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Understand the Risk of Doing Sandblasting at Home

Posted on: January 28th, 2016 by byersbushblog

It’s simple to get your own sandblasting setup going at your house; unfortunately it’s also quite dangerous to build a sandblasting setup without all the proper protective gear. While sandblasting silica is given off to the air, and that’s a very harmful substance to be breathing in. If you aren’t careful you’ll end up with some very serious breathing issues from repeated exposure to the substance.

Understanding Silicosis

Silicosis is a very serious disease that isn’t curable and is caused by sandblasting in improper conditions. Even when wearing a respirator you can end up with silicosis and all the terrible symptoms that come along with it.

While sandblasting, you are putting silica dust off into the air. If even a small amount of this dust is inhaled it will embed itself in the little sacks in your lungs required for taking oxygen out of the air. This makes breathing more difficult and can even cause you to require an oxygen tank to breathe properly.

Not only that but it’s common to suffer from coughing and inflammation in the lungs similar to pneumonia. These are all issues that people with silicosis have to deal with for life, and the only treatments currently available help alleviate symptoms but don’t cure anything.

Protecting Yourself

It’s difficult to protect yourself from silicosis because even wearing a charcoal respirator while you work isn’t enough to keep the tiny particles out of your lungs. There are many cases where construction workers developed the disease after working for years with a respirator on each and every day.

The only real way to prevent the illness is to keep the silica dust out of the air, and for that you need an advanced sandblasting setup with a contained unit that traps the dust in place. Those are quite expensive, and if you rely on traditional sandblasting equipment you’ll be exposing yourself.

Hiring Professionals

Instead of exposing yourself to that dangerous silica dust, you should leave sandblasting up to the professionals. There are some experts today that have equipment to properly protect them. They can handle the work without worrying about adverse effects and they should be the ones doing the work.

Sure it might cost you a bit more money to have someone else handle the work for you, especially if you need sandblasting help regularly, but it’s better to spend a bit more and preserve your health, than it is to put your health at risk.

Finding the Right Provider

It’s important to take your time when picking out a professional to do your sandblasting work. There are a few things that you want to consider when looking for a company to handle the work for you. The first is what is the purpose of getting the objects sandblasted and is there any additional work that you’d like done as well.

It’s good to think about this because if you want something powder coated as well as sandblasted clean, it makes sense to find a provider that can do both things for you at once. You’ll save time when you work with a company like Byers Bush that will do both tasks at once, and you’ll likely save some money as well.

It might seem like a good money-saving idea to do your own sandblasting work, but the money that you save likely isn’t worth the harm you do to your health. You could do irreparable damage to your lungs and then have to suffer with that for the rest of your life. Do yourself a favor and hire a pro to do the work instead. You’ll be glad you did later on.

Contact Byers Bush and leave all the headaches to the professional to do their job in giving the best powder coating result for your equipment with the minimal impact on air quality and health environment.

Shield Your Non Metallic Equipment with Powder Coating

Posted on: January 26th, 2016 by byersbushblog

Most people know that metallic objects can be powder coated and many even understand that the coating process is a magnetic one. What many people don’t realize is that non-magnetic items can be coated as well by some companies. They rely on a process known as pre-heating in order to coat the objects effectively and it’s a pretty simple way to get an even coating of powder material all over an object.

How it Works

Instead of adhering the powdered material to the object using magnetic attraction, it’s held in place with heat itself. The object to be coated is placed in an oven without any powder and heated up to a high temperature. When it reaches a hot enough temperature it’s removed from the oven and sprayed with the powdered material.

The material melts on contact and creates a coating over the object. While it still typically has to be placed back in the oven to complete the coating, the process is a good way to get things started and to create a protective coating on objects that aren’t metallic.

What can be Powder Coated?

There are several different types of materials that can be powder coated besides metals. On top of a range of metals, glass, wood, MDF and even some highly durable plastics can be powder coated using the heat method. It’s not necessary for the object to be a conductor as long as it can withstand temperatures of 400 degrees Fahrenheit without a problem.

Coating Objects Yourself

If you wish to protect some of the objects you have around your home you can set up a small powder coating operation right in the comfort of your home. Unfortunately it is going to be difficult to protect larger items and to get a nice even coating without spending a significant amount of money on tools, equipment and training.

It’s entirely possible to coat smaller items in a standard oven, though you’ll want an oven other than the one you cook your food in to use. You can set up that standard oven to handle small tasks but you’ll still find it hard to get even results for most applications with equipment that’s affordable.

