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Working with Professional Company to achieve more Efficiency

Posted on: March 26th, 2016 by byersbushblog

If you are thinking about starting a powder coating station at your company or taking on smaller projects at your house you should know that you will be paying quite a bit more than the major powder coating companies do for your supplies, and that is going to cut into your savings pretty significantly.

On top of that the added labor time and any mistakes you will be made along the way, it will cut down on the savings. It is preferable to hire a professional company to take your work for you.

Larger and More Efficient Equipment

The first reason that you will be paying more and spending more time on the projects is because of the equipment. Professional facilities have massive pieces of equipment designed to take care of powder coating projects quickly and efficiently.

Most of the smaller operations simply don’t have the luxury of getting such large equipment to do the job. Instead they have to rely on smaller equipment that is more affordable, but also more time consuming and wasteful.

Reusing Powder is Hard to Get Right

With every coating that is put onto a piece of metal there is going to be some overspray. That is not an issue for the commercial operations because they simply reuse the powder on the next project. This is not something easy to do though and it takes time in mastering on how to reuse powder.

If you end up with granules that are either too fine or too large, it means the coating procedure is not properly applied and there is a ratio of used particles that have to be maintained with each type of powder used. Most of the stand alone operations will end up with tossing out the overspray and going with new powder for each and every project, which is more costly and really adds up over time.

Bulk Powder Orders

Everything is more affordable in bulk and the same is true for powder used at a powder coating facility. The large companies order massive quantities of powder at one time and get a hefty discount for that very reason. If you are buying smaller amounts of powder you have to pay more for it and it will cost you more for each project.

If you have enough projects going that you can afford to bulk order powder, you can cut down on this price difference somehow but chances are you won’t be ordering in quantities as much as what coating companies do, because that is what they do all day long.

Less Skilled Operators

The most skilled powder coating specialists can get through important projects quickly while still doing a quality job. That is not going to be the case when you are just starting out, unless you plan on hiring a pro to come and work at your company.

Instead you will have to spend time learning the process and run into many failed applications before getting everything right. This means you will spend more time processing each batch of powder coated items, and spend more money on materials that will go to waste with all the practice.

The expert will make fewer mistakes and get the job done in less time. All of that will save up more money and time.

I am not saying that you should not invest in equipment to take on powder coating jobs, but I am saying that you may not save as much money by taking the responsibility as you originally thought you would, there is a good chance it’s going to be more work and money.

Powder coating your own equipment is a good way to take control of the operation, but you might end up deciding to go with professionals after you have experienced the work for yourself and you know how much of a price difference there is in the end.

Contact Byers Bush to get the professional powder coating company to do your projects with quality result and leaves you all the headache of coating your equipment.

Restoring the Value of Your Old Equipment with Sandblasting

Posted on: March 24th, 2016 by byersbushblog

Sand blasting is one of the best ways to bring old equipment back to life and to extend the lifespan of your most important tools and machines as well. This is a service that really doesn’t cost that much to pay for, and one that will give you results you are thrilled with.

Imagine how your equipment would look after having all that grime, rust, grease and everything else removed from the surface. You will take that old worn equipment and bring it back to life leaving you with something that you can be proud of.

Extend the Lifespan of Equipment

Once rust starts to set in on metal equipment, it’s pretty much over. The corrosion will eat through the body of the metal and leave you with brittle objects that aren’t reliable any longer and certainly aren’t attractive to look at.

In order to help extend the life of your equipment you need to have all that corrosion removed before it has a chance to spread throughout all your equipment. You can sand or grind most of it off yourself, but who really has time to tackle all the little bits of corrosion around your equipment.

A much more effective way to tackle the problem is to hire a pro to sandblast the equipment and to take care of most of the corrosion. The process is faster and the corrosion will be more completely eradicated as well.

Remove Contaminants

Contaminants like grease, tar and other sticky substances are very difficult to remove from metal tools or machinery. To do this on your own you will likely have to rely on harsh chemicals and a lot of elbow grease. Not only is trying to remove this stuff an unpleasant process, but you likely won’t get rid of all the contaminants in the end anyway.

Instead of suffering through the process only to end up with results that you aren’t thrilled with in the first place, you should hire a professional to sandblast away the imperfections. Grease and other contaminants can be removed effortlessly with powerful sandblasting equipment and you will be amazed at what your equipment looks like underneath all that grime.

