The PPA 571 coating protect metal fencing from corrosion for 15 years

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Protect Your Fence with Metal Corrosion Prevention Coating

Posted on: August 31st, 2016 by byersbushblog

Fencing serves an important purpose for businesses, whether it’s keeping people out of dangerous sections of your company, protecting children from nearby traffic, or simply serving as a divider between public and private property, you want your fences to last for a long time, and to continue looking nice throughout their lifespan.

Quality fencing is a significant investment, and something that has to be taken care of properly to keep operating like it’s supposed to. That is why you need to protect it with a proven metal corrosion prevention coating.

What is a Corrosion Prevention Coating?

In short it’s a very reliable powder coating material that has been proven to last while most others do not. That means it is a material that you can have put on your fencing and it will hold up years longer after the other options have failed. It won’t let rust through and won’t leave you with a problem that you have to solve once again.

Why Should You Trust it?

Every powder coating company is going to tell you that their product is the best. That is the best way to sell services, but it doesn’t mean they are telling you the truth. Top-level coatings, such as Plascoat PPA 571 are tested carefully to ensure that they are performing better than the rest.

Thousands of hours of salt spray tests, rock chip tests and underground corrosion prevention tests are all put to use to ensure that you get the best coating when you pay for PPA 571. After thousands of hours of testing by independent companies, it’s been proven to be one of the very best coatings out there, and worth trusting no matter what your environment is.

Keeping Rust out

When it comes to rust, a little problem is a big problem. As soon as the smallest bit of contamination is allowed to get through you have a serious issue on your hands. It will spread rapidly and you will be replacing whole sections of your fencing in order to keep the issue away from the rest of your equipment.

It’s better to take the best protective measures that you can do immediately to keep rust off your fencing. Proven corrosion prevention coatings are tested to make sure that they will keep rust out for years at a time, and that is what you want protecting your fencing, nothing else will do the job as well.

Clean Looking Fencing

Your fencing can’t just remain functional; it has to remain clean and nice looking as well when used on your business. That is why it’s important that you can clean it up over time so that things don’t begin looking dinghy.

Plascoat PPA 571 can be washed down effectively even when painted or marked up with graffiti. It simply wipes off with a bit of scrubbing and you end up with the smooth surface that you first paid for. The coating stands up to rock chips and other harsh debris as well, so you won’t get chips or cracks until long after the coating was applied originally.

Some products such as lampposts can last as long as an additional 50 years after being protectively coated with this material, that’s a serious return on investment.

Look for a quality company like Byers Bush to apply the coating to your fencing and other equipment around your business. A good quality application can last you for decades and help you get the most out of your initial investment.

Don’t risk corrosion and contaminating your outdoor fencing by going with a cheaper solution, it just isn’t worth the short-term savings and you will end up paying for dearly later on. Especially if you live in an area that is known for rusting issues, you need to take action to keep your equipment safe and sound.

Contact Byers Bush to get your important equipments protected by Plascoat PPA 571, a high performance powder coating in preventing corrosion and gain maximum use of your fence.

Let a Professional Company Do Your Tools’ Powder Coating Job

Posted on: August 29th, 2016 by byersbushblog

It can be very tempting to try and powder coat your own tools, equipment, furniture and anything else around your office or home, but it’s generally not the right decision.

While you could probably get away with coating some nuts and other small objects around your shop, anything larger is going to be very difficult to coat properly, and even the smaller objects likely won’t be as well protected when using a kit out of your office.

Powder Coating is Precise

In order to get a good protective coating over your equipment you need to follow a precise set of steps and do every single one perfectly. The item has to be stripped down carefully and can’t have any impurities on it to stop the adherence procedure from occurring.

That means you must wash everything down completely, and often sandblast the object first. Professional facilities have all the tools and equipment to do this job properly, you likely won’t unless you invest thousands of dollars into your coating setup.

It Takes Practice to Get Right

Coating objects properly isn’t something that you do on the very first try. Even trained professionals have to spend some time messing things up before they learn how to do the job properly. That means unless you are going to hire a pro to come in and work at your company handling coating projects with equipment they are familiar with, you will have to resign yourself to many messed up projects as the operator learns how to get the job done right.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it does mean that you will have to be patient about when you get your important equipment coated properly, otherwise that protection simply isn’t going to last.

Equipment is Costly

If you plan on getting good quality results that are similar to what the pros can offer you, prepare to spend thousands of dollars. All the little DIY kits that you will find really aren’t up to the task of providing the same level of quality as what the professionals can. Instead you will have to invest in similar equipment to what they use, and it will take you a long time and lots of coating projects to pay off that investment.

Sure it is possible that you will eventually, but there’s also a good chance that you won’t, and then all that expense and time wasted would have cost you money while keeping you away from a high quality coating all along.

