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Is Powder Coating Best for Boat Metal Parts?

Posted on: August 29th, 2017 by byersbushblog

Boat metal parts are subjected to a variety of weather conditions aside from the salty water environment. This means that these parts need the best protection possible in order to preserve its beauty and shine. With this in mind, can powder coating boat metal parts be the right solution?

Coating Protection

coating protection

It is understandable that the initial reaction may be to sand and paint the boat metal parts. However, the process can take forever just to clean out all the dirt that has accumulated on these parts.

Sandblasting it before applying paint can be an option, but, how long can the paint withstand the cruel environment of land and sea?

When it comes to boat metal parts, powder coating is the best solution because it can deliver protection against the saltwater corrosion including the challenges posed by the basic elements of water, air, sunshine, and salt altogether.

Even stainless, aluminum, and other metal boat parts can benefit from the durable and superior finish that powder coating can provide.

The powder coated surface can be easily cleaned and maintained with the copper and brass work preserved with clear coating that can exude with shine and luster without having to polish or buff. The important thing is to make sure that the powder coating process is done properly.

Professional Coating Service

professional coating service

There is a notion that professional coating service can be costly. In reality, the total cost to have boat metal parts powder coated would basically be the same or even lesser than what it would take to prim and paint the materials. Factor in the reality that powder coating will deliver better result with comparatively less labor entailed.

The parts would of course have to be disassembled from the boat so that it can be prepped and treated with powder coat. Professional coating services can also inspect the condition of the parts to give you an honest evaluation and expectation of the end result.

For example, boat parts made from aluminum can release gas from the pits, which can cause small bubbles on the finish. Fortunately, professional services can ably cope with these conditions to preserve a smooth, uniform, and durable powder coat finish.

Coating Process

coating process

The powder coating process includes the baking of the metal parts at a temperature that is higher than the final coating would require. The higher temperature is necessary to deal with the potential outgassing. This baking process also makes it easier to clean out all the old sealant and putty from the boat metal parts.

After the parts have cooled down, it can then be subjected to sandblasting. By doing so, all the old unwanted materials that are stuck on the metal will be removed efficiently to come up with a satin-like finish that is ideal for the powder to stick to the metal.

The bare metal will have to be grounded before it is electrostatically sprayed with the charged powder. This ensures that the powder will cling to the metal parts and result in a uniform coat.

Once the metal parts are completely covered with powder, it can then be placed in the oven and baked. The powder stuck on the metal will melt and flow to create a smooth, film-like coat that is extremely durable once it solidifies. The coat will also be shiny aside from being tough so that it can last longer compared to any painted surface.

When this process is followed, there should be no marks of outgassing. This entire process can be done in possibly less than an hour or so. The price is also significantly lower compared to liquid paint finish. This entire process is applicable to other types of metals including stainless steel.

It is important to note that with powder coating, you have the choice of using standard gloss or any other type of color and texture. The variety of choices that powder coating presents is actually wider than what liquid paint can provide.

If you are thinking of powder coating boat metal parts, make sure that you bring it to Byers Bush Powder Coating to get the best result.

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