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Powder Coating Swing Sets

Posted on: May 18th, 2017 by byersbushblog

Almost every adult has a beautiful memory with swing sets, right? Not only are they fun and fantastic outdoor furniture, they also provide children with an avenue to make friends. In an age where children are subjected to TV, computers, and other devices, encouraging children to go outside and to play seems to be a daunting task. How can you improve and protect the look of these swing sets?

The Need for Protection

Usually the swing sets that we see in municipal parks, schoolyards, or even in private homes are colorful and grab your attention. That is of course if it is properly kept, otherwise, you see swing sets that are rusty and almost dilapidated. Why does this happen?

Swing sets are actually made from smaller components that individually require proper maintenance. It has metal fixtures like metal braces and connector brackets that hold all the parts together. Since these components are made from metal, the time will come that it will be damaged by rust and corrosion.

To ensure that the swing sets remain functional for a long time and durable, all of its components need proper protection. How do you do it?

Enter Powder Coating

When it comes to the protection of metal, powder coating ranks as one of the most preferred. This holds true especially for furniture and fixtures that are exposed to the environment and changing weather conditions constantly. In recent years powder coating has played an integral role in protecting metal parts like those of swing sets to keep it beautiful and functional.

There are of course swing set components that are made from vinyl and not just metal. So you need to consider protection for these parts as well. But as far as the metal components are concerned, powder coating remains one of your best choice for protection. Why is this?

Properly done by a competent powder coating service, swing sets can look like they are painted over but actually uses a different coating technique. As a decorative finish, applying powder coating gives you more liberty in the choices of colors and textures that you can use. If it is good for industrial and farm equipment, it can protect your swing sets too.

What You Get

What does powder coating hold for you? If you choose to use it for your swing sets, you get a fun outdoor equipment that becomes low maintenance. Powder coating has earned a reputation for delivering durable protection that is resistant not only to corrosion, but also to chemicals and weather. Compared to other liquid coating solutions, powder coating comes out on top most of the time.

Having a virtually maintenance-free swing set is a definite advantage that does not need further explanation. However, in the interest of showing why powder coating is the best option; the swing sets will be protected without having to rely on solvents that act as binders and as far as volatile organic compounds are concerned, there are virtually none.

If outdoor barbeques, garden equipment, and patio furniture rely on powder coating, why shouldn’t you choose this coating technique for your swing sets? The electrostatically charged particles from the pulverized resin and pigment that is sprayed on the surface of the swing set components stick by ensuring that the surface of these components are electrically grounded.Without these conditions, it would be difficult to ensure proper adherence to the dry surface of the components.

The components will then be subjected to heating to melt and fuse the powder to the surface of the components to create a coating that is similar to liquid paint, but is more durable yet equally beautiful. All that is left now is to ensure that you get the right powder coating service to do the job.

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How to Know You Are Hiring a Professional Contractor

Posted on: May 15th, 2017 by byersbushblog

Regardless of the job that you want to accomplish, one of the key factors to ensure that you get the right result is to hire the right contractor. How do you do this and what are the things that you should look for? The greatest challenge in finding the right powder coating contractor if you are not an industry expert is to be able to ask the right questions from a prospect. What are these questions that you should ask?

How long have you been doing this?

Confidence in the contractor you are hiring is one of the foremost requisites. Establishing how long the contractor has been working in the powder coating industry helps to reinforce this level of confidence. Experience in working with various powder coating projects is a very valuable skill for a contractor to have. An experienced contractor means that he has worked on both small and large coating jobs. Why is this important? Experienced contractors will be able to anticipate potential problems ensuring adherence to the project timeline.

Do you have sample products?

Aside from the experience, you need to establish the skill sets of the contractor. It would be unreasonable to assume that just because a contractor has worked with powder coating for a long time that he is good. Having a reliable and trustworthy contractor is like getting the best of both worlds. So how do you check the skills of the contractor? Ask to look at some of his sample products. If they are from a substantially far location you can ask to check their website for work samples.

This gives you two very important details about the contractor. First, it helps to establish legitimacy of the contractor’s business. Second is that it gives you a gallery to see the different facets of the contractor’s work. In a world that almost evolves around the Internet, a powder contractor without a website should raise additional questions.

Do you hire subcontractors?

What is the importance of asking this question from prospective contractors? You may have established the reliability and trustworthiness of the contractor you have chosen, but how much do you know about its subcontractors? Sometimes, especially for big projects, it is a smart idea to use subcontractors.

However, when it comes to powder coating, hiring a subcontractor is not really a necessity since big items are normally broken down to smaller pieces before being coated. But in case a subcontractor comes into the picture, you will need to ask these same sets of questions from them.

Do you use your own equipment?

It is not a far-fetched idea that a contractor does not have its own equipment. Some contractors may find it more reasonable to rent an equipment rather buy and maintain one. Most of the time though, legitimate contractors that have a huge experience working in the powder coating industry have their own equipment.

Who are the references that I can call?

Asking for references is always a good practice. Most reputable contractors would be forthcoming with their references and even put them on their website so customers do not have to ask for it. The challenge really is knowing whether these references are real or not. For many clients though, a reference list is more of an assurance or for peace of mind since not all do the call.

These are just some of the questions that you can ask from prospective contractors. Other questions may arise during the course of your discussion. The point is that everybody deserves to work with a reputable and if possible the best powder coating contractor.

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General Care for Your Powder Coated Materials

Posted on: May 12th, 2017 by byersbushblog

What is one of the best options you can consider as a protective coating for metal patio, yard structures, and other similar materials? Based on all available options, powder coating has been proven as one of the best options to deliver general care for various types of materials. This is because it is considered as one of the most durable coating solutions available today with the process remaining virtually chemical-free. This means that it is great for the environment as well as the people around it. So let’s explore how we can provide general care for powder coated materials.

