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Overview of Safety and Regulations for Powder Coating

Posted on: April 28th, 2017 by byersbushblog

No matter how experienced the contractor is, there will always be a potential safety issue involved in the powder coating process. It does not matter if you are powder coating tractor or garden furniture, safety precautions need to be taken for the operator, the premises, and the object being powder coated. Do you know some of these safety regulations?

Production Process

How familiar are you with the powder coating process? It is undoubtedly one of the more popular coating processes used in the metal manufacturing sector. It has been preferred for over 30 years because of the efficiency of the coating it produces that offers ample protection against corrosion while maintaining a beautiful finish. This is obviously something very important for tractors, which are used and exposed to the harsh elements of the environment constantly.

The process does not create volatile organic compounds (VOC) at the application stage so manufacturers consider powder coating as an environmentally friendly technology. However, this does not change the fact that it remains as a production process. This means that anything within the manufacturing facility should be of concern in terms of safety.

The powder may look harmless enough, but there is still a potential for combustion. This can be in the form of the mixture of powder-to-air found in the application gun. What is the ignition source? The potential source can be poor grounding and the oxygen contained in the compressed air that is supplied to the application booth.

This information should provide a general idea on how to improve the safety and functionality of the powder coating line, especially when working with huge machinery.

Danger in the Booth

There is a potential danger from within the booth in the form of a possible fire. The powder paint is non-flammable, but when it turns into an atomized state, it can start and support a fire. What adds to this danger is the relative difficulty in recognizing the conditions that can result in combustion.

When there are ungrounded parts in the booth and the equipment acts as the capacitor when subjected to an electrostatic field, there could be a saturation of the ungrounded object. This causes the discharge of energy to the ground creating a spark or an arc. When this happens in a section where the mixture is right, the release of the energy will serve as the ignition source of the fire.

The regular cleaning of the powder that builds up from the fixtures and racks will help improve the overall safety of the manufacturing area. When too much powder coating accumulates on the metal fixture, it creates resistance to grounding. When working with large pieces of metals like those of a tractor, this scenario cannot be far behind.

Having a cleaning schedule using blasting, stripping, or burn off will reduce the risk of combustion within the powder coating booth. It will also resolve the problem of poor grounding to help prevent the possibility of fire.

Dust Cleaning

It is often considered normal for dust to stay on the manufacturing floor. However, this can also be a very dangerous scenario to have. Why? It does not matter if it is nonmetallic or metallic, dust has the probability of catching fire and exploding when it mixes with the air. Under normal circumstances these materials may not be considered combustible. But if the right particle size, concentration, and presence of ignition suddenly combine together, then you will have a very flammable situation in your hands. Can you imagine how much dust can accumulate when trying to powder coat the huge pieces of a tractor?

This is why the regulations covering systems and facility design requires that a portion of the facility interior where dust may reside should have sufficient depth of about 5% or more of the floor area. This will prevent dust explosion from causing fires. Every manufacturing facility should be able to apply acceptable cleaning methods in maintaining security. Normally, vacuuming is the preferred method in dealing with dusts.

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Giving New Look To Your Kitchen Sink With Powder Coating

Posted on: April 25th, 2017 by byersbushblog

Do you have an old kitchen sink that you want to refinish? Are you aware that there are other options than simply top coating your old kitchen sink? If you have not considered it yet, powder coating is an extremely viable solution to restoring the beauty of your old and possibly stained kitchen sink. To ensure that the refinish is done properly, powder coating kitchen sink should be done by a professional. Take a look and explore this possibility.

Powder Coating Finish

The reality is that simply applying a top coat to refinish an old kitchen sink will not work. The top coat is a softer type of coating that will not last much when subjected to the bump and grind of daily kitchen work. So you need to explore better alternatives so you don’t end up wasting your money.

A kitchen sink makes use of the same type of coat that you see in an enameled steel bathtub. This type of coating is known as porcelain enamel, which is a type of powder coating. Surprised? This process allows the powder coating to be melted into the steel so it comes out as an extremely hard finish that is air dried. It is similar to moisture cure polyurethane paints or epoxy paint that delivers the hardest type of coating. This is why powder coating finish is a good choice for refinishing your old sink.

If you pursue the top coat route, yes the sink will have that great new look for a while, but you will have to refinish it again after a short while since the coat will simply not be hard and durable enough. Powder coating kitchen sink is the way to go.

The Technology

When it comes to powder coating, the existing technology will involve the electrostatically spray painting process. This means a combination of electrically charged plastic resins and colored pigments that are sprayed on an object surface that has an opposite charge.

The plastic resins and pigments will mostly attach to the surface of the object to create the thinnest possible coating layer. The highest electrical charge will be used to ensure that the sprayed particles will be attracted to the surface. This will result in an extremely uniform coating surface over the target object.

The coated object will then undergo a heating process until all of the plastic resins are melted and fused together. The colored pigment particles will remain suspended within the molten plastic. As the coated object begins to cool down, the plastic will be begin to solidify. You will then get a powder coat that is at least 3 times harder and stronger than any air dried epoxy paint coating.

