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Working with Low Toxicity Corrosion Coating

Posted on: July 28th, 2015 by byersbushblog

It doesn’t matter what kind of metallic material or equipment you want to protect, powder coating is likely one of the best options that you have available to keep it looking fresh over time. Powder coating is reliable, it’s hard and it will stand up over time and hard use.

Once you decide that it makes sense to have your equipment protectively coated, the only thing that you have left to do is to decide which type of coating that you want. There are many different options available and many of them are good, but only a few types of coatings have a low toxicity and pollution level, and that should make your choice a whole lot easier.

High Pollution Coatings

High pollution coatings release harmful chemicals into the atmosphere and the environment. They are bad for the world and each time they are used they cause a little more damage that could have been prevented.

Coatings like PVC and Epoxy put off harmful chemicals when being used and when they are created. If you want to avoid releasing these chemicals, or encouraging the release of them, the best thing you can do is avoid using them at all. You don’t have to choose a pollutant to protect your metals because there are other coatings that will do the job just as well.

More Environmentally Friendly Options

Coatings like Nylon, Polyester and Plascoat PPA5571 are proven to keep objects safe and they are much gentler on the environment. They have a low toxicity level and won’t release all those pollutants into the environment. What that means is that you can feel better about using these coatings and you’ll still know that your objects are protected against corrosion.

The Advantages of Plascoat PPA5571

Out of all the low-toxic coatings the Plascoat product is one of the most resilient and dependable. While polyester and nylon both have their benefits, neither one is going to hold up quite as well.

For instance polyester tends to wear out in harsh environments because it just isn’t that hard. Over time the coating will start to wear thinner and protect less than the Plascoat product. That means that eventually corrosion and wear will find its way to your protected product, and probably a lot sooner than you would like.

Nylon is very durable like PPA5571, but it tends to be quite a bit more expensive and it absorbs water more readily. This makes it a poor choice for areas around water and humid environments.

If you are going to protect your equipment it’s important that you rely on a coating that is going to stand up over time. The more durable a coating is the more money you are saving on your investment.

Imagine that you spend $1000 coating expensive company machinery. This machinery costs you thousands of dollars and will cost a few thousand more to maintain over its lifespan. Now imagine that the $1000 coating costs you a few hundred more than the competitors. You aren’t going to care about the extra couple hundred dollars if it lasts you several years more than the competitors. Those hundreds of dollars are negligible when it comes to protecting such expensive equipment. Even when you use the right coating on more affordable objects it can still be worth the expense and will help keep your objects looking great and protected.

Working with a company like Byers Bush to get a low toxicity coating like PPA 5571 will make you feel better about what you’re doing, and it will provide you with an excellent level of corrosion protection over time. It’s the best of both worlds, and it isn’t even that expensive either. You’ll find the prices comparable to many other services that aren’t going to last you as long.

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Work with a Big Company to get more Powder Coating Benefit

Posted on: July 26th, 2015 by byersbushblog

When you have a sandblasting job that you need to get done quickly, it’s important that you choose a large company to handle the task for you. It makes sense to pick a large business for this type of job because they typically have a faster turnaround period than other businesses.

This means that you can hand in your project and have it back in just a few days rather than a few weeks that many smaller businesses will quote you.

Get the Color You Need

Another big benefit of working with a large company for powder coating is that you’ll likely have more colors to choose from when you bring in the items that you want coated. Most major companies have more than 100 different colors that you can pick from, and some of the best will have more than 200 colors.

Sure there are some companies that will let you bring in your own powder for the job at a reduced price. This gives you even more control over the finished result, but it also means that you have to order the powder and wait for it to ship to you before you can even have the job started. That’s not something that someone on a deadline would be too excited about.

Get a Sandblasted Finish

Another major benefit of the large businesses is that many of them are capable of doing other things like sandblasting before the powder coating is applied. There are some companies that will make you get the pieces sand blasted before you bring them in. This will add to the time that it takes to get the project finished, and it also means that you’ll have to work with more people to get your finished result.

That’s not something that anyone wants to do. It’s better to find a company like Byers Bush that’s capable of sandblasting on sight and can get a project in and out in just three days. Working with a company like that will help you meet urgent deadlines and you won’t have to wonder if you’re going to have to fix mistakes that are made. You know you’ll get good results that you can count on, and that’s what is important.

Larger Items Coated

Some companies can only powder coat small objects. While this isn’t an issue if you just need a handful of smaller items coated, most of the time that simply isn’t going to be the case. If you have mid to large sized items it helps to work with a business that is capable of coating them. That’s why you need to work with one of the larger companies.

