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Restoring Rusty Metal Furniture with Sandblasting Cleaning

Posted on: September 28th, 2016 by byersbushblog

There is nothing more difficult than trying to bring old corroded metal furniture back to life. It’s rough, it has small bit flaking off, it’s often greasy and it definitely doesn’t look attractive.

It doesn’t matter if you are trying to complete a project for home, or you are restoring items for your business, the process is going to be time consuming and difficult and in many instances you will be left with subpar results as well.

That is why you need to hire a company to sandblast the items and get them properly cleaned.

Why Sandblasting?

There is nothing quite like sandblasting to get metal cleaned up and into a like-new condition. The abrasive particles remove every little bit of rust, grease and other compounds stuck to the surface of the metal. The end-result is a shiny smooth surface that you can easily treat to keep corrosion at bay for many years to come.

There are even different blasting media options to remove more or less rust and other deformities to help achieve a fast cleanup process. Not only will the metal get cleaner than it would with any other method, but it will cleanup quickly and easily, making the whole process relatively affordable for you to pay for.

Why Hire Pros?

It’s possible to get a sandblasting setup that will do a good job of cleaning up your metallic objects right at home, and it won’t cost you a fortune to do it either. Unfortunately this type of amateur setup is going to put your health at risk.

There’s just no way to protect yourself against the sand debris getting into the air that you breathe while doing the work. Proper companies rely on advanced ventilation equipment and protective cabinets to minimize these particles; standard painting filtration masks just aren’t good enough to keep you from breathing in this harmful debris, which can cause problems over time. For safety purposes it’s vital that you hire professional to handle sandblasting for you.

Protect Those Items

It’s vitally important that you protectively coat the metal after you have it sanded down to the bare surface once again. If you don’t have it protected right away it will suffer from almost immediate oxidation.

That is because bare metal oxidizes just by being in contact with the air around you. It must be protected with something to help preserve it over time. That’s why it’s so helpful to hire a company that offers protection like painting or powder coating, as well as a sand blasting service.

Look for a Combined Solution

To save yourself time and effort and probably money as well, it makes sense to look for a company that will sandblast your items and then protectively coat them as well. Some companies offer combination sandblasting and painting services, but in many instances you are better off going with sandblasting and powder coating services instead. These will help preserve your items more effectively over the long-term, which is exactly what you want when you are trying to keep restored items looking like new once again.

If you want the very best looking finished product, you will spend the money to have them sandblasted clean and smooth. This gives you the best overall protective finish in the end, and will leave you with pieces that you are thrilled with. Sure it costs more to pay experts to do the work for you, though it will save you time.

You are not only paying for the convenience of the work getting done without your input, but you are also paying to get those professional results that are going to keep your pieces in better shape over time, which is worth the expense all on its own. So pay experts to clean up and protectively coat that furniture, and you will be using it for much longer than you ever thought possible.

When your metal furniture got rust attack, do not immediately throw it away! Contact Byers Bush instead, a professional company in sandblasting and giving metal equipment a protective powder coat shield against rust attack.

Renew Your Vehicle Wheels by Sandblasting and Powder Coating

Posted on: September 26th, 2016 by byersbushblog

Over time even the best of wheels are going to wear out, corrode and become unsightly. That is why most vehicles come with protective coverings over top of them. Eventually the wheels are going to suffer from corrosion and wear, even with that additional protection.

It’s just the way of nature, and it’s something that you will have to fight back against if you want the full lifespan out of those rolling beauties. To make sure that you get the most life out of your wheels, have them protectively coated as soon as they begin suffering from corrosion.

Look for Signs of Corrosion

There is no reason to coat wheels that are doing fine holding off the weather. That’s why it is up to you to check on the wheels once every few months to look for any signs of corrosion. This could be chipping, and spots of orange forming around the edges of the wheel.

You will notice small patches of corrosion first, and eventually they will spread while getting deeper into the wheel. You want to have them removed and the wheel treated before the rust has a chance to spread very far. If you remember to check them regularly you should have no trouble protecting them before there is an issue at all.

Sandblast the Wheels Down

There are plenty of ways to remove rust, but the best is a sandblaster. Sandblasters beat out grinders, wire wheels and all the other common tools that refinishers use. So if you were thinking of removing the rust the old-fashioned way, forget about it. Hire a company to sandblast those wheels down for you. You will end up with a beautiful finish that you are proud of, and they will be ready to be protectively coated as well.

Sandblasting is dangerous for you to attempt on your own, even if you can obtain a setup to do so very affordably. That’s why you should always pay someone else to take care of the task for you, so you don’t have to worry about breathing in the dust and debris that’s released into the air during sandblasting. The last thing you want to do is breathe in the silica released during sandblasting, or you risk getting silicosis.