Different Coatings

Is there any difference between powder coating, ceramic coating, and porcelain enamels? The main difference among all of these coating types is just the temperature used for baking the coating. When it comes to baking coating, the general rule is that the higher the temperature, the harder and more durable the coating becomes.

In an average home, the hardest coating may be the ceramic coating that is found in your oven. This special form of powder coating is baked at 1300 degrees just like porcelain enamels. Standard powder coating is baked at around 350 to 400 degrees while porcelain enamels are baked anywhere from 700 to 900 degrees. To apply ceramic coating on large objects like kitchen sinks you will need a huge high temperature oven, which can be quite expensive.

Powder coating technology has gone a long way since it started. The technology now even allows powder coating on non-metallic objects like wood. And this has just contributed to the increased preference and popularity of powder coating.

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Powder Coating Garden Furniture for Best Quality Protection

Posted on: April 9th, 2017 by byersbushblog

Did you know that powder coated aluminum is commonly used in the construction of garden furniture frames? These types of garden furniture are known for being lightweight and durable aside from being environmentally friendly. The garden furniture can also easily blend together with whatever design you have because of the many options available.

Better for Furniture Frame

Sometimes people would wonder if aluminum or powder coated steel would be better for furniture frames. If you have a garden wicker furniture, the common concern would be on the side of the quality of the frame. It is undeniable that many people would rather have an aluminum frame because they want it to be rust-free. However, are you aware that powder coated steel is actually not a bad choice?

Are you aware that steel furniture was the “in” thing before aluminum was introduced in the furniture industry during the mid-20th century? Steel was widely preferred for its toughness making it difficult to bend or be dented. This means there is less worry about the furniture giving in when 3 to 4 adults would sit at the same time. However, the main worry about the steel furniture is that it is prone to corrosion especially when you live in an environment where it can easily get in contact with water.

With rust, it is not only the frame that will be damaged, but, you may also see rusty water stains on the wicker weave of your furniture. Manufacturers started looking at the possibility of using powder coating on the steel frame to protect the furniture from rust. The coating gives the steel an added layer of protection from the outside, but not from the inside. A good selling point for steel though is that it is significantly cheaper compared to aluminum, allowing you to buy 2 to 3 sets for the same amount of aluminum furniture.

Although aluminum is widely preferred for outdoor garden furniture, you need to exert an effort in cleaning it to ensure that it lasts a long time. You have to use a mild dish detergent solution diluted in warm water. With powder coated steel, you get a stronger and cheaper garden furniture that requires minimal cleaning and caring. With a clear coat, you will be able to give the garden furniture an additional finish that will make it even more beautiful.

Benefits for Furniture

In case you have never considered powder coating garden furniture to replace conventional painting processes, it would be good to note that it is not only efficient, but also extremely affordable. If you want crisp, durable, and beautifully finished furniture, then powder coating is obviously something you must consider. So if you still have some doubts, here are some benefits that powder coating can give your garden furniture.

  • Improved Weather Resistance – it does not matter if you are facing blistering heat or pouring rain, you can be sure that powder coating will never fail you. The finish of powder coating will rarely fade even if it is 20 years old. You can simply coat it and just forget about it.
  • Sensitive to the Environment – compared to other coating techniques like conventional paints, powder coating does not have chemical solvents that can harm the environment or the water supply. The great news is that all the excess coating from the previous application can be recycled to minimize the waste.
  • Variety of Applications – powder coating is also a great choice for both outdoor and indoor applications. The effectiveness of the coating with metal surfaces and outdoor furniture is comparable to the best types of coating processes in the world. It would be good to know that it can also be used on non-metallic surface and still produce high quality results.
  • Excellent Finish – if you are looking for an excellent and long-lasting finish that is a fraction of the cost of other coating procedures, then you definitely need powder coating. An added bonus is that there are almost limitless choices that will match every color scheme.

To make sure that powder coating garden furniture is done right, call Byers Bush and get your garden furniture powder coated for a long luxurious looks even after long exposure in extreme weather condition that can cause rust attack.

Powder Coating Fitness Equipment

Posted on: April 6th, 2017 by byersbushblog

It does not matter if you have a whole lot of fitness equipment or just a few pieces, you have to consider the best protection based on the amount of your investment. This is why it is often recommended to use the technologically advanced powder coating process. Powder coating fitness equipment will result in a durable and clean finish if done properly. You can also ensure that you have an environmental friendly atmosphere for exercising and getting healthy. Let’s take a look at other related issues.

Extensive Protection

When we talk about fitness equipment, we automatically think of something made from steel. It may be a treadmill, barbells, or a bicycle, all of these can be prone to abrasion and corrosion. This is one of the reasons why you should powder coat your fitness equipment.

The finish provided by powder coating gives the equipment resistance to these threats with a bonus of excellent color integrity that is guaranteed to last for an extremely long time. The durable exterior finish of powder coating means you do not have to worry about chipping or cracking as you use your fitness equipment in the gym or on the road.

Want to match the color of your fitness equipment with the interior of your gym? No problem, powder coating gives you a wide choice of colors that can be applied to the finish. You may also choose specific textures or finishes for your equipment. When done by a professional, you may also avail of powder coating solutions that will help get rid of squeaks and noise that are commonly heard from fitness equipment.