Professional Services aren’t that Expensive

Another excellent reason that you shouldn’t try to do the job yourself is that the professional services themselves really aren’t that expensive. They won’t cost you enough to make it worth your time to buy the equipment and train the worker to handle powder coating in your office, unless you will be coating objects each and every week.

If you just have some equipment, furniture and a few other things around the office that you want protected, it makes much more sense to go to a professional company and have them handle the task for you instead. You will enjoy better quality results, and you will get the work back faster as well. That is a pretty good reason to just cough up the money and go with a skilled service provider.

Do yourself a favor and consider a professional company, even if you don’t know whether or not you will hire a pro at the moment, take a look at the costs of doing it yourself against hiring someone else, and then consider whether the trouble is worth it or not.

Contact Byers Bush, professional powder coating company in Mississauga to powder coat and give your equipment a longer life time.

Getting the Right Coating Material for Your Important Tools

Posted on: August 27th, 2016 by byersbushblog

If your company relies on outdoor furniture that customers use on a regular basis, it is important to protect that investment. Not only does your furniture provide an important function for all your customers, it also reflects on your company.

If it is rusted, or wearing out, your company seems old, cheap or poor. If your bench is in excellent condition, your company seems competent and reliable to trust in. That is an important distinction that you want your customers to make, and it’s exactly why you need to take the time to properly protect your outdoor furniture.

Find the Right Power Coating

You can’t go into the nearest powder coating professional and have them give you whatever coating they think is best for your furniture. If you do this there is a good chance you aren’t going to get the best coating for the job.

Many companies will sell you on the basic coating that they put on every single product, or even on a type of coating that it has extra off. Instead you need to go with a protective coating that’s proven for outdoor use, even in harsh conditions.

This type of coating will hold the moisture out, while also standing up to harsh UV radiation that would cause other coatings to fail and crack and let harmful substances in sooner.

Choose a Proven Coating

There are independent tests performed on protective coatings, and you want the coating that performed well on all those tests. The tests put the material through rock chipping, through salt spray and through general wear and tear to ensure that it’s going to hold up.

These are the things that you want tested when it comes to protecting your outdoor furniture. You want it to stand up against corrosion, against flying debris and against general wear and tear. It is even good out in open UV radiation and won’t fail after a few years like some of the less durable treatments that you will find on the market.

Plascoat PPA 571 is one of the Best

Plascoat PPA 571 is a protective coating that performed very well on all the tests. It was shown to protect against corrosion better than 49 out of 52 protective coatings tested, and it did just as well as the other two options.

The coating is used on water pipes, fences, automobiles, outdoor furniture and for a bunch of other purposes. It was shown to extend the life of public lamp posts by as much as 50 years after an application. That is the type of protection that you want on your expensive outdoor benches, fencing, railing and other pieces of furniture around your company.

I’m not saying that you should automatically go with PPA 571, or that it is the very best protective coating on the market today, but you’d be hard-pressed to find something better, and when you are looking for reliability, it is good to go with one of the best options that you know of, rather than just going with the random coating that a company will recommend to you.

I urge you to look into the independent tests and studies around the coating, and you will quickly see just how durable the coating is. Take a look at the Swedish Corrosion Institute tests in particular to see how well it held up to harsh conditions.

Find a Reliable Company to do the Application

Now that you know a good quality coating that you can rely on to protect your equipment, make sure that you take the time to find a company that’s going to apply it properly. You want a professional business with years of experience handling both small and large projects.

There are many of these companies out there, but only a select few that offer the top level coatings as well. Make sure that you find a company that can offer you the coating and the experience so you know you are going to get superior protection that keeps your equipment looking good for decades rather than just years.

Contact Byers Bush, an experienced power coating company in Mississauga in providing high performance powder coating to protect your important equipments against corrosion attack.


Extending the Life of Outdoor Equipments with Plascoat PPA 571

Posted on: August 25th, 2016 by byersbushblog

Many companies that pay to have equipment powder coated don’t realize that there is more than one coating option to choose from. Some professional coaters just recommend a specific product for the task, without talking about all the other options available.

While a standard protective coating is probably fine for outdoor equipment in low moisture climates, or locations far from the beach or snowy conditions, it is important to get something a bit more durable when rusting is common in your location.

That is why you should consider a metal corrosion prevention coating for your outdoor equipment if you want the highest level of protection.

What is a Metal Corrosion Prevention Coating?

A good metal corrosion prevention coating like Plascoat PPA 571 is highly resistant to moisture, UV radiation and salt water. The very best coatings are tested against severe temperatures and moisture conditions to see how well they stand up over time.