To apply the powder you’ll need a capable air compressor attached to a powder sprayer. Then you’ll need some sort of booth to contain the powder as you spray if you don’t want to waste it. Getting the proper setup will be much more expensive than simply hiring a company to do the work, and you’ll still have to learn how to operate all that equipment, but it can be a good way to save money over time if you coat a lot of small objects and don’t mind spending the time doing the work.

Hiring a Company to do the Work

If you don’t like the thought of buying all that equipment and learning how to use it properly to powder coat the items you want protected, you can hire a company to do the work instead. You’ll save money on the project, you’ll get it back faster and best of all you’ll enjoy higher quality results in the end. That’s the real benefit of working with professionals to get your work done and in most instances it is well worth the investment.

Not every company will be able to powder coat non-metallic objects though, so it’s important to look around. When you want quality work done make sure that you rely on a proven company such as Byers Bush to take care of it. That way you don’t have to worry about mistakes being made or work not being covered like it should.

Contact Byers Bush to get the professional powder coater does the powder coating for your metallic and non metallic equipment and saves you the headache of coating your equipment yourself.

Powder Coat Your Boat Trailer for Protection against Rust

Posted on: January 24th, 2016 by byersbushblog

Boat trailers wear out quickly, especially when you launch boats into salt water. No matter how well the trailer is protected, eventually rust will set in and then you have to look for a new trailer to take care of your boating needs, or you have to try to remove the rust and protect the trailer once again.

While painting can help protect a trailer against rust, it simply doesn’t work as well as a high quality powder coat finish. Good powder coating applications are tested with salt water sprays, and the best ones perform well enough to keep a trailer in like-new condition for years. That’s the type of protection that you want on equipment as expensive as a boat trailer.

Considering Powder Coating

Powder coating is a good solid option for a brand-new boat trailer, or for a trailer that’s in excellent condition, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right option for you. If you have an older trailer that’s already in rough shape, you might not want to bother having it powder coated.

When evaluating your trailer take a look at the level of rust it’s affected by. Before you can have it coated you have to strip away any rust that’s present, and that isn’t possible when the trailer reaches a certain level of rustiness. If you have surface rust, you can probably still protect the trailer by powder coating it. If the trailer has big chunks of rust flaking off it and some parts are rusted right through, you will probably have to start shopping around for a new trailer instead.

Get it Protected Early on

Most new boat trailers come with protection against corrosion, so it doesn’t make sense to pay to have them protected right when you make the purchase. Instead you should wait until that first coating begins to wear off and you get a very light amount of rust showing up on your trailer.

It’s important to catch the rust as it just begins to show up. If you wait too long you could end up with a trailer that’s difficult to protect properly. When you notice the outer coating is wearing, pay to have it sandblasted and then protected with a high quality powder coating. You want something that’s proven to stand up against salt water, and that will hold up in wet conditions. That isn’t always the case, so choose the coating that you get carefully.

A Quality Coating

One exceptional coating is available from a company known as Plascoat. The coating is called PPA 571 and it’s exceptionally durable in wet conditions. Add it to your boat trailer and you can go in and out of salty water without worry.

Sure it will wear out over time, but it will last significantly longer than many of the other coatings on the market would. You won’t be able to take the trailer to just any professional and have that coating put on it, but when you work with someone like Byers Bush you can get the protection that you need for your trailer.

Caring for Your Trailer

Just because you take the time to protect your trailer doesn’t mean you don’t still have to take care of it. If you want that coating to really last, you should take the time to rinse off your trailer each time that you go into salt water. Get it nice and clean and free from salt and it will last much longer than it otherwise would. These simple maintenance tasks aren’t hard and they make a major difference.

The next time that you invest in a trailer for your boat, make sure you’re giving it all the protection it needs. It doesn’t cost too much to have a powder coat put on, and you’ll get years of added performance by making that one simple investment.

Contact Byers Bush to get your boat trailer powder coated with the high performance coating against corrosion from the exposure of salt water when you launch your boat to the sea.

Maximize Your Animal Fencing Investment from Rust Attack

Posted on: January 22nd, 2016 by byersbushblog

If you live on a farm you probably have quite a bit of animal fencing around your home. Not only that but you know what a major investment all that fencing is. If you’re sick and tired of paying to have fencing replaced on your property you can save yourself some money by paying to have it protectively coated before you put it in in the first place.

The Benefits of a Coating

A good powder coat finish will improve the look of your fencing, extend its lifespan and even give it a more pleasant texture when handling it. It will make the fencing smoother to hold and likely easier to install. When you have the coating put on your more expensive fencing you’ll know that your investment is going to pay off over time.

Spend Money to Save Money

You’ll spend quite a bit of money to have fencing protectively coated, but when that fencing is a large investment for your company it’s often worth the added expense. Imagine that one protective coating doubles the lifespan of the fencing that you put on your property. That would represent some pretty significant savings for you and with the right coating that’s entirely possible depending on your local weather conditions.