Enjoy a High Quality Protective Coating

It is really difficult to protectively coat tools and equipment that are covered in grease, grime and corrosion. These items have to be scrubbed harshly and then often need to be ground down using special equipment before they can be coated again. This is a time consuming process and you still end up with results that you aren’t proud of. That is why it makes a lot of sense to pay for sandblasting services.

When you have your equipment sandblasted, all the deformations are removed effectively so that you have a nice smooth surface left over in the end. This surface is slightly rough and paint or a powder coat adheres to it very nicely.

You will end up with a more consistent coating when you go with this solution and satisfied with the end results if you spend the added money to have a professional clean off your equipment first before getting it protectively coated.

If you have some old equipment that you want restored, one of your first steps in the process should be hiring a professional powder coater to tackle the task. He can remove dirt and grime that you didn’t even realize was there in the first place, and leaves you with a product that you are supremely proud of.

That is the type of thing that you can get really excited about, and companies that offer these types of services aren’t that expensive to work with either, as long as you are working with one of the good suppliers like Byers Bush.

Contact Byers Bush to give your old rusty equipment the benefit of sandblasting to restore its former appearance and value before corrosion attack.

Find a Large Company to Handle Your Powder Coating Tasks

Posted on: March 22nd, 2016 by byersbushblog

It can be tempting to go with that small powder coating service from down the street. After all they charge low rates and offer quick turnaround times that are not often offered by the larger companies.

These few perks don’t really add up to much though in reality. When you decide to have some of your equipment or a company product powder coated you will want to have the work done by a large company nearly all of the time, for the following reasons; they can handle bulk work better, you will have more color options to pick from, workmanship tends to be better and warranties are more reliable from large shops.

Bulk Work

If you do have bulk work that needs to be taken care of, you will prefer the project handled by a large facility rather than a small one whenever possible. You will enjoy a faster turnaround time and you will likely get a better rate for the work as well. That is because the company has enough workers to take on the bulk project and they are appreciative of all the work that’s now coming their way.

A small shop is likely to be overwhelmed by such a large project and will end up charging you more to get it all done in the timeframe that you are hoping for. You will spend more time waiting for the project to be completed in the end.

Color Choices

It’s better to have more color choices than less when you’re trying to decide what color your equipment or products are going to be. This is one of the best benefits of working with a large company. They tend to keep many more powder colors in stock and have relationships with more suppliers overall.

This means you will have many more color options available to you for similar prices. If you work with a smaller company you will have to special order those other colors and likely pay a bit more for them as well since they aren’t in stock in bulk.

Better Workmanship

The small powder coating shops often have very talented employees who really know what they are doing, but their equipment simply isn’t as good most of the time and this leads to lower quality results in the end.

The best work comes from the best equipment and large companies have it. When you hire a major coating company to take care of work for you, it doesn’t matter if the item you want coated is large or small, there will be equipment to handle the project effectively and to ensure that the results are high quality as well.

More Reliable Work

When you work with a large company they stand behind their products better than the small shops do most of the time. This is because they have a major reputation built up and plenty of workers to help correct any errors that occur during the coating process.

Smaller shops might try to get out of a mistake they make and they might not offer an extended warranty on work, but most large companies do offer these warranties and honor them. Major companies are good to work with for most of your projects and they typically offer good rates on powder coating jobs.

Don’t be misled by the rates quoted by the tiny one man operations or the turnaround times quoted. Most of the time these aren’t realistic, and even if they are you aren’t getting a reliable service that you can count on each time you need work done. Instead you’re getting a provider that will be able to do work when it suits him and when there isn’t already a bunch of work that needs to be done.

Contact Byers Bush, a large powder coating company to handle your project for you and give you the assurance of quality result powder coating with no unexpected charge.

Extending the Life Value of Golf Chart with Powder Coating

Posted on: March 20th, 2016 by byersbushblog

Golf carts are expensive and in northern climates or out by the sea, they tend to wear out faster than they would down south and inland. That is because there is more salt exposure, more moisture, and just a better environment for rust to form.

If your country club or general golfing facility is suffering from rusty golf carts and short lifespan, it might make sense to look into powder coating treatments to take care of this issue before the next round of replacements has to be made.

Coating New Equipment

A great way to extend the lifespan of golf carts is to have them all powder coated before you even start letting customers make use of them. Have the carts coated right after you get your hands on them and the frames will last years longer than they otherwise would.

Coating new equipment is often a hassle though, because the existing paint must be removed in order to make the application possible. That is why many people prefer to wait until after the carts are aged a few years and then have a powder coating applied, so they can take advantage of that paint coating until it begins to wear.

