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Behind Byers Bush Quality Finishing – Top Level Suppliers

Posted on: March 12th, 2015 by byersbushblog

Byers Bush is a well-known sandblasting and powder coating company that offers its services to commercial and residential customers looking to protect their equipment and materials. The company offers reliable services and is known for all the options it can provide its customers. The company is capable of providing such a wide selection of colors and finishes because of its massive supplier network. Byers Bush has built up suppliers over the years and now has access to one of the largest and most reliable networks of any company in the industry.

A Reliable Supply

With a large supply network it’s not common for Byers Bush to run out of powder or to be low on options, even if one of the companies they rely on is running behind. That means that even if you have time-sensitive projects you can rely on Byers Bush to come through for you. They are reliable enough to use for commercial projects and typically offer accurate estimates for project completion as well.

Prism Powder

Prism Powder is one of the largest U.S. powder coating suppliers. This company is an experienced business that’s been running since 1990. It operates out of a massive state of the art 45,000 square foot facility. The company provides a wide range of powder coatings as well as specialty finishes that are unlike what most suppliers offer.

Protech Powder

Protech Powder is a well-known supplier of both thermoset and thermoplastic powder coating. This European company is a strong force in the global market, and supplies a variety of resins that you won’t find at many other companies.

Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams is a massive paint and powder coating company in the United States and they supply a range of coating types from Nylon to Silicone, to Polyurethane and several others under their Powdura brand. The company is known for offering quality products and has a massive range of products that it can offer to Byers Bush to in turn deliver to its customers.

Tiger Coatings

Tiger Coatings produces coating solutions for a wide range of industries. They have products that can be used in the Aerospace industry, in defense, architecture, tans, furniture, lighting and a variety of others as well. Their coating solutions are diverse and that’s what makes them a valuable partner. On top of supplying coating solutions for metal, they also have others to protect wood and glass from wear and tear as well. Their coatings have been used in a variety of different environments and tested with high quality results.

TCI Powder

TCI Powder is a large multi-country company that has facilities in the United States, Canada and Mexico. They offer a small selection of different colors depending on whether the coatings are used indoors and outdoors as well as the different finishes that you need. While the company does not offer a great number of different colors, all the different textures and designs set them apart as a company.

Erie Powder

Erie Powder is a Canadian supplier that offers batches of powder both small and large. They provide a range of colors, finishes and glosses to choose from. Their powders are available in seven different resins.

Thanks to all the suppliers that Byers Bush works with they can provide a wide range of colors and powder types to their customers. The real power of the company lies in their suppliers and they have a truly impressive selection working behind the scenes. When you first work with them you’ll notice all the different options that they have available and that’s what draws so many customers into the company.

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