Preventing Coating Damage

One of the most important things to remember when working with powder coating is to be able to preserve the metal coating by protecting it against wear and tear that is normally brought about by aging. So avoid slamming the metal together or against other materials. For tables and chairs, do not drag or drop them when moving them around. Using decorative elements as a protective cover for lawn furniture and similar items will serve as an additional level of protection. If you have deck hand railings as well as brass spiral staircases, make sure that heavy items do not drag against them or clinked along its sides.

Protection against the Elements

Powder coating solution is commonly used with outdoor furniture. This is because powder coats are considered more durable compared to other powder coating solutions. However, this does not mean that the powder coated metal furniture should just be left outdoors to face the changing and brutal weather conditions.

With the ever changing weather conditions that we experience today like whipping winds, heavy snow, and extreme heat, it is not surprising that metal furniture becomes degraded easily. The thing is that these changing conditions can happen within the course of a year. So this means that your metal furniture can have a shortened life span. This is why protecting patio and deck furniture with coverings becomes necessary. The covering should be made from weather resistant material so that it will be strong enough despite being exposed to the elements. When extremely harsh weather happens, it is best to store your outdoor metal furniture first to protect it from damage.

Regular Cleaning

Just like almost everything else, doing regular cleaning will help. This is true even for powder coated materials. Do not be afraid that the powder coating may be worn out by the regular cleaning. On the contrary, regular cleaning can help improve its protection and extend the life of the coating. For example, if you live near salt water, regularly cleaning powder coated outdoor furniture can help ward off rust and corrosion and unnecessary degrading of the coating.

Cleaning as a preventive maintenance is quite easy to do. You can begin by hosing down the metal furniture or structure with plain water. You can then wipe it down with a clean sponge using a non-abrasive liquid detergent diluted with warm water. It should then be rinsed thoroughly with plain water. You can choose to air dry it under the sun or wipe it down with a clean, dry cloth.

Refinishing the Pieces

Another way to properly care for powder coated materials is to refinish it. The great news is that the powder coating finish can last for a significantly long time, which means that refinishing does not have to be done often. Usually only after a couple of years or so. This is also a great solution in restoring old materials or updating its look to have that brand new appeal. Refinishing metal is done by sandblasting it before applying the powder coat to ensure that the old coating is removed as well as clean away rust, corrosion, and other damage to the metal.

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Powder Coating Excavator for More Durability

Posted on: May 1st, 2017 by byersbushblog

There are typically many advantages associated with the use of powder coating technology. This is true even when held against the more conventional liquid paint coating method. In fact, the popularity and reliability of powder coating makes one assume that powder coating taking on the place of paints for all finishing may not be far behind.

Of course there will always be drawbacks, but to make sense of it all, you need to ensure that the drawbacks are not as significant as the advantages. When it comes to equipment, powder coating excavator makes sense from the standpoint of durability.

Durable Coating

One of the established benefits of powder coating is its durability. This has been proven as powder coated materials withstand harsh environments and still come out beautiful after a substantial amount of time. Powder coating also leaves a high-quality finish for all the products that it comes in contact with.

Is powder coating suitable for agricultural and industrial equipment? The powder coating process allows for the protection of even the toughest and roughest machineries in use today. This means that this coating process is not only suitable for household items or furniture. The durable finish delivered by powder coating is significantly stronger than that of liquid paints; something that can be put to good use for an excavator and similar equipment. The beautiful finish can be taken as a bonus of the application.

One thing that is very important to note though is that the powder coater products (when done correctly) will exhibit resistance to diminished coating quality that tends to happen because of the moisture, chemicals, impact, ultraviolet light, and other extreme conditions that can affect it. Therefore a powder coated excavator will experience reduced risk of chipping, scratches, fading, abrasion, corrosion, and other issues of wear and tear.

Ultimately, you have an end-product that is tough, looks great, and can be expected to last for a long time. On top of this, you also embrace a process that is friendly to the environment.

Thermoplastic and Thermoset

Powder coating normally uses either thermoplastic or thermoset coatings. The thermoplastic coating is commonly used for items that may have to be remolded while thermoset coatings are applied to items that basically remain permanent. What is the difference?

Based on the process, the main difference between the two is the reversibility of the coat. For thermoset coatings, the powder cannot be melted again after going through the chemical bonding process. This cannot be said with thermoplastic coatings since there is no chemical bonding involved.

This means that thermoset would be ideal for electronics and appliances because of the need to withstand tremendous amounts of heat. Using thermoplastic may cause the coating to melt. Both coating processes have different chemical properties that make them ideal for a wide range of applications.

These properties will help you to decide on the type of process that would be applicable to your needs. For example, thermosets are capable of reinforcing the structural integrity of materials, which makes it suitable for items that are subjected to heavy wear and tear; like excavators and heavy equipment for example. Thermosets also supply the objects with superior resistance to heat and chemicals. Thermoplastics on the other hand provide both flexibility and strength, which is why it is often preferred for mechanical parts and plastic bags.

Selecting the Proper Coating

The process of selecting the proper coating for you application eventually boils down to a cooperative decision between you and the powder formulator or supplier. The development of the coating for a specific application takes into account a number of factors.

For example, the formulator would need to evaluate if high pencil hardness as well as resistance to weather would be required. Does superior chemical resistance come into play or will the over bake yellowing resistance be compromised? There are many other considerations that would have to be evaluated like temperature, cure time, substrate type, treatment, and application method.

After all of the necessary information and requirements have been provided by the end user the formulator can then begin providing the appropriate recommendations.

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