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Ebonygrit Enhance Sandblasting Results

Posted on: May 29th, 2015 by byersbushblog

Sandblasting your products or equipment is a great way to quickly smooth it out and make it ready for a nice new finish. Unfortunately sand blasting is not an easy process.

There are loads of different tools and application techniques on the market today. The whole process becomes even more confusing when you consider all the different abrasive materials that can be used for sandblasting today.

There is sand grit made from metal waste, glass beads and a variety of other materials that can all be used to achieve smooth results. Ebonygrit is Byers Bush’s tool of choice, and it’s one of the most effective in the industry. It’s what allows the company to achieve such high level results when cleaning an object, and why so many customers continue to have their equipment cleaned by Byers Bush.

Fast Results

Ebonygrit is fine metallic particle that works to clean and smooth surfaces quickly and effectively. Byers Bush makes use of this material to get its jobs done faster so that customers can enjoy quicker turnaround times.

The material works better than traditional sand and it doesn’t produce nearly as much dust or harmful particles in the air to deal with. You might be surprised at how quickly the company can have your items cleaned up for you after you get in touch with them. Even with a large work load that is common with top level companies, Byers Bush offers competitive turnaround times.

Removes Thick Paint Effectively

Customers with paint removal tasks can enjoy more affordable pricing thanks to the ebony grit particles. Even thick paint can be removed effectively and standard coats of paint can be taken off in less time. The material is highly effective for creating a nice smooth paint-free finish that can be painted or sealed in the way the customer desires. You can feel confident bringing paint removal tasks to Byers Bush because they can get the job done effectively and with less effort than many of their competitors.

Surface Rust Removal

Removing rust from old metal parts is an important part of restoration. Getting rid of the rusting material stops the oxidation process and helps the rest of the part last longer. When removing rust it’s important to only remove what’s necessary and leave as much of the underlying material intact whenever possible. Many sandblasting operations take off an excessive amount of material leaving the equipment weaker than necessary. Byers Bush removes only the necessary surface rust and leaves the rest of the material to be refinished and prepared for reuse.

Different Roughness Levels for Greater Control

Unlike many sand materials Ebonygrit comes in a variety of grit levels. By choosing different roughness levels the technician can accurately control how much surface material is removed.

Think of it like pieces of sandpaper with different grits. The very rough grit material is used to clean off a high amount of surface residue quickly and then finer grits are used later on to achieve a nice smooth finish. This is the same process that Byers Bush uses and why they can achieve a top level finish each and every time.

Whether you want to restore some old car parts or industrial machinery Byers Bush can make the process easier and provide higher quality results than many of the other professionals in the industry. This is because they rely on the highest quality grit and use advanced application techniques to make the most of the material. Ebonygrit sandblasting is one of the most effective solutions for cleaning metal products, for removing rust and taking off paint. It’s not the best for every application, but Byers Bush makes good use of the media and can offer superior service because of it.

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Powder Coat Your Products for a New Look

Posted on: May 27th, 2015 by byersbushblog

Most people know the benefits of powder coating an item to protect it from weathering and corrosion. What those people often don’t realize is how beneficial the work is visually as well. Not only will powder coated railings, benches and other metallic objects last longer but they will often look better as well.

Choose the Colors You Like

When you are trying to customize items for your business it’s disheartening to only have a few color options to choose from. People notice color almost immediately and one part of branding for a business is matching color patterns of equipment and décor to business colors. This can be pretty difficult when you are left to purchasing stock equipment. That’s where powder coating really shines.

When you powder coat an item you’ll have a huge list of colors to choose from. This means that you don’t have to compromise on an items looks any longer and instead can enjoy that custom color that you always wanted.

Want a lime green bench? No problem, just get a standard bench and have it changed to the lime green that no manufacturer is willing to offer. That’s the true benefit of custom powder coating services, and many businesses are more than happy to pay a bit extra in order to have it.

Longer Lasting Results than Paint

Many companies that want a custom look resort to paint, and that’s a good short-term tool to getting a customized look. Unfortunately over time paint chips and starts to stop looking so good anymore.

This is much less of an issue with powder coating and that’s why the companies that want a true professional image go with powder coating services instead.

A good powder coat looks fresh and clean for years before it begins to degrade. This will help you keep your brand looking fresh and professional. Chipped paint will only hurt a company image and that’s why it’s better to avoid paint when you can, unless you don’t mind paying for maintenance every few years to keep the look up.

