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Clean Up Old Surfaces Quickly and Effectively with Sandblasting in Mississauga

Posted on: March 16th, 2015 by byersbushblog

There are few tools that are as effective as sandblasting for cleaning up old or very dirty materials. It can be used to clean off old car parts, to make a metal fence look like new or to help with restoring an old piece of metal furniture. Sand blasting is offers a clean finish that’s smooth to the touch and easy to protect with additional products such as paints or a powder coating finish.

Fine Grit Blasting

Byers Bush is a well-known sand-blasting and refinishing company that utilizes a very fine grit of sand for their blasting applications. It’s known as Ebonygrit and can be used on delicate surfaces while still breaking through dirt and grime very effectively. Ebonygrit is also known as shot blast, and can be used to remove old paint, rust, grease, water scaling and a variety of other defects from materials. Once finished the processing leaves behind a smooth surface that’s clean of defects and ready to be treated.

Cleaned and Treated in One Location

If you want a product cleaned off using sand blasting and then powder coated to protect against the elements Byers Bush can offer you both services at one convenient location. That means that you can drop of your part and have it cleaned up and refinished for you in a short span of time. Then you can pick up your like-new part and begin using it again without worrying about corrosion any longer.

Extend to Life of Self-Applied Treatments

If you plan on painting or powder coating an object yourself it is almost always worth the time and cost involved to have it sand blasted before you do this, unless the object is brand new and lacks a finish currently. By having the piece sand blasted you will remove any oils, grease, dirt and unpleasant coatings that remain on the surface. While a piece might look clean at first glance, once you finish it you’ll quickly notice all the places where the paint or powder coat didn’t adhere like you wanted it to, and this is because you missed particles and important defects that needed to be wiped away. A thorough sand-blasting will ensure that the applied coating lasts longer and offers a more protective covering overall.

Getting Objects Clean Quickly

There is no reason to waste a bunch of time trying to clean up old and worn out equipment on your own because all of the time you spend typically won’t be worth the money you save. Instead of spending a bunch of time trying to clean off an old car part, or that railing that has been out in front of your business for the last ten years simply have it sand blasted instead. Sandblasting in Mississauga is very quick and can typically make quick work of most stains, old coatings and anything else that you want removed. Many companies can get a product cleaned in just hours and can have you back your item in just a few days after putting it in for cleaning.

There are also companies that will travel out to your location and clean up the product on-site, but this typically costs more money and it’s often worth the time to bring it in instead of getting someone out to your location. A sand blasting service will get items cleaner than you would be able to with traditional methods, and it will do so quickly and easily without costing you a fortune. The next time that you have something that needs to be cleaned, or treated think about using one of these services and saving yourself time and effort.

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