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Extend the Life of Medical Equipment through Powder Coating

Posted on: March 30th, 2015 by byersbushblog

If you work in the medical industry one of your main concerns is probably how long your expensive equipment is going to last. In hospitals and doctor’s offices the equipment and tools are the biggest investment involved and many of them are priced at very high levels. When you are investing so much of your company’s income into medical equipment you need to make sure it is going to last and that it won’t fail prematurely. Buying expensive equipment often ensures that it’s going to last for many years, but spending a bit more to add a powder coating to the outside of the equipment will help it last even longer. This is an expense that makes a lot of sense when you consider the prices of many sensitive pieces of medical equipment.

Protect Expensive Equipment

Let’s face it, most medical equipment is expensive to replace and pricey to maintain as well. Having the delicate instruments protected by adding a durable coating to them can reduce the cost of ownership for the equipment over time. The added layer will help keep the gear from wearing out as quickly and it also gives it an attractive appearance. The coating helps prevent chipping and scratching from occurring to your equipment and helps it stand up to impacts regularly without taking damage.

Avoiding Corrosion

Corrosion is a real issue for equipment that comes into contact with the human body or liquids on a regular basis. While most medical equipment is made from stainless steel, or some other metal that resists corrosion, there are always going to be pieces that do wear out and corrode over time. These products can be protected and reinforced to last longer.

Clean Equipment More Easily

When metal equipment has a smooth layer of powder coating protecting it, it’s much easier to clean. This can make maintenance of medical equipment easier than before and help cut down on the amount of labor that is necessary to keep the hospital or doctor’s office up and running. Most medical equipment will last much longer and continue to look fresh and new long after standard equipment would have worn out.

Examples of Devices to Coat

While it doesn’t make sense to coat every piece of medical equipment in a hospital, there are plenty of opportunities to enhance the durable of expensive tools. For example, the chest-piece on a stethoscope works just fine when given a powder coating and will stay in good shape many years longer when given this protection. The exterior of radiological vessels as well as most component toolkits can also be powder coated with good results. Taking a moment to look around a medical office makes it easy to see all the equipment that can benefit from the added protection of powder coating.

Using Professional Services

While you can find some medical equipment that is already powder coated, only shopping for this type of equipment limits what you can purchase and removes some options from you. If you work with a specialized company like Byers Bush they can powder coat any of your equipment. That means that you are free to purchase the equipment that you like, and can have it protected to make it even more durable and valuable than before. Top services can be relied upon to coat equipment quickly and to provide smooth and reliable results that will hold up to the heavy-use environment of a medical office. When you have equipment that is going to be used on a daily basis it’s important that it’s durable enough to last, and thick protective coating will help that goal.

Offer More Desirable Railings by Adding A Layer of Powder Coating

Posted on: March 25th, 2015 by byersbushblog

As a business owner who offers railings to customers it’s difficult to set yourself apart from all the other businesses out there. You can rely on quality materials and good installation practices, but that’s rarely enough to draw in other customers who find more affordable prices or are more familiar with a competitor. One thing that you can do to set yourself apart is offer powder coated railings as an option for your customers. By adding in this option you enhance the image of your business and offer a feature that many companies haven’t even considered. Sure it comes at an added price, but for some customers that will be more than worth it. This is why it makes sense to at least consider adding the service to your company.

Extended Lifespan at a Higher Price

Many customers get sick and tired of replacing their railings due to rust and wear, and this is even more true for those who live by the sea, and other locations prone to high levels of corrosion. Some residential customers and many commercial customers would opt for a higher-priced powder coated railing that they can rely on to last for years after the unprotected rail would have worn out.

By offering powder coated railings you can pitch your services to those who suffer from rusted railings currently, or to customers who live in a location that is known for high levels of rust. It will make selling your services easier, and the customers will be more appreciative for them as well.

Offering the Coating as an Added Service

If you have some customers who aren’t interested in paying the added cost for powder coating protection you can avoid scaring them away by continuing to offer standard rails too. That’s the beauty of powder coating services, you can have them added to just some of your products or all of them. Giving customers the choice will make them more willing to take on the added cost of the protection and will ultimately leave them feeling more satisfied as well.

Providing Different Color Options

Another major benefit of enhancing standard railings with powder coating is that you get additional colors to choose from. This can be a major bonus and selling point for your business when trying to attract new customers. When you advertise your services, make sure that your customers know all the different colors you have available, and this could be the added feature that persuades them to go with your services. Sure the railing may cost a bit more than a standard one does, but with the added protection and high level of customization you will make a strong point for people to buy from you.

