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Breathe Life into Old Tools through Sandblasting and Coating

Posted on: November 23rd, 2015 by byersbushblog

Whether you’re a roofer, a construction company or some other business that relies heavily on tools, you know the pain of tossing out perfectly good equipment because it became too damaged or poor looking due to corrosion.

Corrosion can take a toll on equipment and even make it risky to use. Nobody wants to grab a metal handle that’s covered in rust, and patchy equipment that’s flaking apart doesn’t work quite as well as freshly coated equipment. Instead of tossing out old equipment because it looks poor or is damaged, you should think about having it restored by a qualified company instead.

Cut Costs

Replacing equipment is expensive, especially when you work in construction or some other tool-reliant industry. If you don’t take the time to refinish the tools you have and get them protected again you’ll have to buy all new equipment much more often. You can get two or three lifetimes out of your tools and equipment by simply taking some time and refinishing old tools and equipment so that they can be used once again.

Better than New Look

You’ll be amazed at how good restored equipment looks when it is all finished. All it really takes is some sand blasting, a new powder coated layer and you have equipment that looks better than new. Not only do you get to breathe new life into old and sometimes outdated equipment, but you can choose the color finish that it gets and customize it more than you ever could in the past. This allows you to do some interesting things like customize your equipment to match your business. Not only will this make finding your tools on the jobsite easier, but it will give your business a more professional look overall.

By having the equipment sandblasted first you clear away any corrosion and imperfections that have had time to form. When you pay to have the equipment powder coated at the end, you end up with stronger tools than before that will hold up to heavy use and last for years before having to be treated once again.

Cut Down on Waste

So many companies operate today in a disposable manner. They toss out old equipment and tools and buy new ones because it is the easy thing to do. It’s not a very responsible way to run a business through, and isn’t how things should be done. Instead of simply tossing out old equipment it makes more sense to try and reuse it whenever possible. Even if you have to invest some money into bringing your equipment back up to good standards, you’ll keep something out of the landfill or the junk yard, and you’ll probably save some money in the process. That’s an excellent way to run a business and you’ll be surprised at how long-lasting equipment is when you take proper care of it.

Work with Professionals

To speed up the process and ensure that your tools are going to last as long as possible deal with a professional company to have tools cleaned and refinished with a good sturdy powder coat. You’ll have more colors to choose from, you won’t have to worry about mistakes trying to clean up your own equipment and you can get all your tools back faster than you would with many smaller shops. Those are the benefits of dealing with a well-respected professional company that knows how to take tools and make them work like new.

Stop tossing out old tools and equipment, especially things like wrenches, hammers and other solid tools that don’t have motors to burn out or other mechanical issues. It makes more sense to spend a bit to have them refinished than it does to throw them away, and that’s exactly what you should be doing.

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