Have them Protectively Coated

Once the wheels are all cleaned off and they look shiny and now it’s time to protect them against future corrosion. Make sure to apply protection as soon as possible because they will suffer surface oxidation very shortly after being treated. There are a few different ways to protect wheels, but the two

Get them Back in Use!

Now you’ve gone through all the trouble of having your wheels refinished and they look amazing. It’s time to slap them back on your vehicle and show them off to the world. With your new coating you won’t’ have to worry too much about corrosion or weathering for years to come, and you will have the same reliable wheels that you’ve been using all along. The best part is that you don’t have to spend the money to get a whole new set, which would undoubtedly be more expensive, and those old wheels have sentimental value right?

Just make sure that you deal with a professional when you have your wheels refinished, and you’ll get more life out of them while giving them a cool custom look in the process.

Sandblasting is a delicate process that must be done carefully to keep everyone involved safe, and to get you the results that you want, but a good expert should be used for the painting or powder coating that needs to be done after to make sure that you get the results you are truly after.

Contact Byers Bush to get your corroded vehicle wheels a new look by sandblasting and shield protect it with powder coat by a professional powder coating company in Mississauga.

Preserve Your Outdoor Space with Weather Protection Coating

Posted on: September 24th, 2016 by byersbushblog

Whether you are in a business or personal setting, it is important to spend the time and money properly preserving your outdoor space against the elements. This means your furniture, décor, walkways and anything else that you make use of outdoors.

It’s time consuming to make sure that everything remains in good shape, but the time and the money involved are worth it, because you  will get many more years of performance out of that outdoor space before you have to invest in making any serious replacements. You will end up saving money and you will be thrilled that you did thanks to some pretty minor investments overall.

Paint or Cover wood

Wood is a remarkably resilient material that can go years without rotting when you choose the right type, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go the extra mile and also work to protect it further. Whether you have playground equipment, decking or exposed beams used in your outdoor décor, it’s important that you protect all those surfaces properly.

Take the time and invest in sealants and protective paints to help block the surfaces so that moisture does not seep down in. Stains, oils and paints all work well to protect wood surfaces. The type of protectant you use depends on the end appearance that you want, but either way, you need to make sure you are using something to get the most out of your investment in wooden surfaces and furniture.

Powder Coat Metal Surfaces

There are few coating types better than a good powder coat when it comes to preserving the quality of metal objects. That is because the coating covers every single part of the metal when it’s prepared properly, and it holds up exceedingly well over time. When properly coated it’s possible for the metal to remain in pristine condition for many years after the initial coating.

Even though a good powder coating is highly effective for preventing corrosion, and it does a better job than coatings like grease or paint, it must be applied by a professional if you want high quality results. Only a professional knows how to go through the proper preparation steps, and to apply the coating in such a way that it isn’t going to wear right out. It’s difficult to do right, but when it is it is well worth the cost and the time involved in the process.

You can use the coating on benches, railings, chairs, fencing and any other metallic outdoor surfaces that you want to protect against corrosion.

Seal Pathways and Driveways

Any asphalt driveways or pathways that you use around the outside of your building need to be protected carefully. Each year they should be properly sealed against the elements. If moisture is allowed to seep down into the surface of the asphalt it can lead to cracking and other issues that will rapidly age the surface. That is why it’s up to you to take the initiative to properly protect those surfaces so they continue to offer the same level of performance that people have come to enjoy.

Any outdoor landscape must be maintained carefully against the elements for it to continue looking and performing properly. It’s important for you to know how to keep it in good shape properly, or you will be replacing materials sooner than they actually need to be replaced, and spending a bunch more money in the process.

You will be thankful that you took the time to properly seal up and protect your outdoor surfaces, when other people are making replacements and your items are still going strong. Take the time to properly care for your space and you will be able to cut down costs and time overall.

Contact Byers Bush to get the maximum benefits of your outdoor equipment with high performance powder coating that offer a quality finish with easy integration for all types of surfaces.

Preserve Your Boat Trailer with Powder Coating

Posted on: September 22nd, 2016 by byersbushblog

Boat trailers often rust away very quickly during regular use. That is because they are in moisture often and many are used in salt water which only speeds up the process. It’s something that can be slowed with proper protection, but only some boat owners bother to take the time to really protect their trailers.

If you own a boat trailer you can save a great deal of money by having it professionally powder coated. You will spend a bit more money in the beginning, but that early expense will save you big time over time as your trailer remains in excellent shape.

The Benefits of a Powder Coat

A powder coating is one of the best ways to protect against moisture and salt when it comes to metal. While paint can also be used, it just isn’t as durable overall. That’s mostly because a powder coat is thicker and more elastic than paint is.

