you want your items to look like when they are finished being treated.

A good quality coating company will give you dozens of different colors to pick and choose from, so you will have to take plenty of time to pick the final option out. Some pieces can be given two different colors as well, but this process is easier when the furniture can be split into multiple sections through disassembly.

Offer Long-Term Protection

Paint is another option that often used to protect outdoor furniture such as tables and benches. Unfortunately paint must be applied quite frequently in order to keep it in good shape and functioning properly.

That’s because paint just isn’t that thick or resilient. A couple light gouges will break right through the surface of the paint and leave you with an exposed section that will suffer from rust over time.

A powder coat layer is much thicker and can suffer some gouging before moisture is allowed down in through to the metal. That is why it is often chosen for playground equipment. You will be able to rely on the protection for years before you will have to consider having the coating reapplied once again. The better and professional you get to do the application; the more likely you are to get top-notch performance and longevity out of the coating.

Work with Experts

The very last thing you want to do is to try and coat the items yourself, or hire an amateur company to do the coating for you. Even if you run into a new company that understands how to properly apply a coating, and they are rare, you still have to rely on the advice of this new company to tell you how to protect your equipment properly and which type of coating to get. When you get this type of advice you want it to come from an experienced company that knows how to really keep benches, tables and chairs going well over time.

The next time you consider protectively coating your outdoor furniture, think about how you could use the opportunity to give them all a custom themed look as well. It won’t take much of an additional investment to get the colors that you want, and you will enjoy superior protection with a good professional coating as well. Just make sure that you take a good look at your local options, and pick out the one that makes the most sense for your needs.

Contact Byers Bush, a professional powder coating in Toronto to get your outdoor seating protected against corrosion and also gets your outdoor seating a customized look from various kinds of coating colors.

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