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What Are the Common Mistakes When Specifying Powder Coating?

Posted on: October 1st, 2018 by byersbushblog

How can you ensure that you are getting the best powder coating service possible? Some would say, find the best service provider. However, service providers can only do so much based on the information that the client gives them. So if you present the wrong information, or imply the wrong application, then you may end up disappointed. What are the common mistakes when specifying powder coating?

Industry Standards

When you are unfamiliar with industry standards, it is easy to assume that sandblasting and powder coating will result in optimum performance no matter what technology is behind it. This is quite wrong because the service provider needs to be aware what type of application will be used so that the right type of coating standard can be recommended. There are coats ideal for exterior performance, and there are those that may not be quite reliable for specific types of materials.

Be very specific with how you are going to use the material so that the right industry standard can match your needs. Only an experienced provider will know what type is applicable for residential domestic and what is right for commercial activities.

This is important because it can have a substantial impact on the product warranty that you get. Each type of coating will deliver a specific standard in terms of performance, durability, and other indicators. There are architectural grade coating systems that may exceed industry standards, but, again, unless the client is very specific with what is needed, these industry standards will never work as expected.

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Scope of Use

There are some misconceptions as to the type of materials that this coating system can be used for. For example, some may assume that it is suitable only for aluminum materials, when in fact, it can be applied to steel and even hot-dip galvanized steel as well. This can be done without sacrificing color consistency regardless of the project on hand.

How can you avoid this mistake? Ask about the performance potentials of the coating system that is suggested to you. Some brands are capable of higher performance that are guaranteed on steel and HDG for example. Keep on asking questions.

Wrong Choice of Coating

Again, it cannot be emphasized more than enough that not all coatings are right for the job. Different products and brands will deliver varying results on the product and application you need. What will happen? If you choose the wrong coating system, you may be wasting money because of the possibility of peeling, fading, or cracking.

You can sidestep this mistake by trying to find out what is the best type of coating for the project that you have. This will ensure that you will get only the best results regardless whether you are looking for a textured, high gloss, or flat matte finish.

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Suitability of Use

It is wrong to assume that all powder coating systems can be used for external purposes. It is safe to say that there will be a whole lot of difference in the results if coating for internal use will be used on an external application. Formula for internal use may not have the desired UV protection for example, which may cause the product to fade or even degrade.

It is essential to be specific on whether it is intended for outdoor or indoor use to get the right type of coating protection. This will allow the service provider to be clear on the extent of the standards and warranties that you can expect from the application.

Color over Performance

Yes, it may look good, but, will it withstand harsh conditions? It cannot be denied that color is important in most projects, but this cannot be the priority all the time. In fact, it may be a costly mistake on your part because you may need the coating to be done over again. Take note of the performance standard and not just the type of colors it can deliver.

To be able to ensure that these mistakes can be avoided, work with powder coating providers that have extensive experience in the industry. Contact Byers Bush now.

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