Coating Old Equipment

It really makes a lot of sense to spend money having older golf carts protectively coated before they begin to rust heavily and wear out. Any carts that suffer from chipping paint and a generally worn out look should be given a protective coating to extend their lifespan out.

These carts will be stripped of all paint and then coated with the color of your choice. After the coating they are put back together and benefit from a new and improved appearance. Simply having a powder coat put onto golf carts will make them look like new in many instances while helping to fend off rust and corrosion for many more years.

The trick to getting the most of your money is to carefully choose the right time to apply the coating; right after the old paint coat is beginning to fail.

Changing the Color to a Custom Scheme

It is expensive to pay for custom painted golf carts straight from the factory and it’s often much more affordable to simply have carts recoated later on to meet the color scheme you desire instead. If you were hoping to get all of your carts and equipment to look the same, and to match the color of your club it might make sense to have them professionally coated.

When you do that you will have complete control over the color of all the pieces of each cart and that makes it possible to achieve some pretty high quality custom looks that you won’t find from companies selling carts.

You will spend a bit more money by protectively coating all the equipment that you get at your club, but by doing so you also prolong the lifespan of your equipment so that you can enjoy it for many more years.

You should expect to double the lifespan of your equipment with a simple coating, even adding five or ten years onto a cart’s life, it would be more valuable than just justify the price of powder coating. You need to stop and consider how much your company spends on each cart every year without the protection of powder coating and compare it with the protection of powder coating gives.

Before you invest in a new round of golf carts, take a look at the current equipment you have and consider whether or not you could just have the existing carts recoated and continue using them for longer. You might realize just how much you could really be savings with the right protective coating service.

Contact Byers Bush to get the protective powder coating for your company golf charts and customize it to your company liking. With powder coating you can ensure to extend your golf chart life value and save more money for your company.

Achieving Quality Powder Coat by Monitoring Air Quality

Posted on: March 18th, 2016 by byersbushblog

Many of the “do-it-yourself” people that powder coat their own tools and equipment run into serious problems with their end results and wondering why. After all they have followed all the instructions, or at least they feel like they did.

So why on earth are the results so much lower quality than what you would get from a professional powder coating company? While many conditions come into play when trying to get the perfect powder coating, one that many people don’t even stop to think about is air quality.

That’s right; the air that you use to distribute the powder really matters. Spray the particles with the wrong type of air and you will end up with lack-luster results that you simply aren’t going to like.

Fight off Moisture and Oil Particles

There are two major contaminants often present in the air coming from an air compressor. The first is oil particles and the second moisture itself. Compressors generate a great amount of moisture, which is why they have to be drained regularly.

If you aren’t able to control these two contaminants properly, you are going to end up with serious quality issues on your finished products. Both oil and moisture can affect how well the powder coating adheres to the underlying surface. That means it will wear off faster and you won’t get as even of a coat in the end.

Get the Right Equipment for the Job

To deliver high quality air to your powder coating system you need a large air compressor that fit for the job. It needs to be sized large enough to deliver a steady flow of powder for you to completely coat the material in a short period of time.

That means you need a compressor that can nearly match the CFM output of your powder gun that you are using. After you get a compressor that is large enough you need to set it up so all the contaminants are removed from the system.

You need an air dryer system that often known as a desiccant air dryer. You also need a pretty advanced filtration system designed to capture those fine particles before they make it into your final air stream once released out of the nozzle end. With these two additions you’ll be able to control the moisture and contaminants in your air supply so that everything is good quality.

Let the Professionals Deal with it

If you don’t have the right setup to battle those two issues, or you simply don’t want to worry about all those minute details before you bother applying a powder coat, then you should just go to a professional to have your items powder coated.

You will likely save money over buying your own equipment, you will save time than trying to finish the work on your own and you will end up with better results in the end. All in all it makes a lot of sense to work with professionals.

Getting powder coating right isn’t as simple as it seems at first. There are lots of potential problems that you can face, and the air quality is just one of them that you have to try to keep in mind. If you aren’t intimidated by such issues and you’re dedicated enough to making sure you perfect every stage of the powder coating process.

You can save money over the long-term by doing the work yourself. If that sounds like too much work to you, or you are not confident you can nail the process over time you are better off leaving it to the pros and focusing on other parts of your business instead.

Contact Byers Bush, professional company in powder coating and ease your mind over your powder coating project rather than do the powder coating project yourself with uncertain results.