It might feel good to help out a small local company, but it isn’t going to do you any good when they don’t have the equipment to meet your needs and you have to bring your project to someone else anyway. It’s better to become familiar with a reliable company that can coat all the projects that you have so you can continue to rely on them each time that you need help.

Bigger Supply of Workers

All the best powder coat companies have a steady supply of projects coming in because people know that they do good work. That means if you go to a good company you’re likely going to be one of many people trying to get work done.

The smaller businesses that offer good services are often overbooked and will tell you that it’s going to be quite a while. The large businesses have enough workers and equipment to meet deadlines even when there is a large amount of work coming in. It helps to work with a business that hires many different employees and that’s only something you’re going to see when you work with a major business.

Get Silk Screening Done

Another major benefit of working with a large company is that they offer additional services on top of the sand blasting and powder coating. Some companies will do things like silk screen your items as well.

While you might not need this service with any of your current projects, it’s nice to have the option and working with a business like Byers Bush that has the capability to do the added work quickly can help save you a great deal of time when you decide that you do need the service.

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Why it Make Sense to Powder Coat Your Car Rims

Posted on: July 24th, 2015 by byersbushblog

Car rims are expensive, and if you don’t take care of them they will rust and wear out over time. Even if you live in a warmer area of the country your wheels aren’t going to last forever. If you spend the money to get yourself a nice pair of rims it makes sense to take extra steps to keep them in good shape so that you don’t have to spend the money once again. That extra step is paying for powder coating, and it makes a lot of sense.

Prolong Your Investment

Expensive rims are only expensive if they don’t last you through many years of use. Think about the amount of money that you spent on your last set and imagine how expensive they would be if they lasted you only two years before they had to be replaced. If that amount of money seems like too much to spend for just two years of use, that’s because it probably is. Now imagine that for a fraction of your initial investment you could extend the life of those rims by many more years. Sure you would spend more money on them initially, but the per year cost drops down dramatically thanks to your expense.

That’s exactly what powder coating will do for you. Spending the money on this protective coating protects your wheels through years of use. The actual price that you will pay for the coating might be a bit more than you expect, but for how long it’s going to last you it’s likely worth the cost.

Use Your Tires in Adverse Weather

With a good coating you won’t have to be as diligent about putting on a crappy set of wheels on your vehicle before driving out into poor weather conditions. You won’t have to worry about the equipment rusting and wearing out rapidly, and that means that you can use it more freely than before. Not only is this a huge relief, but it means that you won’t have to invest in as many sets of cheap wheels either.

You’ll save money in this way as well and that will help make the investment even more worthwhile over a period of time.

Enjoy Different Colors

When you pay for powder coating there’s no reason that you have to get the coating done in the original color of the rims. This is beneficial for a few different reasons.

The first reason is that you can pick any color you want for your rims. You can accent your car in a new way and really improve the overall aesthetic appeal of the vehicle. If that isn’t reason enough to have the wheels powder coated, you can also get more affordable rims when you don’t have to worry about the color when you are deciding which to purchase. It might be easier to find a pair of rims with a nice pattern that aren’t in a popular color.

You may even be able to get rims in an unpopular color at a discount and then have them changed to a color that you want for an excellent deal. When you have the ability to pick the color that you want you can really go wild and choose any rims that you like freely.

While it probably just seems like an extra cost to have your wheels powder coated when you are shopping around for a nice new pair, it’s actually a way to protect your investment while customizing your vehicle further. Sure you’ll spend more initially, but as long as you use a highly reliable coating company like Byers Bush, you’ll get your money back and much more when you get a coating applied.

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Environmentally Friendly Powder Coating than Painting

Posted on: July 22nd, 2015 by byersbushblog

While most people understand that powder coating is a more durable solution than simple painting and clear coating, let’s skip that focus entirely and just worry about the environmental differences between paint and powder coat finishes.

You may not realize it but powder coating is much less harmful to the environment than painting is. If you want to reduce your impact on the environment, simply switching to a friendly powder coating solution is all that it would take.

Reduce Hazardous Waste

The production of paint and the use of paint release harmful VOCs and other chemicals into the environment that do damage. This isn’t an issue when you rely on a good environment powder coating solution like PPA5571. No harmful VOCs and other dangerous chemicals are released into the environment when it’s being used.

The overspray from the paint that lands on other materials contributes to hazardous waste further. Not only is the paint itself hazardous, but so is the object that’s been sprayed onto and that will also have to be disposed of the same way that the paint is.

