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Byers Bush Receives their AAMA Certification

Posted on: April 22nd, 2015 by byersbushblog

Recently Byers Bush made it through the AAMA(AmericanArchitectural Manufacturing Association) 2604 testing protocol to become certified. Getting through the certification program is a big landmark for the company and proves that they offer a high quality coating that can be relied upon to do its job. Now the company can offer additional warranties on their work, and customers can switch from less reliable and proven providers to a company that knows what it’s doing.

Passing Rigorous Tests

In order to pass the AAMA certification test, a coating performed by Byers Bush had to stand up to 3,000 hours of continuous salt spray on extruded aluminum without allowing any corrosion to occur.

The coating needs to stand up to a variety of other tests as well. The surface is subject to harsh impacts, abrasions, chemicals, weathering and humidity to see how it stands up to the conditions. In order to achieve certification the surface needs to be able to stand up to all these tests and make it through them without showing any serious issues.

The company was able to get through this process with ease and in the process demonstrated just how durable their powder coating services really are. Many companies fail to make it through this test process and that’s why Byer’s Bush is so well-suited to the critical projects that are going to be in high corrosion locations. Businesses that make it through this testing process can be relied upon to offer a rugged coating that can be depended on and are capable of helping customers maintain their valuable warranties as well.

Having the Testing Done

In order to pass the powder coating test Byers Bush had to send their products to a set of testing labs to replicate all of the test requirements set forth by the AAMA. Only after showing proof of success getting through all the different tests was the company able to be certified.

The labs had to send the test results directly over to the folks at the American Architectural Manufacturing Association to review everything and make the final approval. This process was an extended one, but worth it to show the level of quality that Byers Bush is able to offer to customers.

Warranty additional projects

Byers Bush is now capable of offering warranties on any projects that require AAMA certification. This means that more contractors and business owners can rely on the company to complete the projects while getting a warranty to rely on in case of future issues. This should give customers a bit more peace of mind and make working with Byers Bush an even easier choice.

Guarantee a Good Installation

You can feel even more at ease when working with Byers Bush now that they’ve acquired the AAMA certification. This not only proves that the powder coated surfaces are durable and able to withstand some of the harshest conditions, but also helps offer warranties on jobs that require an AAMA certification. This helps protect customers and get them the help that they need if there is ever a future issue in the installation.

Powder coating can be used on a variety of different metallic surfaces to protect them against wear, impacts and corrosion over time.

Byers Bush is one of the most proven providers in the industry and can offer a variety of powder coating finishes. They have a variety of providers and can offer many different colors and textures to choose from depending on your needs. The company is versatile and can be relied upon to do good quality work each and every time. They aren’t the cheapest available, but one of the most reliable.

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