Customize Stock Items

Sometimes it’s too expensive to custom order a bench, a railing or another piece of equipment just to get a custom look on it. Other times there simply isn’t a custom option available that can meet your current timeline or that meets your purpose. In any of these instances it makes a lot of sense to just order a stock item instead. Unfortunately stock items will rarely match your brand and you won’t be the only one to own them either.

When you want to diversify this type of equipment a bit more it makes a lot of sense to pay for a unique powder coating on a standard piece of equipment. This way you still get the same reliability and low price of equipment, but you get a custom look that nobody else will have. You can ask for multiple colors to be applied to different areas of the equipment and often come up with a highly unique piece that will stand out and show off your brand.

Creating a custom look for your company doesn’t have to be pricey and you don’t have to buy custom equipment all the time either. Simply rely on a good quality company, like Byers Bush, to customize the equipment that you already have. They can remove any old paint with sandblasting and then give that equipment a true professional look with powder coating instead. It will cost a bit more upfront, but the results last longer, and will save you money over time.

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Rely on Powder Coating than Anodizing

Posted on: May 25th, 2015 by byersbushblog

There’s no denying that anodized products look great, because they do. That fresh lustrous coating makes metals stand out and gives them a nice professional look. Unfortunately anodizing equipment can be quite expensive, and that’s why many people choose to go with powder coating instead. Sadly there haven’t been many comparable power coat finishes to an anodized finish, at least until now.

Byers Bush, a local powder coating specialist, managed to secure a supply of material that closely matches anodized silver, bronze and black. It’s offers all the benefits of a powder coating finish with that great anodized look that so many customers are interested in.

More Affordable Finish                                                                                                  

One of the main downsides of an anodized coating is all the money that you have to spend to obtain it. It can be quite a bit more expensive than powder coating, without offering many real benefits besides the improved look. That’s why when you can get the look with a powder coat alternative you’ll save money without losing out on anything.

Increased Durability

While an anodized finish is more resistant to abrasions, it doesn’t stand up to acidic environments as effectively.

If you live in an area that suffers from acid rain, or you are putting equipment in an environment that is going to be hit by acids on an occasional basis it makes a lot of sense to go with a powder coating over an anodized finish.

A Smoother Finish

A good thick powder coat finish often hides lines and defects that will show right through on an anodized product. That means that you can take a less-than-stellar looking piece of equipment and fix it up to look nice and smooth after applying the finished coat.

Most anodizing is performed early on in a products life to ensure that it looks good, but a powder coat finish with the anodized look can be applied at any time and still look great once it is finished.

Faster Turnaround Time

The anodizing process isn’t lengthy when performed on a small scale, but when you are having medium to large sized pieces treated it can take quite a while to get professional results. This isn’t an issue with a powder coat finish and that’s why you’ll often enjoy faster turnaround times when ordering a powder coated finish.

Byers Bush offers its customers a three-day turnaround time, ensuring that customers have their items back quickly and on a timeframe they can depend on. This wait time isn’t realistic with most anodizing applications and you’ll have to be quite a bit more patient.

Easier to Clean

Once your equipment has been powder coated you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to clean. Most of the time a damp cloth will wipe off any dirt, debris and buildup that you have to deal with. This is because the finished surface is so smooth and moisture resistant.

An anodized piece of metal is very similar to the original piece of metal in terms of difficulty to clean. This means that graffiti other damaging markings won’t come off as easily and maintenance will be more time consuming for this reason, especially on equipment that is going to be used by the general public.

There are benefits to having your equipment anodized and to having it powder coated, but it’s up to you to decide which benefits matter most to you. With a good powder coat finish from Byers Bush you can have a quality anodized look while retaining many of the other benefits that you would get with an anodized finish while enjoying all the powder coat benefits as well.

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Save your Equipment with Plascoat PPA 571

Posted on: May 23rd, 2015 by byersbushblog

Powder coating equipment is an excellent way to extend its life and get the most for your money. Whether you are a business trying to make wise investments or you are a homeowner who wants to extend the life of your lawn equipment or outdoor items, you can benefit from powder coating items.

Even after you make the decision to powder coat your equipment your job isn’t over. You still have to decide which type of coating to choose and there are many options out there. Fortunately there is a good general-purpose coating for outdoors use known as Plascoat PPA 571.

It’s shown to be one of the most effective coatings at resisting corrosion and has an expected lifespan of more than 10 to 15 years under standard conditions. It’s a coating that you can depend on, and one that will really help you maximize your money.

Superior Weather Resistance

Whether you are worried about sand, rain, dust or sunlight it’s important to protect your equipment from the harshness of nature for as long as you can.

There are a variety of protective coatings available on the market today, but powder coating is quickly becoming the standard to go option to keep metal objects looking good longer.

