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Effective Powder Coated Aluminum Beach Railing Systems

Posted on: August 27th, 2017 by byersbushblog

When talked about powder coated aluminum railing systems, have you ever experienced having beach railings powder coated and after just a few months it begins flaking and blistering? You know that there is something wrong with this picture, especially if a white chalky corrosion begins to appear on the aluminum rails.

Yes, powder coating beach railing can be challenging because of the coastal environment, but this should not happen if the process is done properly and by a reputable service provider.

powder coated problem

Powder coating beach railing when done properly will deliver a long-lasting finish that can last for a good number of years despite the coastal environment. The only drawback that can create a scenario like the one described above is when the material is not properly prepped before powder coating is applied.

It is unavoidable for pre-treatment errors to manifest once the material has been subjected to the elements. Chalking for example is an indication that the wrong type of powder has been used.

Normally, Epoxy powders are preferred for these types of applications because of its excellent resistance to chemicals and corrosion. However, using such a powder for materials that are exposed to UV light will normally result in chalking in around 4 to 6 months.

These types of mistakes are common when the powder coating provider is not experienced in the process or if you have treated it as a do-it-yourself project.

The amount you thought you have saved actually has resulted in more expenses and work for you since now, you will need to do things all over again with the additional work of sanding out the previously applied powder coat.

Proper Powder Coated Aluminum Beach Railing Systems

proper powder coating

So how should powder coating beach railing be done? The process is not that difficult and when left to the experts would actually give you more value for your money.

The process begins with the aluminum material being dipped in an alkaline solution in order to pre-treat the surface of the metal. The solution is designed to remove all the substrate of the mixed metals, contaminants, and oils that are on the surface. By doing this, the powder coat can correctly cling to the beach railing.

Once the surface is dry and free of contaminants, it can now receive a negative electric charge before it is rolled past powder application nozzles or subjected to a powder coating gun.

The powder has a positive electric charge so that it can wrap around the exposed surface of the metal. Over spraying is not a problem with this process because the powder can be collected and reused for future projects.

For better results, additional seal coating is applied using a non-phosphate, chrome-free liquid material that is suitable for zinc and aluminum alloys. This creates an almost colorless chemical that will dry in its place. The coat will have an excellent bond to deliver additional protection.

Powder coating beach railing would normally require baking at temperatures of 400 degrees to get that much needed adhesion and consistency of thickness. The resulting polyester material will remain resistant to UV so that it will not blister, peel, or flake. You even have the luxury of buffing the coat to bring back its shine.

Benefits of the Coat

benefits of the coat

In general, powder coating can be described as an advanced procedure of delivering protective and decorative finishes not only to beach railings, but to a wide array of consumer and industrial products.

Many metal items rely on powder coating so that it can be protected against harsh weather conditions. Beach railings would definitely benefit from the durability, color retention, and weather resistance of the process.

Using powder coating will also present benefits of environmental compliance due to the absence of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). When properly applied and baked, the finish is durable and free from chipping despite being exposed to UV light and salt water.

A probably, the most desired benefit of all in powder coating beach railing is that it will remain virtually maintenance free – so there is no need to regularly repaint it or reapply the coat.

To make sure that you get all these benefits and have the process done right, call on Byers Bush Powder Coating now.

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