Reclaimed Overspray

During a painting operation any overspray that happens is wasted materials. A bunch of paint goes to waste during each and every application that’s made, even if you’re very careful about what you’re doing.

That’s not the case with most types of powder coating mediums. That’s because overspray can simply be reused again. It’s possible to make use of nearly every single bit of powder coating material that you spray as long as the cabinet that you are spraying in is air-tight.

Less Frequent Applications

Now let’s consider the fact that a powder coat finish tends to last longer than paint in most applications. That means if you choose to paint a surface or have it painted you’ll be releasing those dangerous chemicals even more often. Even if you use a powder coating that does release chemicals, such as a PVC coating, you wouldn’t be releasing them as often and would reduce your environmental impact. That’s really impressive when you consider that there are some coatings that don’t release these harmful chemicals at all.

Cut the Use of Solvents

When paints processed and used it requires solvents to help keep it liquid and to make sure that it goes on evenly. These chemicals can be harmful to the environment and aren’t good to use. Solvents aren’t required in powder coating a material.

Each and every solvent is a toxic chemical that is used to liquefy a solid material. They are bad to use and it’s best to avoid making use of them whenever you can. Choosing to go with a good powder coating service like Byers Bush for your project will help you avoid making use of solvents. This is good for the environment, as well as for everyone that works on your projects.

When you rely on powder coating services you have a few different reasons to feel good about what you’re doing. First of all it’s a good investment that will help you save money over time. Your item will last longer than it would with paint on top of it and will require less maintenance over time. You will also be doing less damage to the environment than you would be if you relied on paints and clear coats to get the job done.

Even most of the environmentally friendly paints are damaging when used and they don’t do as good of a job as the more chemically based paints do. Do yourself a favor and cut down on your environmental impact by switching to powder coating.

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Choosing the Right Sandblasting Medium

Posted on: July 20th, 2015 by byersbushblog

If you’re planning on handling sandblasting on your own at home it’s important to understand the differences between different blasting mediums so that you can properly treat your items. If you thought that sand was the only medium used to sand blast you are sadly mistaken. Now there are dozens of different mediums and more than a handful that are used commercially. Become familiar with the most popular and you’ll understand which is best for your needs.

Walnut Shells

Walnut shells are a nice soft gentle blast material that’s good for basic paint removal and taking out light defects. It’s a good medium for beginners to start off with because it’s biodegradable and it won’t strip objects too quickly or cut them like some of the more angular mediums.

Glass Beads

Glass beads are another soft medium that leaves objects with a nice bright finish. They can be recycled around 30 times and make a relatively affordable medium if you’re blasting many different objects before you’ll be done. They are made from crushed recycled bottles and another good one for beginners to try out.

Plastic Beads

Plastic beads are used heavily in the automotive world because they can strip away grease, paint and other defects without warping or scraping delicate parts. They produce a low level of heat and are safe to use on most metallic surfaces. If you’re cleaning off a vehicle you might want to consider plastic beads, but make sure you have a tightly sealed environment before you start blasting because you really don’t want to inhale any of this grit.

Ebony Grit

Ebony Grit is a mid-level blasting medium that’s capable of removing most paint and other defects quickly, but it offers a smooth finish thanks to the fine particles. This type of medium is used heavily by large businesses because it can be used to get many jobs done effectively. It’s the jack-of-all-trades in the sandblasting world and it’s a good medium that you can count on if you know how to use it properly.

Silicone Carbide

When you have jobs that no other medium can tackle it’s time to break out the silicone carbide. This very hard grit will cut through most materials effectively and it lasts a long time. It’s not for the novice though, and if you are trying it out for the first time you have to be very careful while using it. The carbide material will cut through most anything quickly and can leave you with some rough edges if you go too quickly.

Dry Ice

Dry ice is one of the most gentle forms of sand blasting and also one of the most dangerous. Make sure you have a very professional enclosure before you use this media. It’s meant for use on machinery and electrical installations and equipment where grit from other materials would do damage. It won’t clog up the machines like other types of blast materials would, but it’s really best left to the pros.

Hopefully you have a better idea of the different blasting materials out there and what they are good for. If you’re new to sandblasting and you aren’t sure about what to pick or about doing the procedure you are better off entrusting your project to the pros. The first few tasks you complete won’t turn out perfectly and you’ll likely have to go through them again, or pay a pro to finish them for you. If you just want practice make sure that you try out your equipment on a project that isn’t very important first to hone your skills.

A solid company like Byers Bush can get through your project quickly and leave you with the smooth results that you’re after without you worrying about making mistakes.

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