The Plascoat PPA 571 coating in particular offers a great deal of protection from damaging UV rays, and resists chipping and cracking caused by minor impacts from things like hail or fallen tree branches or nuts. It’s a good choice for outdoor protection and can be counted on to stand up to most conditions easily.

Long-Term Corrosion Protection

There is nothing worse for metal equipment than corrosion or the development of rust. It’s one of the leading causes of equipment failure in vehicles and other outdoor products that rely on metal, particularly steel.

If you want to keep your business equipment going strong and looking good it’s important to protect it against this threat.

The Plascoat PPA 571 coating is proven to last longer than most competing powder coating materials when it comes to long-term corrosion protection. This coating is the protective measure of choice for railings, pipes and benches near oceans and highly humid locations.

The material is effective at protecting against corrosion and can be counted on to offer long-term protection. That’s why many business owners rely on it for their delicate metal equipment that they want to keep in good shape.

Glossy Appearance

PPA 571 powder coating has a smooth and glossy appearance when applied properly. It’s a thicker coating that offers a reliable finish that you can enjoy for years. It’s easy to keep clean and looks professional. It can be used to dress up the look of most equipment and even give it a custom color that you wouldn’t normally be able to choose at the factory.

Many business owners fall in love with the coating for its fine glossy look and then stay with it for all their future needs thanks to the superior protection that it provides.

Safe for Food contact

Even tables and other outdoor or indoor eating surfaces can be protected with Plascoat PPA 571. It’s approved for contact with food and drink products, making it a safe solution for a variety of uses. Consider it for outdoor picnic tables and benches.

The coating provides protection for parks, restaurants and a variety of other businesses to help extend the value of your equipment longer. It’s designed to stand up to heavy public use and won’t chip or crack with hard use.

Deciding on Plascoat PPA 571 powder coating will help you get the most out of your equipment and probably save you some money over time as well. You’ll enjoy the way it looks, but you’ll love how it lasts over time.

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Using the Work of Powder Coating Expert

Posted on: May 21st, 2015 by byersbushblog

Powder coating isn’t a simple process and using the wrong materials or the wrong technique can leave you with a lackluster finish that isn’t going to be as reliable as it should be.

That’s why it is so important to work with a professional that knows what they are doing. Not only do you need a knowledgeable professional but a professional that is willing to advise you. It’s important to know when you are asking for the wrong service and to be pointed in the right direction, and that’s exactly what Byers Bush offers its customers.

Decades of Experience

The Byers Bush management team has over 80 years of combined experience in the powder coating industry to draw from. They have been around since 1968 and over that time learned about the best powder coat applications and how to make the most of the right materials.

When you go in to have work done on some of your own equipment, Byers Bush will draw on all that experience and explain exactly what should be done to achieve the best possible results.

A Complete Explanation for the Right Services

When you are choosing different colors, textures and materials it’s important to know what drawbacks and benefits will come from each of those decisions. That’s what Byers Bush offers its customers.

The company will explain different decisions and which options make the most sense for your situation. You won’t always get the answer that you want to hear, but it’s easy to appreciate how much money the right answer can save your company over time. When the coating holds out longer than a competitors and your equipment is still going strong you’ll really appreciate the professional guidance that you were given.

Large Order Handling

If you’re in a business that deals with high quantities you need to work with an expert that knows how to produce a good coating on a wide scale. The Byers Bush factory is setup to handle large scale orders and that makes it possible to order hundreds or even thousands of coatings to be completed and to get a reasonable timeline back for that order.

Only an experienced company is going to be able to meet strict timelines when it comes to such strict orders while also maintaining a high level product each and every time. This is exactly what Byers Bush can do for major customers.

Guaranteed Turnaround Times

When you’re dealing with important deadlines it’s vital that you know when your parts are going to be complete. There is nothing worse than expecting a part to be delivered today and then finding out it still has a week before it will be finished. This pushes back orders, loses customers and makes a company look much less professional. That’s why it is so valuable to find a company that values deadlines just as much as you do.

Byers Bush offers a three day guarantee on standard orders. That means once you submit your work for completion it’s guaranteed to be done within three business days from being brought in. If the company believes that the three day timeline won’t be possible with your order you’ll be notified in the beginning so that you can decide if the new timeline works for you.

This is the type of reliability that a professional company can offer to its customers and that’s why it makes sense to go with a seasoned company rather than one of the most affordable options that you can find. Sure you pay a bit more money, but in the end it makes your business look more professional, you end up with higher quality results and everyone is happier.

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