These coatings are the ones marketed to businesses in harsh environments and the ones that companies are glad they went with. Sure they cost a bit more money than a generic coating does, but they will last substantially longer as well, making them the cheaper investment.

Fends off Rust Longer

When you compare outdoor railings and other pieces of equipment that are subjected to salt water spray, or similar harsh conditions, there is a clear difference between products coated with a generic coating and products protected by Plascoat PPA 571. After years of sitting the generic coating almost always lets moisture through and rust results.

You will have to have the items stripped back down and re-coated once again after several years of use to ensure that it stays in one piece. That often isn’t necessary with the higher level of protection offered by a proven corrosion prevention coating.

Holds up to Stone Chips

In automotive or ATV applications it’s important that the protective coating can stand up to stone chipping without an issue. There are going to be lots of flying rocks and harsh debris flying at the protective layer. When that happens you need a surface that’s going to hold up to the ambush and keep functioning properly.

That is why PPA 571 is a good option. It’s put through stone chip testing to ensure that it’s hard enough to stand up to most flying rocks, sand and other debris that would be encountered during use. Sure eventually it will wear away, and a large enough flying object can potentially crack it, but it will take a lot of pressure and wear to get through the layer, offering you excellent protection along the way.


While you may not be too concerned about whether or not the coating can be washed off if you are using it on the bottom of your ATV, if you are protecting a fence or railing you’ll want to be able to keep it nice and clean.

A good smooth finished coating should wipe right off, and any graffiti should come off as well. That means that you’ll be able to keep things looking fresh and new, even if someone else decides to tamper with your equipment.

When you want the maximum level of protection for your equipment, it makes sense to pay a bit more to gain access to this highly rated product. Plascoat PPA 571 is known for holding up against salt water, rock chips and harsh temperatures that other coatings simply can’t handle.

If you know your equipment is going to be facing those kinds of conditions, do yourself a favor and get the better coating right away, so you aren’t paying for it on top of the original coating later on down the road when the first fails.

Contact Byers Bush to get your outdoor equipments professionally powder coated with Plascoat PPA 571, the most durable coating materials in preventing corrosion and extending your equipments’ life.

Protecting Outdoor Furniture for Long Term Performance

Posted on: August 23rd, 2016 by byersbushblog

Whether you run a wedding supply company, an outdoor community center or you just have a lot of folding chair and other outdoor furniture that needs to be kept in good shape, it is important that you take the proper precautions in order to preserve your investment and keep your equipment functioning properly and rust-free over time.

If your company owns a lot of outdoor furniture you likely know just how expensive it is. That is why it makes sense to spend a bit more money to properly protect your furniture so that it lasts longer and you can avoid expensive replacement costs.

Powder Coat Any Metal

One of the most important steps for you to take for your furniture is to powder coat any metal parts of it. Metal is at risk of rusting and weathering in general, and it is up to you to make sure that it remains in good condition over time.

When you powder coat the metal you cover it with a protective covering that helps keep moisture and other weathering issues out. Not only are the coatings protective and good for preserving the metal over time, but they allow you to change the look of your equipment as well. That means you can alter the colors of your furniture to match the look of your company more properly.

If you don’t want to deal with having your products professionally coated you could always have them painted as well. While that’s often slightly more affordable, the coating isn’t going to last as long, and it won’t be as reliable. It’s important to note that you will have plenty of different color options to choose from whether you go with a powder coat or a paint coating.

Keep Clean and Fresh

A good protective coating is one important way to keep your furniture in good shape, but it’s not the only way to do so. Another vital step in keeping your equipment in good shape is keeping it clean and debris free.

That means scrubbing off the cushions, wiping down the arms and legs, and generally keeping everything as clean as possible. Not only will keeping your furniture clean help the image of your company, but keeping the items free of debris is helpful in keeping it in good condition over time.

Replenish Coatings over Time

A paint coating won’t last as long as a powder coating, but no matter which one you choose you will have to replenish it over time as it begins to crack, chip, peel and come apart. Every company should take the time to examine their furniture now and then to find out when it is beginning to lose its protective coating.

As soon as a break in the coating is noticeable it’s time to remove that coating and put a new one in its place. It takes time and money to replace one coating with another, but it’s worth the effort in order to keep all the equipment functioning properly.

By spending a bit of money to maintain a protective coating on your chairs, tables and other outdoor equipment, you can keep them in good shape over time and avoid expensive replacement costs.

Just make sure that you hire a professional company to handle all your powder coating needs. By hiring professionals you ensure that you are going to get good results with your coatings.

You will spend a bit more money initially, but your equipment will last longer and you will save a great deal over time. That is worth the effort and the investment to most businesses that are interested in their long-term costs.

Contact Byers Bush to get a high quality powder coating to protect your outdoor furniture from rust attack and maximize your investment’s life performance.