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Best Powder Coating Equipment for Great Results

Posted on: December 27th, 2017 by byersbushblog

Locked and Loaded: Powder Coating Equipment

Our spray guns are locked and loaded!  We have the powder coating equipment needed to achieve results.  You need a powder coating system that goes beyond the competition.  To reach an “above and beyond” status, the proper tools are a fundamental requirement.  We will consider some of the equipment needed for proper powder coating.  And explain how the process works. (more…)

Perfect Color Match for Powder Coating

Posted on: December 24th, 2017 by byersbushblog

Choosing Powder Coating Color : Any Color, Anytime

Are you trying to find a the perfect color match?  Perhaps you are restoring an old car or modifying the engine.  Maybe you want your equipment to match the brand of your company logo.  Either way we want you to find that perfect color match.  This process can be intimidating.  There are so many options out there, color matching is not a simple process. (more…)

Process & Properties Guide of Powder Coating Thickness

Posted on: December 21st, 2017 by byersbushblog

The Properties of Powder Coating

Powder coating is a method of covering a surface with a dry polymer-based powder that gels when heated and hardens once cooled.  This powder flows freely upon the surface covering its entirety.  No solvents are needed as it is not a liquid. (more…)

Is Powder Coating Heat Resistant?

Posted on: December 19th, 2017 by byersbushblog

The powder coating process is generally considered as a dry paint finishing solution primarily because there are no solvents used or mixed in to achieve that excellent finish. The performance however is far better than what traditional paint finish or metal coating can deliver. The question though is whether powder coating is heat resistant. (more…)

Powder Coating Preparation Process

Posted on: December 16th, 2017 by byersbushblog

You may have already heard about how great the powder coating process is and how much protection it can give to your materials. However, are you aware that there is a preparation process that must be done before any material can be powder coated? What is this? (more…)