By spending a bit more than the purchase price of the fencing, you can have it all protected against the elements so that you won’t have to replace it in five years or even ten years.

Save Time

Not only will you save yourself money by having your fencing protectively coated, you’ll save time as well. When you pay for such a procedure you don’t have to worry about taking the time to remove fencing and install new stuff nearly as often. That represents a huge amount of time saved and that alone is often a good enough reason to pay to have the coating put on.

Only Protect Expensive Fencing

While it makes sense to protect some fencing, there are other types of fencing that simply shouldn’t be powder coated. For example, low coast fencing like chicken wire, and other cheap alternatives that aren’t designed to hold up very long shouldn’t be given a protective coating. Instead they should simply be replaced when the time comes.

That’s because the price of the fencing doesn’t justify the price of the coating. Even if it double the lifespan of the fencing it likely wouldn’t pay for itself. You should only protect your more robust fencing that is likely to wear out and that will cost enough to cover the cost of the protective coating well. Just get estimates for protective coatings, and if the coating costs more than the fence itself it likely isn’t a justified expense.

Get Professional Protection

When having this work done it’s important that you rely on a professional to coat your fencing. Pros can get the job done much faster than small-scale companies can, especially when dealing with large-scale fencing. When you work with a company like Byers Bush you get guaranteed quality work, and you won’t have to wait weeks or months for the work to be finished. It’s completed in a timely manner and you’re left with more reliable and durable fencing than what you started with.

Taking the time to protect your investment around the farm is a good step in the direction toward being more profitable. Raising animals isn’t cheap, but extending the life of your fencing is one way that you can save some money along the way. Just consider the different providers in your area and only work with a reputable company that’s going to do a good job on your coating.

Contact Byers Bush to get the professional powder coating protection for your fencing equipment and maximize the value of your investment in animal fencing.

Keep Your Plow Running Longer with a Good Powder Coating

Posted on: January 20th, 2016 by byersbushblog

If you’re in the commercial snow removal business you understand how important your plow is for success. It’s literally the tool you do nearly all your work with, and if it falls apart you’re left with only one option, buying an expensive replacement.

That’s why most snow removal companies do everything in their power to protect their equipment, but regular painting often isn’t enough to keep corrosive salts and other road debris from wearing away at the plow and leading to rust, often a good solid protective powder coating is the only thing that will keep your plow going.

The Benefits of Powder Coating a Plow

A good quality powder coating is thick and offers two or three times as much material worth of coverage than a standard paint job. That’s a big deal when you’re talking about an instrument that’s scraping along roads, removing chunks of ice, rocks and other rough debris.

The thicker and more rugged coating created by that powder application is simply going to hold out longer than the thin layers of paint will. When comparing two plows side by side that are used to do the same work, you’ll notice chips and breaks in the paint coverage before you do a powder coat, and that’s because it’s thicker.

Painting versus Powder Coating

Many plow companies swear by having the plows painted every couple of years and they rely on such a service to keep the rust at bay. While painting will work in most instances, it doesn’t offer as much protection and it wears out faster. Not only that but each time you have your plow painted you’re releasing harmful compounds into the air.

When you get your plow powder coated you can expect years of more life over top of the paint job because you’ll have a more rugged coating that can take a beating before it begins to wear away.

Get the Plow Aged

Make sure that the company you work with is going to age your plow properly. Aging is the process where the plow is baked in an oven to remove any moisture within it. Snow plows are notorious for being filled with built-up moisture and if it isn’t removed before the coasting is applied, that trapped water will lead to premature coating wear, popping and peeling.

To combat this issue the plow has to be baked before it’s protectively coated. Insist that any company you work with does this procedure and you’ll get years of performance out of your plow before it has to be protected again rather than months.

Spend a Bit More Money for Quality work

The worst thing you can do for your company is take the best deal for a protective powder coating when protecting your plow. Even though you might save as much as 20 percent over the more expensive providers, you’ll compromise your protection in almost every case.

That’s because the more affordable companies either have less experience, or they do the job in less time or with cheaper powders. Either way you’re getting a less comprehensive coating that simply isn’t going to last as long. By saving a bit of money you could be cutting years of service off your plow’s lifespan, and that’s a pretty big deal.

While it’s probably more of a hassle to work with a powder coating company than it is for you to paint your plows yourself, it’s a small investment that’s going to do a lot for you. Your company will have to replace equipment less, and you’ll be able to enjoy reliable performance for years after getting the work done.

Contact Byers Bush to get your plow powder coated with the reliable protection against corrosion and maximizes the lifetime of your valuable plow to keep your business running smoothly.