If you decide to begin offering powder coating railings as an option to your customers, you can use a professional coating service like Byers Bush to handle all of the coatings that you need. They can work with your existing equipment and add the protective layering to them so that you can present them to your customer. It’s quick and easy to simply charge the additional amount that it costs to protect the equipment and you can enjoy a larger base of customers without much added work on your part. Byers Bush offers a range of services and is known for having relationships with several powder coating suppliers. When you work with them you get a wide selection of colors to choose from, and a proven coating that stands up to salt water, and other high-rust conditions very effectively. You can certify your installations and equipment with confidence when you use a good quality service, and that’s exactly what Byers Bush is.

Extend the Life of Quality Hand Tools with Powder Coating

Posted on: March 20th, 2015 by byersbushblog

Any experienced construction worker, craftsman or mechanic knows just how expensive quality hand tools can be. Unfortunately, with time and enough help from the elements even the best tools will start to rust and corrode. This leads to early failures and expensive replacement costs. For these professionals it makes a lot of sense to invest in powder coating protection to keep tools in good shape longer and to help prolong expensive investments.


Coating Most Tools

Most tools that you have can benefit from powder coating if they have a metallic surface. With some tools like an Axe or saw blade it doesn’t make sense to have them coated because the coating will chip off over time with heavy use, but for things like the handle of a hammer, and the body of a saw, it makes a lot of sense to pay for a protective coating. If you purchase expensive tools that are designed to last for years, having them powder coated against the elements is probably an excellent investment worth considering.

Enhancing Organization with Color

If you have a large number of similar looking hand tools you can use a powder coating service to make them easier to manage as well. By putting a different colored coating on different tools you can quickly and easily tell them apart. For instance, you could make all of your metric wrenches orange and all of your standard green to easily tell them apart while working. You can apply this idea to a variety of different tools to make decision making quicker and organization easier than before.

Spend Less on Storage

With a set of quality powder-coated tools you won’t have to worry about spending money on expensive storage solutions to protect your equipment against the elements. Sure it’s still a good idea to keep your tools away from moisture and adverse weather, but you don’t have to worry about keeping them in airtight containers, or storage trailers all the time for fear of rust. It’s okay to leave your equipment outside once and awhile and this makes the tools a little more convenient to use. You can put them away when you have the time, but if you are running behind it won’t be a big deal if they are left out overnight either.

Get Professional Powder Coating

If you decide that you want to protect your tools you can do it easily with a professional powder coating service. These services allow you to choose the items thatyou want coated and they will give you a price for them. Then you simply bring in the items and leave them at the location and you will be notified when they are all finished and ready to be picked up. Most of the time you can expect your equipment back in just a few days and then you can begin using it once again. Compared to doing the coating work yourself, or letting an amateur handle the process a good experienced company is much more reliable and easier to use. They can offer an expected deadline for the work to be completed and know how to apply a quality coat that is going to last for years before it wears off again.

Sure it will cost a little more to get your equipment covered with a protective coating, but when you are protecting pricey tools and equipment the added expense makes a lot of sense. Just be sure that you have a reliable company do the work for you, and you can enjoy the more durable equipment for years after it’s initially protected. A company like Byers Bush can offer reliable corrosion protection you can count on.

Using Thermoplastic Technology When its Most Appropriate

Posted on: March 16th, 2015 by byersbushblog

There are two different types of powder coating that you have to choose from when deciding how to protect your belongings. There is thermoplastic technology and thermoset technology. Each has its own benefits, but there are several reasons that many manufacturers and commercial users prefer to stick with thermoplastic solutions over thermoset ones. Learning the benefits of thermoplastic applications will allow you to choose the appropriate time to use this type of solution and also help you decide when you should be going with a thermoset solution instead.

Chemical Resistance

Most thermoplastic materials aren’t very reactive and they won’t react with most chemicals. This means that they can be used in most commercial environments safely without fear of a reaction occurring. Thermosets aren’t so reliable and since a chemical reaction is used to create them in the first place they tend to be much more reactive products. If you are diligent about selecting materials that won’t react with anything in your facility you can go with thermoset solutions, but thermoplastics are easier to choose and often safer and more effective as well.

High Quality Finish

A thermoplastic is very easy to work with and can be melted down onto most metallic surfaces very smoothly. Most thermoplastic coatings, including the Plascoat PPA5571 coating can be applied at a fine level giving a more attractive finish than what is possible with a thermoset application. If you need your finished products to be as appealing as possible it’s important to go with a thermoplastic coating instead of a thermoset one.