It isn’t as likely to crack in most instances and will actually continue to offer protection even after a major impact. That means that you can protect your trailer from corrosion over time by having it coated professionally, and it will stand up to regular use without allowing moisture to get down to where the metal is located.

Why Professionally?

While some people have success powder coating smaller objects such as hardware at home, coating something as large as a boat trailer is another story entirely. That is because the process is much more complicated for large objects and only a professional company has the equipment to do it properly.

If you want to maximize the life of your trailer you should seek out help from a professional to make sure that the coating is applied properly. Once it has been applied, the trailer will stand up to harsh use and will take much longer to rust than it would have before it was protected.

Reapply the Coating

A good quality powder coat is good for years of protection, but eventually even the best will fail. When that time comes around it’s important to ensure that you have it recoated once again to protect against rust and corrosion.

To avoid too much damage to the trailer make sure you look for signs of cracking or breaks in the coating every month. Over time you will notice that there are some breaks in the coating. When this occurs it’s important to have the coating stripped away and then reapplied. Doing so will add additional years on to the operating life of the trailer once again.

It costs significant money to have a boat trailer protectively coated, but doing so will save you more than you spent over time. That is because you will be able to continue using the same trailer for much longer and you won’t have to worry about making repairs or replacing it when it eventually wears out. You could more than double the lifespan of the trailer, and when you consider such benefits it’s easy to see how spending a bit of money initially makes a lot of sense.

Just make sure that if you do get the work done you pay for a quality professional application. Getting a protective coating from an amateur won’t give you the same value as a professional coating, and likely won’t last nearly as long.

Spend a bit more money and make sure that you work with a truly talented coating expert. The right company will not only do an excellent job, but also make more coating colors available to you so that you can pick an option that you really like the look of.

Contact Byers Bush to get your boat trailers shielded with protective powder coating and earn the maximize benefits of your boat trailers without the fear of easily corroded.

Customize Your Outdoor Seating with Powder Coating

Posted on: September 20th, 2016 by byersbushblog

Outdoor tables and benches need to be protectively coated against the weather to prevent corrosion. Why not give them a nice custom look in the process of protecting them by working with a powder coating professional?

Getting such a coating done is cost-effective and offers you the ability to really customize the end look of your tables, chairs and benches. It’s really a no-brainer after you understand all the benefits that it offers.

Decide on the Surface Texture

The type of coating that you decide to have added to your tables and chairs will determine the final surface feel and texture overall. That means that you can pick between a more rubbery feel for added grip, or you can choose a harder exterior shell for a smoother finish and more durability overall.

Unlike other methods of protection you have greater control over the final feel of your tables, benches and chairs, when you rely on powder coating and you will pay a similar price.

Choose From Many Colors

The color of your furniture makes a big difference and can really alter the final appearance. That is why you should take your time and thinks about what you want your items to look like when they are finished being treated.

A good quality coating company will give you dozens of different colors to pick and choose from, so you will have to take plenty of time to pick the final option out. Some pieces can be given two different colors as well, but this process is easier when the furniture can be split into multiple sections through disassembly.

Offer Long-Term Protection

Paint is another option that often used to protect outdoor furniture such as tables and benches. Unfortunately paint must be applied quite frequently in order to keep it in good shape and functioning properly.

That’s because paint just isn’t that thick or resilient. A couple light gouges will break right through the surface of the paint and leave you with an exposed section that will suffer from rust over time.

A powder coat layer is much thicker and can suffer some gouging before moisture is allowed down in through to the metal. That is why it is often chosen for playground equipment. You will be able to rely on the protection for years before you will have to consider having the coating reapplied once again. The better and professional you get to do the application; the more likely you are to get top-notch performance and longevity out of the coating.

Work with Experts

The very last thing you want to do is to try and coat the items yourself, or hire an amateur company to do the coating for you. Even if you run into a new company that understands how to properly apply a coating, and they are rare, you still have to rely on the advice of this new company to tell you how to protect your equipment properly and which type of coating to get. When you get this type of advice you want it to come from an experienced company that knows how to really keep benches, tables and chairs going well over time.

The next time you consider protectively coating your outdoor furniture, think about how you could use the opportunity to give them all a custom themed look as well. It won’t take much of an additional investment to get the colors that you want, and you will enjoy superior protection with a good professional coating as well. Just make sure that you take a good look at your local options, and pick out the one that makes the most sense for your needs.

Contact Byers Bush, a professional powder coating in Toronto to get your outdoor seating protected against corrosion and also gets your outdoor seating a customized look from various kinds of coating colors.