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Benefits of Powder Coating vs Environmental Issue

Posted on: March 16th, 2019 by byersbushblog

Do you have an item that you are considering painting or powder coating?  Are you unsure of which type of coating you prefer? Powder coating is a great option.  You may found benefits of powder coating, such as it seals and protects the item and prevents damage from moisture or corrosion.  Powder coating is available in many different colors, textures, and finishes, just like paint.

But what about the environmental impact?  Take this into consideration:  Even for environmental, powder coating is more beneficial than painting.  Powder coating provides a much more environmentally friendly alternative to painting.

Let’s take a look at these 5 ways in which powder coating is environmentally friendly.

benefits of powder coating

Benefits of Powder Coating: Reusable. 

Powder coating is applied by spraying it on, which means that some of the powder misses the item being coated and falls on the floor.

It doesn’t all stick to the part.  Does that sound wasteful? It’s not, because the unused powder can be collected and reused on another item.

Powder coating facilities always have a reclaim system in place that allows them to gather up the overspray and reuse it.  This keeps costs down while also reducing waste.

Benefits of Powder Coating: Reduces Hazardous Waste. 

When you compare powder coating to conventional liquid coating, you will see that powder coating creates significantly less hazardous waste than conventional liquid coating.

Think about what a hassle it is to dispose of leftover paint; your garbage man won’t even pick it up.  Powder coating is completely safe to handle and discard.  You can just pick up the overspray.

If there are any mistakes in the coating, you don’t need to use paint thinner to remove them.  Before the item is cured, you can just blow off the powder coating and spray again.

Benefits of Powder Coating: Considered To Be Non-Toxic. 

Paint is full of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).  VOCs have played a big role in damaging the ozone.  Powder coating has almost no VOCs, so it is much safer for the environment than paint.

Benefits of Powder Coating: Doesn’t Create Dangerous Fumes. 

Think about the chemical smell that is created when you paint a room; you have to open all the windows to let the fumes out.  Powder coating is non-toxic and does not fill the space with dangerous fumes.

You don’t even need to vent the exhaust to the outdoors when working with powder coating, because the air is clean and safe to breathe.  When the powder is airborne, it is nothing more than a nuisance dust.  It does not pose any serious risks.


Benefits of Powder Coating: Meets Environmental Regulations.  

There are many regulations in place that serve to ensure that chemicals and other materials do not damage the environment.  Powder coating processes comply with those environmental regulations.

The products are much easier and safer to work with than wet paint.  Finishing a product with powder coating instead of paint is a safer, more environmentally alternative option.

When you have an item to be powder coated, contact Byers Bush Powder Coating Inc.. We have been providing powder coating and sandblasting services in Toronto, Concord, Hamilton, BramptonMississauga, Oakville, Ontario for more than 40 years.

We are known for providing high-quality finishes and doing so with a quick turnaround time and excellent customer service. Before we coat your item, our team will inspect it.  They will check the condition of the item, and decide what needs to be done to prepare the item for powder coating. Our experienced and qualified team has the expertise that you need in order to achieve a perfect powder coated finish.

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