Superior Impact Resistance

One excellent reason to choose a thermoplastic coating over a thermoset one is the improved impact resistance that your product will have. If you will be using the product in an environment where there is potential for it to be slammed into very hard you will be able to count on a thermoplastic coating to withstand the impact more effectively. The only downside to this type of setup is that the exterior of the material will begin to look worn after it has been impacted many times, but even as it begins looking worn it will continue to function for a long time. Thermoplastic absorbs impacts more effectively and is the product to use for protection against severe, but infrequent, impacts such as those that occur to automobiles, or to driving equipment in a loading bay.

Benefits of Thermoset Coatings

There are also a few benefits of thermoset coatings that you should take into account. Thermoset coatings tend to be more rigid and they will stand up to minor bumps and scrapes more effectively than thermoplastic coatings will. That means thermoset coatings end up looking better after a few years of regular bumps and scrapes than thermoset will because it’s a harder material. These coatings also tend to stand up to heat more effectively, and are preferred in extreme heat environments where thermoplastics run the risk of melting. Finally thermoset coatings are often a bit more affordable than thermoplastics are.

If you decide that you need a powder coated finish on some of your equipment and you need top level impact protection, chemical resistance, or the best looking finish that you can get a thermoplastic technology is the clear choice. Byers Bush provides a proven thermoplastic coating called PPA 5571 and can help extend the life of tools and equipment for decades when used properly. Just be sure that you are choosing the right type of coating for the job that you need done, and you’ll be able to see just how beneficial powder coating really is and why it is worth the expense.

Increase the Value of Your Products through Powder Coating in Oakville

Posted on: March 16th, 2015 by byersbushblog

If you run a business selling metallic objects you could improve the value and longevity of your items by having them powder coated. Powder coating in Oakville helps protect against adverse weather and good surface protection can help ward off corrosion over time.

Enhanced Longevity

Every product purchase is an investment, and if you want to be seen as a good one your products need to stand the test of time. It doesn’t matter if you are selling hand tools, railings, park benches or anything else, your buyers want to get as many years out of what they buy as possible. If you can offer a product that is going to last more than ten years while sitting outside, you will have a very happy customer on your hands. Adding powder coating to your products may seem like a major expense now, but it is an investment into the brand of your company that should help you be seen as quality offering that should be considered again in the future.

Custom Looks

Today many people are interested in having a product that stands out. Whether you sell bicycles, lawn mowers or custom railings people want to be able to choose from a variety of different colors and finishes. That’s the beauty of adding a powder coat finish to your products, it gives your buyers a chance for more customization and allows you to offer more choices than they otherwise would have. The consumers looking for more choices will be likely to go with your services over competitors, simply so they can pick between 15 colors, rather than one or two.

Buyers Bush is a well-known powder coating company that has 15 standard colours to choose from, but can custom create colours for large orders as well. This means you can bulk order just about any colour that you would like, if you have something specific in mind for your product.

Added Branding Opportunity

If you’re in an industry where most products look alike, such as lawn mower sales, or even park benches it can be difficult to stand out. Many customers won’t be willing to pay more for your product if they think that they can get nearly the same thing from someone else for less. That’s why it’s important to create a custom look that helps your product stand out and lets everyone know that you aren’t the same as your competitors. When you work with an experienced powder coating company they can offer you a variety of different colours to choose from. Some can even match any colour that you would like, giving you complete control over how your products look. By using these services you can differentiate yourself more and hopefully create strong brand recognition that makes consumers willing to spend the extra cash to get your product instead of a competitor’s.

Bolstered Strength

Not only does a layer of powder coating protect the material from corrosion, scrapes and bumps, it also enhances the overall strength of the product as well. Picture that you are a small business owner who manufacturers custom mountain bikes for dedicated riders. When you have the frame of your bikes coated in powder you are also making them stronger. In the event that the rider crashes one of your bikes, it will stand up to those major impacts more effectively and has less of a chance of being seriously damaged. This boosts your bike brand as a product that can stand up to abuse, and should help improve your business over time.

Don’t be afraid to spend the additional money on powder coating the products that your business offers. All the added cost can be recouped in how you price your items and customers will more than likely be willing to pay the additional cost for added quality and longevity. If you aren’t confident that your customers will be willing to cover the added expense you can also make a powder coat finish a special feature that they have to pay extra for and see how customers respond to it. After a few purchases your confidence should improve around the added feature and it might make more sense to you to add a powder coating to all of your offerings in the future.