In essence, it is like you are benefitting from a self-lubricating effect. You do not even have to worry about hard to reach areas because professionals have been trained to ensure that every inch of your fitness equipment gets the proper amount of coating. You have plastic parts on your equipment? The good news is that powder coating can also be used to deliver an excellent finish on plastic machine parts.

The Coating Advantages

Essentially, when we talk about powder coating, we are talking about a dry coating process that makes use of a free-flowing dry powder that does not need solvent. It makes use of electrostatic energy or a fluidized bed combined with a curing oven to melt the powder and create a thin film-like surface that is more durable than conventional paint.

This gives your fitness equipment the advantages of:

  • Not being subjected to Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC);
  • Having thicker coatings than any conventional liquid coating can create and without the sagging or running effect;
  • Being sprayed and over sprayed while having the ability to recycle the powder and achieve close to 100% usage; and
  • Having a more uniform coat both horizontally and vertically compared to other liquid coating procedures.

The Process

So how will powder coating fitness equipment go? The process is not as complicated as you may initially think.

  1. Pretreatment is a must if you want to get a good quality finish. All parts that will be powder coated will be subjected to a high temperature iron phosphate rinse in order to protect it from corrosion in the future.
  2. One everything has been pre-cleaned, a special electrostatic spray gun will be used to apply a thin layer of powder with the help of anywhere from 30,000 to 90,000 volts of energy. This will allow the powder to stick to the pre-heated surface of the parts to be coated.
  3. Using static electricity, the coated parts will be oven baked in temperatures ranging from 375 to 415 degrees. This is where the dry powder is melted to an almost gel-like state to be subjected to further curing so that it can harden and create a tough plastic-like coat.

To make sure that the final coat is completely hard and has no porosity, the powder coating process should be handled by an experienced professional like Byers Bush Powder Coating. Contact Byers Bush today to let us give you a high performance powder coating for your fitness equipment and stay fit with your fitness investment for a long time without worrying about corrosion.

Giving More Protection for Your Golf Club

Posted on: April 3rd, 2017 by byersbushblog

Powder coating has certainly gained wide acceptance in various industries that range from appliance manufacturing to sporting goods supplies. Even everyday products can now be subjected to powder coating processes. The powder coating process is also often known as dry painting because of the method it uses in applying protective color finishes on the product. Pigments and resins are used in the process with the help of static energy and heat. Is powder coating golf equipment the right way to go?

Superior Coating

Do you agree that powder coating is superior? With the amount of investment that you placed on your golf equipment, don’t you think it deserves superior coating? But why is powder coating considered superior?

Essentially, powder coating is considered as an advanced process of applying decorative and protective finishes on almost all types of metals used by industries and consumers alike. The powder is actually a mixture of finely ground pigment and resin particles that have been electrostatically sprayed on the surface of the material that needs coating.

As the charged powder particles hit the surface of the material, it begins to adhere. The powder will then be heated to ensure that it fuses onto the material surface to create a smoot finish. Heating is normally done with a curing oven to ensure that the resulting coat is durable, uniform, attractive, and high quality. The superior quality of powder coating makes it one of the fastest growing finishing methods today. So, shouldn’t your golf equipment get superior coating?

Track Record of Quality

The truth is that powder coating is not a completely new finishing process. This process was first introduced in the mid-1950s and gained popularity by the 1980’s up until the 1990’s where it became an established part of the coating industry.

The track record of quality provided by powder coating has allowed it to extend its reach to the farming industry where farmers have powder coated farm equipment like tractors. For fitness enthusiasts, golf clubs, golf carts, and other equipment and sporting goods have been the subject of powder coating. In commercial shops, offices, homes, and industries, almost every piece of equipment, tool, or accessory can undergo powder coating. Why is it preferred?

Durable Coating

The preference for powder coating by businesses, industries, and consumers is based on the durable, long lasting, economical, and high quality finish that it delivers. It is equally important to note that surfaces that have been powder coated become resistant to chipping, fading, wearing, and scratching compared to other types of finishing processes.

When it comes to color selection, you will have virtually unlimited choices with satin, high gloss, gloss, flat, and metallic finish among others. The colors produced by powder coating are also brighter and more vibrant. There are also a variety of texture selections that can be chosen so that imperfections of the surface can be hidden.

Turnaround Time

Just how long will it take to get your equipment powder coated? Estimating the turnaround time would be quite difficult, but on the average, this would be anywhere from 3 to 4 days if done by a professional. This can of course extend to 8 to 10 days depending on the actual amount of work you want done.

The good thing with allowing professional do the job is that you can be sure that aside from quality, they exert an effort to shorten the turnaround time. Normally, 2 weeks would be the longest time that you would have to wait to have your equipment powder coated. Some professionals do accept rush jobs, but you would have to pay an extra charge of roughly 50% of the original amount.

If you need more information on powder coating golf equipment and other materials, contact Byers Bush, we are a professional in giving metal corrosion prevention coating for your valuable investment.